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  1. LiamAP22D

    Penney contract

    Big difference with Hirst amd doyen is that he was never anywhere near the team. Penney is currently being rested for the biggest games and is the best left back at the club, he's an owls fan, he's living the dream and we don't pay crap wages. he'll sign.
  2. How much is an adult on the Kop for a not member? will be the last one I'm able to get this year and after going to forest and seeing a pants showing, missing the good one at villa I don't feel fulfilled yet.
  3. LiamAP22D

    Marco Matias

    looks literally nothing like him they both have very white teeth I suppose
  4. LiamAP22D

    Goal of the season

    Both stunning goals but think the lads yesterday was harder technically to score, he had to watch it a fair bit out the air.
  5. LiamAP22D

    Goal of the season

    2 men in goal don't stop that.
  6. I think our current points total equals around 71 points for a season if you work out the average. Sometimes enough for 5th place and normally would get you 6th. Let's see though no predictions yet, let's just beat Leeds and the league would look even better again.
  7. LiamAP22D


    Can we just point out that no bins were injured during the making of this film.
  8. LiamAP22D


    I'm sure the police will take this incident very seriously lol.
  9. Fletcher gets into some great positions let's hope his goal is the start of some good form, no midweek game this week so I'm expecting him to start against Leeds. Hector looks to have slotted in well and Foresteri will be available again. 2nd in the form table, things are looking promising.
  10. Hopefully we'll be in a position that makes the difficult for the chairman.
  11. LiamAP22D


    Just seen the highlights, Fletcher looked a real threat.
  12. LiamAP22D

    Bench vs leeds

    Fernando coming back will certainly make the bench look more dangerous. Good problems to have.
  13. LiamAP22D


    Why would a heavyweight boxer wana manage Aston Villa?
  14. Great signing for Fleetwood on paper. hope he does well there, he was a good free transfer.
  15. it is hard not to see that without a much improved performance, I don't think Villa are amazing though. If we turn up today we could take a result.