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  1. Anyone with a spare PM me please. Up in Sheffield on Wednesday so could possibly collect then.
  2. Anyone still got a spare? I'm up in Sheffield Wednesday and can collect then if convenient for anyone.
  3. Funny when fans get all sensitive about stuff like this.
  4. A coup for us? They're managing Lincoln mate, it's a job of a lifetime to them, from where they've come from.
  5. Need a performance today. Win and were sat very nicely. Owt less than 3 points would be poor today.
  6. I Remember folk saying that about a lad that's just signed for Man United.
  7. Will collect from wherever and pay abit more than face value if required.
  8. points are ticking along nicely, if we beat qpr which is totally possible, we'll be sat in the top 6 going into a two week break. Sure something will happen in that time.
  9. Exactly, folk are deffo getting carried away, if we beat QPR were on course the 2 points a game average that always gets you in the top 2 unless your called Sheffield United.
  10. Agree, take a point considering we have a home game to QPR coming up.
  11. I'm comfortable with either, if Palmer is anything less than 100% then id go with Fox.
  12. Fair enough pal send your letters, you can feel like it was down to you now when they re-open the other exit. well done. However we both know this will get resolved with legal teams and most importantly money, alot of it. Just like everything else.
  13. Wow that's a shocker, just 40! RIP fella, way too soon.
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