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  1. This brings back memories! It was the first Wednesday game I ever saw, actually the first 'proper' football game. I'd just arrived at the Uni, the game was during intro week and the club had put up a block of free tickets in the North Stand (near the Kop End). I'd just met a lad from Sunderland (subsequently went to loads of Sun'lan' away games with him, including the 73 Cup Final) he persuaded me to come with him, he knew the way to the ground from the city centre so we got the bus from Broomhill to the Midland Station and walked from there. As I said, it was my first proper game (home town team was in the old Northern Premier League), so I was absolutely gobsmacked by Hillsborough. I'm still best mates with Jim, was best man at his wedding and for my sins, even though I don't live in Sheffield I have a season ticket in the South Stand. You could say the hook went in that day, once an Owl...... Thanks for posting, happy days, I needed cheering up.
  2. Crinkle Crags Lake District one Saturday a few years ago, near the end of a crappy season. Couldn't stand any more so went hiking instead. It was thick mist and I saw a figure looming up going in the opposite direction. When we got closer we both recognised each other's Owls bobble hats, burst out laughing , banter along the lines of "you can't hide up here, gerrin that ground and watch the game like all the other poor buggers"!
  3. Spot on. It's the most sensible solution I've heard so fr.
  4. Recently I saw a prediction of final points total for the Championship, based on form etc. Wigan, 3rd from bottom, 49 points. Wednesday (can't remember position), final points 60. We pick up a 12 point deduction.......do the maths. Mind you, if Derby and Brum get clobbered as well, Wigan, Luton and Barnsley might all survive, wonder what the odds are? Could be worth a punt, "Always look on the bright side of life".. No, I don't think we'll get in the playoffs either.
  5. Wednesday are perverse; we play atrociously against teams that we should have [email protected] but then we win when no one would have given us a chance. At the Leeds away game, guy in front turned to his mate when it was 0-0 at about 65 minutes and said " I think we're gonna get away with this", which is what I was thinking at the time. So, in the same spirit, consensus is that we lose, therefore, I predict 2-1 to Wednesday UTO
  6. Spot on. If they must do something like this, at least look at the away ticket sales first.
  7. OK folks, first time ever on the site. Definitely won't get away from work in Bury in time to get to Hillsborough for tonight's game against Luton so I guess iFollow is my best option as I don't have Sky and doubt if any of the pubs round here will have it on. Question, how do I actually get the game on my PC's screen? Do I google iFollow and follow links or do I have to go to the club website and click on iFollow there? Lots of you seem to know what you're doing, but keep it simple, you're dealing with a total technophobe! (Surprised I've gotten this far)
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