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  1. Why is it a pain in the backside?. He has sat through 40 minutes of Rugby League (Not his or my choice) on his own seat without any fuss, he did have a rattle though. Shall I take the rattle away?, is that what the pain in the backside is?. Don't think you'll be helping with half time nappy change either be sounds of it. If i didn't believe my son could sit through 45 minutes of football without causing distraction or annoyance to other paying fellow Wednesdayites I wouldn't even be considering going to a friendly game. it's more about the pictures for memories sake and getting the new kit. But you do seem to know my son better than me, always said he doesn't have much resemblance to myself. Your not a Postman in the West Yorkshire region are you?. It's a friendly with two stands open, not first league match of season or Millwall away.
  2. A park isn't enough unfortunately, I didn't know 1 year old's got on the nerves of the general public. Sporting events are a no no, parks we could come across adults without children as well, sod it lock him indoors with an ipad.
  3. Gone to a couple of sporting events in the last month and the clapping, singing and general atmosphere makes him laugh and smile. Thank you for your input though
  4. Wanted to take my 1 year old son to the Friendly against Villarreal with it being a more relaxed atmosphere and lower attendance. Recently his 1st Birthday was going to go into the shop and pick up the new mini kit for him and whatever gifts/toys would be suitable for a 1 year old, followed by meeting the players and a few picture opportunities around and inside the ground. With him being 1 year old I think his attention span would of lasted about 45 minutes maximum (If lucky) and would of made our way home at half time. We would of been travelling on public transport down from West Yorkshire and making a day of it, so in advance I have emailed the club to check if there is any storage options for a pram or somewhere we are able to leave the pram during the match (45 minutes if not less). Unfortunately there is no storage facilities for prams or baby carriers and neither are allowed in the stadium, this is due to stadium regulations and health and safety reasons. Which in turn would mean carrying my 1 year old son all the way from West Yorkshire. I later received an e-mail explaining that the hospitality package would be available at £50 per person and 25% discount for the little one, as they could take me upstairs and we would be situated in a box and the pram is now allowed into the ground. Has anyone taken their 1 year old to the stadium before and occurred these issues?. To state prams are not allowed into the stadium due to health and safety, but then proceed to tell me if I handover best part of £80-£90 then they are allowed seems contradicting. If anyone could offer advice or any ideas that would be appreciated. Wanting to spend money at the match and in the club shop and bring a new Wednesdayite into The` Wednesday family, but if i am not willing to spend extra money on hospitality then this isn't allowed. `
  5. Cheers for the advice, will avoid Herries Road / Wordsworth Avenue, being from Bradford and tight free parking is always a bonus.
  6. Best place to park in and around Hillsborough tomorrow?, normally get the train however driving down instead. Should be at Hillsborough for 10.30am/11.00am so just wondering best place to park for reasonable price and fairly easy to get away from. Thanks
  7. I am aware it happened in the past, I was talking about a tweet this week from a Blade who has tweeted "Any Blades fan on lower tier on Sunday take an umbrella", with a picture of 5/6 bottles of wee wee in them. However if you search bottles of wee wee, it's one of the first images.
  8. Seen on various FB Wednesday groups people trying to start rumours about Sheffield United fans going to be doing this and that. Some comments are very tongue and cheek, however some are taking comments seriously and maybe putting people off buying any remaining tickets for the Lower West and stay away from any trouble.
  9. Thought this was about the after party but it's closed on a Sunday.
  10. Being below them lot and in the same stand even with segregation, price of ticket, the game being on SKY and the scare mongering going round on social media by certain people are all factors in the Lower West struggling to shift the remaining tickets.
  11. Will this affect Train Station to Hillsborough routes?
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