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  1. South did well because they probably had help from north stand staff that worked on south instead never seen so many staff on the south
  2. Noticed when I was on Kop yesterday that there is what looked like new bars they can't cope on the ones that are open how are they going to cope with more the mind boggles
  3. Been to purchase food today no hot food and to top it off cashless bars staff didn't have clue how to do basic service ridiculous
  4. And we wonder why football fans get a bad name about time they sorted it people don't go to work for that kind of behaviour
  5. There is nothing on here about the rangers fans shouting abuse at the catering staff and trashing shutters and the toilets disrespect for the ground they are visiting
  6. I know the football was rubbish today but what did everyone think of the new menus and service this was a photo of a sausage roll a bit different to last season
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