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  1. Spidersblade

    Jos trimming the squad

    Trimming the squad can only be good for the team. #toomuchdeadwood
  2. Spidersblade

    New survey

    Who can jump the highest!
  3. Spidersblade

    Team vs Lincoln

    Loving jos....feeling good about this season. Won't miss any of the sales so far.....let's get some injured lads back...add in some youth.... up the owls
  4. Spidersblade

    Team vs Lincoln

    Palmers year
  5. Anyone know where i can watch tonight's game in Prague? Cheers
  6. Spidersblade


    Worked well with palmer today too. Top performance
  7. Spidersblade


    Excellent game. Made some important saves when needed
  8. Spidersblade

    Birmingham - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Liking it. 3 points here we come
  9. If we pick 2 wins up this week well be one point behind Leeds. Suddenly were chasing top teams down....still in the mix...
  10. Spidersblade

    Role call for Birmingham

    Will be there....hoping for the usual run on wins now. Soon be back near top 2. Win today and Sunday and were just 1 point behind the team who were topping the league last night at kick off. In Carlos i trust. UTO
  11. In Carlos i still trust. Players must show pride and loyalty tonight. Fight till the end
  12. Spidersblade

    George Hirst

    So hirst thinks hes better than flecter hooper rhodes i think not. Will be class in future. Sign a contract and get out on loan to get better.hes got good advice. He's not going to join Everton or Leiscter and hit first team.they too will ship him out. Great potential he just needs to by his time at owls
  13. Spidersblade


    Think we are much better without him. Good option when fit but think jones is better
  14. Spidersblade


    Glad winnals off.