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  1. But Darren everyone's says I'm crap boss , I no we all do Pato but so what
  2. To Key as the scarecrow would have said Get Stuffed
  3. Paterson in team again today , this is not the ideal thing surely , get some proper strikers in Darren , not a make a nuisance or play anyway player
  4. Hey up Key put your eye balls back mate , didn't mean Moore was slow in that way but he was slow in responding to the situation, I made a comment and now you have , but it looks like yours was made with the heat on the back of head , chill out
  5. I only made a comment casbahowl and as for me being slow , I think you may not be a full shilling
  6. Moore a bit slow again rated him highly but he's just gone to Bristol Rovers would have been OK for that left side
  7. Does anyone no what Joe Crann is on about on twitter, when he shows you a video of someone who he says said see you later , who is the player
  8. I fully agree with you Barnsleyowl , I think it's a case of save wages and get someone in last day of August, when it's a last minute scramble, and then a month to get up to speed , and how pathetic is it to lose out to Oxford
  9. Great stuff Jake, hope things get even bigger , you do a fantastic reviews all the time , keep up the great work mate
  10. Surly with our connection we should be in with a shout for this type of signing not sheff Utd , looks a great signing from the clips I've seen
  11. Does anyone think we should try and get this lad in on loan , had a fantastic time at Sunderland last season
  12. First off who do we all think the player Moore was on about that didn't come , and second there must be a back up coming in so who do we think that is
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