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  1. Just when you think it couldn't get any stranger than the bizarre, rose coloured glasses that some view Rhodes' time here with... ... a statement like this comes along and really sets the bar at an even higher level.
  2. Was easy to see on a replay, but ITV's angles were useless. He's well onside.
  3. I struggled with the ITV coverage. Actually, ESPN had it together for this came, so that's where I ultimately landed. Normally US coverage is way too 'human interest story' based for me to try and stomach, whether it's football, boxing, or golf - and Friday's ESPN coverage was a dumpster fire; but pleasantly surprised today. Only had to deal with one "he grew up in poverty" reference and life story within five minutes of tuning in.
  4. Never did much care for the tracksuit manager: Always been a firm believer in looking and dressing professionally. I'm a bit old fashioned perhaps, but there are also numerous reasons to dress professionally, including enhancing performance and ability.
  5. I mean, you want a change, but what exactly are you expecting from that change? We don't have a problem, we overperform from our set pieces. I'm trying to say we're already quite a bit above the statistical average from conversions on corners. Any change is going to be in the direction of less goals, not more. The idea that we should be scoring, or creating a scoring change from every single set piece we have doesn't have any basis in actual reality.
  6. The point is more that we score well above average with Bannan taking corners. 3.45% is above the norm.
  7. It's an issue of expectations, and bias: We are completely average at goal conversion from free kicks. We are, believe it or not, above average in goal conversion from corners (when I last ran it, but I expect we climbed even higher because Bannan connected with Borner on a couple as the season was ending). It's more that people have absolutely no idea how often goals are actually scored in football. This analysis is quite revealing: 11234 matches analysed. 115199 corners played. 57.3% of corners lead to nothing (team loses the ball) 1.27% of corners leads to goal Average of 15.4 matches to wait for a goal from corner (for a single team to score) Average of 5.13 corners per match played (for a single team) By the numbers, teams are scoring on corners less than 2 out of every 100 attempts. Teams lose possession completely on nearly 60% of corners. The predicted or expected effectiveness of set pieces, corners especially, is way too high. I blame the video game and highlight reel era - when all you see on sports highlights are headed goals or curled free kicks heading into the net from a myriad of different leagues, you lose all perspective of actually how rare those events really are.
  8. I don't believe for a nano second that Chansiri has spent anywhere close to all he has, just all he is willing to put down for a vanity project gone bad at the moment. A successful man that has a dozen properties, but neglects one because he can't be bothered with the upkeep and his priorities are elsewhere isn't failing to maintain it because he's broke, it's because he just can't be bothered and his interests are tied up with other pursuits. I think Sheffield Wednesday is the investment that has lost its initial fun and lustre, and we're just set aside until someone can be bothered to devote time to it.
  9. We're not being sold, and I think Chansiri is not going anywhere either. Chansiri's involvement of his son, and relatively deep pockets, makes me think he's not going anywhere and this is setup as a legacy project for him and eventually his sonvs takeover. Without wanting to be overly negative, the realist in me dictates that I would say to everyone to settle in, buckle up, and expect a long, protracted, Owen Oyston-esque slog from this one.
  10. May or may not be Bazza's mum, but I for one am just impressed that you're actually still here and active on this forum. I would have thought for sure you'd be spending all your time on some Huddersfield forum talking up Rhodes and singing them songs of how he's going to be the best striker in the league, and will score for fun at their level. How you find the time to still post here trying to vilify our best player, I'll never know. Must be exhausting.
  11. ... when he doesn't drop deeper, we don't get out of our half. And then the perrenial naysayers come out of the woodwork about how Bannan has hardly touched the ball (because he's roaming further forward waiting for build up play that never happens). Seriously: If Bannan doesn't drop back to pick the ball up, we'd just recycle the ball between CBs, keeper, and Pelupuessy until the final whistle.
  12. If you think Bannan of all players has had a terrible season, good Christ you must be really disappointed with everyone else in the squad. ... and you had best get a 24 ready and buckle up, because you're not going to like the quality of player we're going to be attracting in League One, and god forbid, if we get rid of Bannan.
  13. Really?! I couldn't disagree more with this one. Play 4-2-3-1 and put Bannan in the actual 10 spot, as a central attacking midfielder. Let him distribute from there and make the occasional run into the box in possession. We'd need to actually get a defensive midfielder who was comfortable on the ball and in distribution, and it would be even better if we had a proper ball playing centreback to go with it. But 4-2-3-1 with Bannan firmly slotted into the 10 role where he belongs, and pegged to stay further up the pitch to put balls into the final third would be an absolute dream. Just need to find the players to be able to support him. As is, Bannan drops back and picks the ball up from our centrebacks, because without it, we'd never get out of our own damn half - we'd just keep trying to play hoof-ball and getting pinned right back into our own box.
  14. Can't be surprised at this one: Seemed well out of his depth in the Championship, and at 24 years old, if you're not 'catching' by then in the lower leagues, not looking good for your long term prospects with a PL club. I honestly wouldn't want us to pick him up on a free transfer.
  15. Maybe, but I thought the prevailing notion on here was that we were being lowballed? I guess in 20/20 hindsight we could have picked up a fee, I suppose - but at the time I'm pretty sure the sentiment was that Leicester was trying to mug us
  16. I consider the way the club handled Hirst to be perhaps the only damn thing they've gotten right in the last five years. Didn't get blackmailed, and Hirst is on track to be featuring and maybe even a leading scorer for a National League side in another three to five years.
  17. Considering Sunderland was bounced down to League One, I doubt it would even be among the league's top wages in recent years, even if true.
  18. I doubt the wage was the whole story - but certainly makes for a great talking point. A mere £3K of wages, along with guarantees about playing time or release clauses if someone else came calling, I can see. Breakdown on the latter, but all anyone can talk about is the apparent outrage of the former. I don't buy £3K as the full scope of things.
  19. If they issued a statement, the club wouldn't be able to pretend it doesn't exist and go on keeping up appearances.
  20. True: I meant more that he roams around a bit, has some speed, and isn't afraid to try to get into the box or have a go from 20 yards either.
  21. Take the listed UK life expectancy of 81. Go to the middle. 10% of that, either side. There you go. Middle age is 32-48
  22. As a playmaker. It's League One. Two strikers up top: Deeper lying, target man forward (Paterson); pace merchant, more flair player (Windass). Balls in from Bannan. Let's not get all trying to re-invent the wheel here. ... and the idea that a passer and player of Bannan's ability in League One would be a liability is asinine.
  23. Depends if he wants to actually play: In a decent League 2 side, he can feature. In even a poor Championship side, hard to imagine a footballer that was playing Sunday League three years ago and is currently in the National League getting much game time.
  24. Rhodes was also useless, and then fell out of favour and found the bench at Norwich, just like with every manager he played under for Wednesday as well. Hard to see the how the "mismanagement" and "no service" apologists manage to miss that part of Rhodes' tenure. Five years, two clubs, seven managers, and ~150 games - at what point do even the most ardent Jordan Rhodes fan club supporters have to start looking at reality, and concede that a successive string of managers all found him wanting?
  25. People still talk about Urby Emanuelson. Rhodes will be in threads on here in 2030
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