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  1. Comfortably Numb. Best way to be these days. (Pink Floyd BTW)
  2. October 1971, my first week at the Uni (so not a Sheffield lad borne and bred, I just adopted the place). Tickets in the North Stand were one of the freebies up for grabs to the 'freshers', we beat Fulham 4-0 but can't remember who scored. Where I came from had a team in the Northern Premier League and I used to follow them, biggest game I ever saw was against Barrow in the 1st round proper of the FA cup, that's what I was used to. The size, sound and atmosphere of Hillsborough absolutely blew me away; the hook went in then and I've been on it ever since, wherever in the world I h
  3. Cracking OMDT Snoots. LOVE the analogies, especially the judge with the black hat! Sadly, this one won't go away either: First century Judaea: Crucifiction? Good Through the door, line on the left, one cross each" Still, "always look on the bright side of life"
  4. West Ham (Boleyn Ground/Upton Park). Not much bank, posts in the way, so although we won, I missed the goal 'cos I couldn't even see the penalty area!
  5. Think you've nailed it there. Wednesday was Chansiri's hobby. I don't think he realised what sort of commitment and acumen was needed to run a football club effectively and I have a bad feeling he's getting bored and looking for a way out.
  6. I hear you ! Also a bag of mini cheeses, pick them up from Sainsbury's, next stop after the Bridge on the way to the ground.
  7. Pulisaurus to Big Brontosaurus. Nah, time for a change.
  8. Agree with this, has it dawned on anyone that Odubajo was just being ironical? It really isn't rational to think that one of our players would genuinely be glad the opposition had scored, what does he have to gain by it? OK, it doesn't help the situation but it's one of a set of possible reactions to the fact that Wednesday are in serious trouble.
  9. MOM - Everyone (own up now) who watched to the bitter end... I did......OMG I need help!!!!!!! But always look on the bright side of life, Accy Stanley and Rochdale are just up the road, get the bus, go to the pub, don't have to drive.
  10. From the corner flag, beat several players, acute angle against Preston at home (worldie IMO) Late winner against Leeds away (they thought they'd snatched it when we scored late on and they equalised) Clincher against Leeds away (+ assist for the opening goal same match another worldie) Hat trick against Norwich at home Last second equaliser against a totally disgraceful Fulham at home There are more, but those are the stand outs. Were you not at those games then?????
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