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  1. LiamAP22D

    Half season tickets

    £150 would be a fair price.
  2. LiamAP22D

    Half season tickets

    save the money pal, not worth it.
  3. LiamAP22D

    How many games...

    Only 3 or 4 surely. I'd have got rid after the blades game and given a new manager 2 weeks with the team before Derby at home.
  4. LiamAP22D

    Jokanovic Anyone.

    They'll stay up! they'll score enough goals.
  5. LiamAP22D

    Jokanovic Anyone.

  6. LiamAP22D

    Jokanovic Anyone.

    They spent £100m
  7. I bet bannan and Fletcher are both close to 40k a week
  8. I've also made my mind up regardless of tonight too. I'll admit i've had my head turned my Big Mick saying he's interested and now I just want him in, no matter what.
  9. LiamAP22D


    hell yes we should
  10. LiamAP22D


    My point is i'd like us to have the best players playing for us not helping other teams beat us. And yes i've had plenty of visits to the STD clinic, who hasn't if you actually have sex? I don't really get why that's relevant. Pretty strange tangent to go off on
  11. LiamAP22D


    He's in the top three center halves in the league you mad man.
  12. LiamAP22D


    dirty bugger I'd love him at center half for us though.
  13. ill have some of that mate! I'd be buzzing with that.
  14. LiamAP22D

    penney may be off

    Good that he's being watched, let's get him tied down so we either keep him or get £12m from Bournmouth at the end of the season.
  15. LiamAP22D

    Top 3 Championship Grounds

    Villa Park City Ground iPro Stadium