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  1. Certainly a game that we need to win if we're going to be out the bottom 3 come May, Luton will be down there and we need to make sure we beat these teams around us.
  2. To my knowledge she'd had it a few month's previously & got the better of it, I believe. I know the family weren't happy with it anyway. they didn't agree, but I have tried not to pry too much as you'd understand in the circumstances.
  3. In this instance it would appear so, the lady didn't have an autopsy. She had Cancer of the lungs and Liver & I believe had been treated for covid-19 earlier in the year when the main spike happened. She then died a few month's later and the cause was said to be covid-19. Just seems strange to me.
  4. And good on you for it & I sympathize with what your wife and friends have had to endure this year & all the families that have lost people. I just don't see shutting the world down and hiding from something indefinitely is the answer. A vaccine may never come... and then what? The Spanish Flu pandemic began in 1918 and no vaccine was available until the 1940's. I personally think we'll be very lucky to have a vaccine within the next 3 years. Anyway i'll let you try and enjoy the rest of your day, fella. take care.
  5. That's pretty much what we were told at the beginning though isn't it? 'You'll all lose family members & people you know to this virus' So far that hasn't been the case for me and people I know (i only know 1 or 2 people that have even had the test) Possibly down to where we are situated & also possibly down to mixing with fitter and healthier people who tend to look after themselves pretty well. Who knows? I'm not too sure about conspiracy theories, i'm not really into them. What I do know is the governement don't care about my health, your health or the NHS. T
  6. I'm not doubting it's an actual thing for a second. I just doubt the need for such restrictions, the survival rate is so high. In the line of work I used to do, alot of things happened the man on the street wouldn't actually believe. Joe Public only know 10% of what truly happens in the world. Nothing would surprise me.
  7. It's really about time we just got on with it and got things going again. Don't wait for a vaccine that may never arrive. Something about this whole thing stinks, I know a few people that have had relatives die of Cancer this year and the death went down as Covid-19. Does anyone else know anything similar happen to anyone they know? I can't help feeling the numbers have been inflated to justify the over the top precautions.
  8. If we can beat Luton we're doing fine. the next 3 games are really ones to pick the point up in as they're going to be our relegation rivals.
  9. The worlds full of them these days, sadly.
  10. It's not racist to call a player lazy. FYI.
  11. Lets just try and get points tonight. but saying that, a very positive start to the season without us pulling up tree's But i'd have taken this start.
  12. Think he said Brown, Palmer and Iorfa are close but lees & Dunkley abit longer.
  13. i'd take a win and a loss, don't mess about with draws.
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