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  1. bobdylan

    Summer Sort Out

    Wickham’s also made less than 20 appearances in the last 3 years, which is exactly the sort of player we’re trying to get shut of.
  2. bobdylan

    Squad value

    Ah that’s right - I got confused with the abundance of talent we had back then.
  3. bobdylan

    Squad value

    Delving back into Owlstalk folklore, didn’t we have a £20m defence once upon a time? Think Derek Geary was in it.
  4. bobdylan

    Reight throwback...

    Absolutely! Thats the one with signposts saying half a mile to the car park, and 45 minutes later it’s still half a mile.
  5. bobdylan

    Free season tickets.

    Certainly were still doing them about two years ago - not needed to look since. Think the eligible age is/was 80.
  6. bobdylan

    Sean Clare

    Be careful what you wish for - they might lock the gates and not let us out!
  7. bobdylan

    Sven in directors box

    Loved his bookshop.
  8. bobdylan


    Only German connection I can think of was Wilf Smith.
  9. bobdylan


    Loves living in Sheffield so much he took a job in Belgium.
  10. bobdylan

    Adam Clayton

    Would be a beautiful day.
  11. bobdylan

    F a o swfc merchandising

    And charge £160 for it...
  12. bobdylan

    Hardest Wednesday player ever

    Mick Lyons - Liverpool (h) 1984 cup
  13. Couldn't have put it better myself.