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  1. A little harsh don't ya think? The guy has said that he wants to give the club to his kids one day, and that hardly fits in the ethos of treating the fanbase with disdain. The guy is no idiot. He clearly understands that the fans are there of their own choosing, and he want's to do what he can to keep them on side. Cant please everyone all of the time...
  2. This is why they didn't launch sooner. They didn't have enough kit! They'd have sold out within an hour.
  3. By real companies what do you mean? D Taxis currently has 4 employees and an office next to my mates in Hillsborough. Elev8 has 1 employee.
  4. We aren't a premiership team and thus don't attract the level of sponsorship we would do. Pray tell who sponsors the other stadiums in the league? There don't seem to be a lot of stadiums named after their owners. When were the last accounts published? (I honesty don't know) and what do they reveal about the state of the club? Yes DC has raised prices but have you seen the state of the stadium? It's practically crumbling around us. We need poo loads of cash if we're going to survive.
  5. I didnt realise you spoke on behalf of the fans? You are basing this assertion upon what exactly? The proven echo-chamber that is social media? A survey of Owls fans? Your mate Dave down the pub? How can you be so sure of this growing discontent? By all means rally the troops and storm Hillsborough! Sack all the staff and start again with real Owls fans who understand the complexities of how to run a business like a football club? I guarantee that 99% of Owlstalk posters wouldn't have the first clue if DC said "all right. Off you go lads. Give it your best shot".
  6. DC hasn't paid anything for the shirt and stadium sponsorship? How do you know this exactly? He could buy all the corporate boxes - don't you think he's thought of that already? I'm sure there's rules. He could sponsor the stadium - again how do you know he hasn't? Just because he's not renamed it to "The Chansiri Stadium"? The rest of his family obviously aren't bothered about the club otherwise I'm sure they would have sponsored it. How do you know that Mrs Chansiri Snr isn't the one sponsoring the North Stand? Get a grip.
  7. It's no secret that the kit was delayed and that when it launched fans would pounce on it as "another negative". I'm hearing a lot of echoes in here. "The club is poo ! Who's with me? Let's teach em a lesson! How dare they lose matches, have a kit delay outside of their control? How could they possibly sell things in the club shop that I do not want to buy!" The reason the kit wasn't announced has been explained, but perhaps Mr Chansiri will enlighten is add to why is been so delayed? I'm sure that you'll all agree the club isn't doing this on purpose! It's hurting the
  8. Ummmm no. Not even close. They've had some deliveies certainly. From what I hear two deliveries of 1000 peices (shirts, or socks, or shorts) in each. Some of these have gone to players who have given their shirts away, academy players who need extras or replacements. It's not as if the club is DELIBERATELY not selling the kit. Imagine how angry the fans would be if they put some on sale and either didn't have your size, or had completely sold out? They're waiting (correctly IMO) for a decent stock level before releasing them for sale.
  9. Chairman hasn't been in today. Not sure he's even in the country.
  10. DC has trust issues I feel. He doesn't seem to have any actual advisors on the football side. There are plenty of people who advise the Chairman on retail, ticketing, corporate and hospitality but the Chairman won't take their advice - otherwise things would be different. A quick tour of the club shop shows it up clearly. If you get chance to talk to the retail staff or the retail manager they'll happily tell you how it is. In terms of off-field investment what do we have to show? Well: New EPOS tills (£100k?) New players lounge at the training ground (£1m) F
  11. Sadly the Chairman doesn't trust anyone to run the club for him in the form of a CEO. Hence why we don't have one.
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