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  1. I'd go for Karanka or Houghton the rest worry me.
  2. All I will say to folk is Gary Madine cost £6m, IMVHO Joao is alot better than Gary Madine. £8m is about the going rate to be honest. Not what I'd do,but I see where the valuation comes from.
  3. Pretty accurate to me, says alot about a man.
  4. I did wonder wqeather he deserved it pointing out but seriously, it's wierd, wonder if they're related.
  5. so half of owlstalk is full of poo shocker
  6. There's just as much crap posted on here as twitter.
  7. I bet they are massive because they never get emptied. apart from when your stood in the mirror in just your wednesday top
  8. Get a pair bet yours are massive?
  9. heard today that borners mrs has been trying to get their kids in the same school as hutch and fletchers kids go to.
  10. ABSOLOUTLEY! Anyone that wouldnt want him needs their head seriously looking at. Would be our best player by a mile.
  11. If I was Fernando i'd get my legal team together and sue the FA for deformation of character, slander or harrassment, in fact whatever I could! it's getting silly now.
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