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  1. RIP lads, remember driving back hearing about it, extremely sad, cant believe it's been 14 years. Football doesn't really matter does it.
  2. no need for panic, it's only football. i'd rather go to league 1 than be fizzed over by VAR everyweek tbh.
  3. I fancy a score draw Saturday, gonna go for 2-2 which wouldn't be a bad point on the road. I wouldn't think about making the playoffs, i don't think there's there's a prayer that will happen + i wouldn't really want to sit and watch us get bummed by VAR every week.
  4. Possibly not, but we've had better away form than most season, certainly feels like it anyway.
  5. No were not but were actually a good away side, if you take the away record this season alone, I'd take that again next season before a ball is kicked. It's at home it needs to improve.
  6. Tell you what just reading through and we have some fair old freaks on here supporting us! You Sheffield folk need to lighten up a little, funny breed.
  7. Fully expect us to give them a game, we score a goal and keep it under 5 and no1 bats an eyelid
  8. Excellent draw! Really wanted City, United or Liverpool & we got one! happy days! a game without silence to look forward too.
  9. He not be going nowhere while hes on 40 bags a week with us doing nowt
  10. probably about right for us. 10th - 14th is what id expect.
  11. Can't read the artice, did they actually open fire on him?
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