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  1. Joey Barton

    Reckon he'll do ok there tbf.
  2. Basement Bargains?

    We missed one last season - Mulgrew for £1m would have been a cracking signing.
  3. Westwood in demand?

    If the money's right its one player I'd sell, yeah.
  4. Wilson and McBurnie

    I'd take that mcburnie on loan next season.think he's decent.
  5. Michael hefele

    Was very good in both playoff legs, can't say much more than that.
  6. Wilson and McBurnie

    Fernando did it for Watford at Wolves, I think, same day their fan got kicked to death.
  7. Safe standing petition

  8. Leeds Wednesday Blades Bradford Hull Huddersfield Barnsley Rotherham Doncaster
  9. How many have gone ?
  10. Lee - Halo Effect?

    WOW! Best all round footballer at the club!

    Have a great day dude!
  12. FF miss.

    Yeah I think a fit FF with his eye in at least makes the keeper work. Doesn't matter a fizz though. we're safe.
  13. Stuart Gray

    They wont! Cardiff will go up. Fulham are probably better but Cardiff will do it.
  14. Pre season ??

    Heard their announcing where it's gonna be, in August
  15. He certainly is. it's been a disgrace.