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  1. Let them battle it out. Borner looks like a great peice of business but we need another good cb. Van arken!
  2. If we let him go kn a free as reported we are mad
  3. Looking at the dross out there. Do we back this man to the hilt
  4. Let's be honest palmers best lb and rb from current squad
  5. All my excitement drained this week, but some great news with new signing westwood and palmer. Bruce can fizz off if this is an good as his loyalty is
  6. Delighted as hes a good player and cares for club. At present I would say hes still first choice RB and lb so well worth having around. One of better rb in league last year
  7. Bruce didn't make 1 bit of difference to palmer. Hes been under rated for ages.
  8. Tom Lee's has been part of the most clean sheets in championship for last 4 seasons. Say no more
  9. Still think hectors on along with Lee's Borner and ifora (wants to play CB and was signed for there) we would have great options. Van arken finished here. Wouldn't be suprised if thornley allowed another loan. Also give flexibility to go 3 at back or still with 4. Palmer and ifora battle rb. Palmer can cover left back. Leaves need for one lb and that's back 4 sorted. Onto the wingers and shifting out fox van arken willall
  10. Palmer. To play as well at left back as we've kept clean sheets fair play to him. He could have won last month too
  11. Orgasmic. Will miss flectch but getting these 2 back and fit will make the difference. Was worries it would be big Dave and winnal who can both make a better difference from the bench when needed at the hour mark
  12. Palmer for me, deserves the praise, hutch has been good but not enough to win this month, Fletcher been class
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