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  1. Not sure on spelling, and hard to say worst ever as he only played once (I think) but Matthew Tumulty? He looked about 14 and five stone ringing wet. Was League Cup, I think in the era of Uchechi! I recall him ending up at RB. Like a lad who had won a competition.
  2. Sorry but thought Pearce was rubbish, not saying Van Aken is a world class.
  3. Chris Adamson Peter Gilbert Ashley Westwood Andy Pearce Craig Armstrong
  4. I don't get this 'he's big and black' (aka strong and powerful) trope; he's just like Carlton Palmer. Iorfa and Horner at centre back every day of the week, Jeff.
  5. Pathetic comment. A win and a clean sheet in the type of game we regularly draw.
  6. Out of interest, was this guy on Carlos' list of 3,000 centre bscks (with Van Aken at the top)? Saying that, I reckon Bruce might be able to get Van Aken playing well.
  7. The apostrophe on Aarons is my favourite thing ever.
  8. For sure. But a poor team consisting, therefore, of poor players amongst who ranks, on current form is Lees. It's worse that he's captain and de facto undroppable. Thorniley/Hector for me until form dictates otherwise...but for s centre half with pace...
  9. Would be almightily surprised if Rhodes would have as many as that the way we're performing.
  10. Little thought? Carlos was chomping at the bit to get Butterfield in....
  11. Forgot about Van Aken. Carlos picked a real gem there. Can we sell him on eBay as spare parts?
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