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  1. I don't get this 'he's big and black' (aka strong and powerful) trope; he's just like Carlton Palmer. Iorfa and Horner at centre back every day of the week, Jeff.
  2. Pathetic comment. A win and a clean sheet in the type of game we regularly draw.
  3. Out of interest, was this guy on Carlos' list of 3,000 centre bscks (with Van Aken at the top)? Saying that, I reckon Bruce might be able to get Van Aken playing well.
  4. The apostrophe on Aarons is my favourite thing ever.
  5. For sure. But a poor team consisting, therefore, of poor players amongst who ranks, on current form is Lees. It's worse that he's captain and de facto undroppable. Thorniley/Hector for me until form dictates otherwise...but for s centre half with pace...
  6. Would be almightily surprised if Rhodes would have as many as that the way we're performing.
  7. Little thought? Carlos was chomping at the bit to get Butterfield in....
  8. Forgot about Van Aken. Carlos picked a real gem there. Can we sell him on eBay as spare parts?
  9. Agree. I always wonder why we are so slow to move players on. We get someone decent but seem to have no big picture view to move our club forward, to develop our playing capacity. Objective view but I would get rid of, or be open to get rid of, the following: Hooper, Lee, Abdi (the mythical entity) - unlikely to ever be fit enough consistently. Palmer, Nuhiu - not good enough to match ambitions of improving. Pudil (a joke that a guy too slow to play, lb, lwb or lcb gets a contract extension), Jones - too old too offer much next season. Fletcher, Forestieri, Bannan, Reach, Lees - could get a fee for some of these or get money off wage bill. Fletcher is decent but on too big a whack and we have strikers; Bannan dictates our style far too much - if he is either off form or playing just in front of back four we have zero creativity; Forestieri is our best player but does not seem up for it - more injured than Matias this year? Reach scores, or can score, screamers but is not, for me, centre mid and we do not player with wide midfielders. Bails out of far too many 50/50s. Lees, club captain, was no good in a back three and thrives when next to a leader-type: Hector or Loovens. He needs to be that leader not dependent on them. Penney, Preston, Dawson or Wildsmith, Kirby, J. Lee - loan out for experience. All have potential but insufficently experienced to help in the here and now. This leaves Westwood, Hutch (an injury risk but I think he's a superb and committed player. At cb prob less of a walking injury than at dcm), Winnall, Joao, Dawson or Wildsmith (personally, I miss Price: decent, solid, professional and reliable back up) Fox (proved himself a fair, if not sensational squad player), Matias (he tries, has pace, improved fitness and improved teeth), Pelupessy (not great, but a squad player who tries his ass off, something that is infectious). Would keep Hector if possible. Think he's mint. Probably missed some out and not saying we get rid of all of these but be open to the possibility. We need money off wage bill, we need a huge freshen up and flexibility under FFP. I am a longtime lurker and dar from frequent visitor to S6 but I've at least proofed this for spelling and grammatical errors. Edit: Keep Thorniley: decent prospect.
  10. Great, I was hoping to immerse myself in a 981 page thread aboutJack Grealish.
  11. Hutch off? No goals? No goals by Fox? BRUCE OUT. Oh hang on...that would be plain moronic...
  12. What a blunder to make on your favourite final! 86 was Scousers 3-1 Other Scousers. 87, when Coventry eon, future Owl Dave Bennett featured on the wing.
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