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  1. My order would be: 1. Lee 2. Bannan 3. Forestieri 4. Reach Note: I'm not knocking anyone's personal opinion, but for anyone thinking of putting Forestieri at number 1 please ask for a parent or guardian's permission first before posting.
  2. I really am ITK. Rowett, 2 year contract. It's happening
  3. Not much of a professor. "Class, there's only 3 people who know the answer to that question and I'm not one of them!"
  4. Mate of mine with connections to the club has said that Rowett has got the job and has signed a 2 year deal. Just letting you all know
  5. Bruce appointed but doesn't start until 1st Feb. What are your best conspiracy theories as to why? My theory is that Steve Bruce is a surprise contestant on this years 'Dancing On Ice' but fully expects to be eliminated by show 4.
  6. I was furious when the turnstile attendant wouldn't accept my cheque
  7. We all know that he doesn't like being called Dave but surely he dislikes the fact that this joke of a club STILL can't get a shirt properly made for him that fits. It's embarrassing. Especially since according to some on here we have such an elite manufacturer.
  8. I don't have a ST but my old man does and he's asked for a refund. My dad bought a 3 year ticket at the beginning of last year so he will be receiving a refund for the remainder of this year and the whole of next year. Without going in to too much detail his circumstances have changed this year and he's been unable to go a lot this year. When he's been unable to go i have often gone in his place however I live a long way from sheffield and have young children so I can't commit to a ST either. Dad never complained or asked for a refund but when presented with this option it was hard to turn down given that he's been unable to go anyway so much this season and will likely be in the same position next year. For me it's a massive shame to know that for taking up a genuine offer from the owner he will now be pretty much shunted out of the doors and unable to buy another ST later on when perhaps his circumstances allow him to go and take advantage of the benefits a ST brings. Personally I think you'll find very few of the fans taking this offer are people who are 'disgruntled'. That's an emotion based on current performance and what we all know as a knee jerk reaction. It's happened for years with people chucking tickets on the field and at the manger etc. When the emotion settles most of these fans wouldn't genuinely take a refund and not go anymore. The sad thing is that the people who probablt will take the offer of refund are people who have found themselves in unexpected circumstances like my dad and now feel it's an offer they can't turn down even when they never requested it in the first place. And as a result of this they get permanently blacklisted for it.
  9. I swore to kill myself if we didn't get promoted this year.
  10. ...but I'm planning on supporting them even when I'm dead. Who's with me?
  11. Out of favour at wolves. We should be looking to get this lad back to s6. Would be a good signing, knows the league, not stupidly expensive and good backup/rotation with our current crop.
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