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  1. a phobia is an irrational fear. I don't have that.
  2. What do they like to be called then? im asking you i literally dont know what they want this week.
  3. Sad that we live in a world where calling someone a queer is more frowned upon than a sexual assault
  4. what is it then? what term is PC this week?
  5. Mucky Queer I'd have backed Patterson 100% if he'd chinned him for that.
  6. I think you can apply this to every manager though. All these interviews are generic these days.
  7. Yeah, too right. I think he wouldn't have taken the job with no money to spend. Pulis is 62, he ain't bad off, I doubt he was desperate for a job mate.
  8. I literally have no idea what that means. It's alot of waiting about & alot of driving.
  9. Be lying if I said I could see any points coming from that lot. difficult fixtures.
  10. I was at that Bristol one a few years back. We won 3-2 after being 2 down early doors.
  11. I work for a company that does private security all over the world but mainly in the middle east.
  12. How the hell do you remember this Apologies for Van Aken guys. buck stops with me
  13. I thought id heard Monk say a while back he was starting to train.
  14. i'd literally stick him in center mid, at 33 he'd be our best player by far.
  15. no idea who we've got out so hard to pick a team. What's the crack with Dunkley?
  16. I think that ship sailed & Monk wasn't the first manager to notice.
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