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  1. Villa - Mcginn goal, is the best by some distance and should win.
  2. So without reading it all, what's the consensus? do we think he's sold it? Cracking move if true, should allow some spending this summer.
  3. I still can't believe they're trying to hang it round anyone's neck except the Liverpool fans themselves.
  4. This lad would be a fantastic signing I think.
  5. Pretty sure if he's good enough Bruce will see it, being an ex centre half, himself. If not he'll go back to holland you'd think.
  6. I heard he was on 35k a week and Blackburn and 5k a goal. then boro signed him on 60k a week
  7. I got hammered on here for saying boro signed him on 60k a week in the champ about 3 year back. The year they got promoted, I still have no reason to believe the guy who told me that was lying.
  8. We'll be signing far better We ant brought Bruce in for players like this. Reserved list were out ten mins after last whistle. We not flipping about.
  9. mmm Hector for a full year and I don't think 11 finish above us. Get what your saying though
  10. I trust Bruce with signings but one area I'd expect him to bring in and excellent player is center half. Had Dawson & Davies at Hull and Terry & Chester at Villa. I'd expect someone as good as Hector here, even if it's not the man himself.
  11. Bet your not far off with that, Hooper and Abdi will be be on 30k+
  12. Bless you brother, things will get better. Thought's are with you.
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