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  1. Spidersblade

    Who else is up?

    Wouldn't besuprised if Palmer signsnext
  2. Spidersblade

    Who else is up?

    The otherness to get fit and playing. Good that when they are back they are fighting for contract
  3. He must along with joao believe in jos also otherwise neither would stay
  4. Spidersblade

    FF Was dropped from the team

    Well done jos. Carlos would have begged him and lost respect of dressing room. Good that hutch has same treatment as he just thinks he can walk into team and run around like a headless chicken make a good tackle and look like a hero. Fess will soon be back in everyweek
  5. Spidersblade


    Great again jos done great with this lad over summer. The clearance at end of first half was top class
  6. Spidersblade

    Team for Wolves game

    Tough game. Wolves reserves will be strong with how many signings they've made
  7. Spidersblade

    Liam Palmer

    Was superb. Some solid tackles and looks fitter
  8. Spidersblade

    Lucas Joao signs new #SWFC deal

    Brilliant news. Buzzing
  9. Spidersblade

    Team for tomorrow

    Palmer in miles in front of Boyd
  10. Spidersblade


    I am 8 beers in wawaw
  11. Spidersblade


    With 3 new players still think we could squeeze them....
  12. Spidersblade

    George Boyd

    Awful so far. Must be a player in there somewhere
  13. Spidersblade

    Player movement

    Pudl and Palmer should def stay. Not on huge wages and good options. YES need a cb and rwb. Still think focus on another cm cb and lwb
  14. Spidersblade

    Wildsmith or Dawson

    Wildsmith for me