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  1. It may be challenging to completely tear down and rebuild a stadium at S6 while still being able to maintain a pitch there...
  2. Curious to know whether or not the two owners of Sheffield United would lease Bramhall Lane for a season for the right price. Rotherham isn't an option, only 12k, and they own the stadium. Leeds is likely too far away, but they don't own the stadium and might be willing to lease. The only other option is Wembley, Tottenham is done with it by early next season, but without Champions League and PL revenues in I doubt we could afford it.
  3. Will Carlos repay Jordan Rhodes?

    The title should be: "Will Jordan Rhodes repay Carlos?", because Carlos had faith enough to continue playing Rhodes despite his abysmal performances from his loan period up until two weeks ago instead of making him train with the U23s. Will Jordan Rhodes continue to pay back the debt he owes this team, and continue his current run of great form? Let's hope so. It's about time. 3 in 3.
  4. South Stand Bedroom

    Really like the emblem integrating past emblems. I'd buy a print of that.
  5. Forestieri

    Classic example of the primadonna athlete: A little bit of talent and flair over his peers, but far too much of a distraction. Great if he can earn his way back in and put in some work, but I won't be shedding any tears if he's sold in January.
  6. Pretty much this: That game was the worst performance I have seen since 2015. Absolutely uninspired by the players. Only way Carlos could have improved on that was to find a kit and sub himself on out there.
  7. They do generate money at the higher end, but more importantly, it tends to be steady revenue: Corporate boxes typically sell at the same rate regardless of team performance, and often times are paid for and go unused. That, and even outside of game time they can be used for events: When my company looked at possible event venues, a corporate room in Yankee stadium was $7000 USD for a night - even though the baseball season was over. Madison Square Garden for a night when the Rangers were actually playing was around $18 000. Serious cash to be made if you have the venues, even if there is no actual sporting event to be had. The boxes are at 60% occupancy now, but if (when) we get promoted I'll bet it's not going to stay that way for long. Or at least, that is the lure of them.
  8. At sporting events on this side of the pond, your bag will be sealed with a little plastic tape like thing, indicating it's on the up and up. And I'm actually surprised it's taken this long for these types of measures: Going into a Maple Leafs game has a similar level of security as boarding a plane 10 years ago: Empty pockets, metal detectors, pat down / wand. Going to become the "new normal".
  9. 5 days till Bristol

    Fair enough. I don't really think he's averse to playing him centrally, I would even swear the game he subbed on he was basically playing centrally as an attacking midfielder (though I'd have to look to be certain). I do think that Wallace is going to struggle for game time when Boyd is fit, and we'll see plenty of them. His defensive ability and stamina are perfect for our side.
  10. Sean Clare to be our Deli Ali?

    Youth players on loan can still train / play with their parent clubs. Not that I can imagine Port Vale would mind, they're not playing him!
  11. 5 days till Bristol

    How is any of this remotely true? Of six games, he started 3 and subbed in another. He's featured in 4 of the 6 games he's been available for.
  12. 5 days till Bristol

    I think you're putting words in his mouth a little bit there: The only comments I saw were that they wanted to rest him for the Cup game, and if they're moving to a midfield diamond they have other players that can play in the formation in his place.
  13. 5 days till Bristol

    Bizarre. I've been right up there with those most critical of Rhodes (and for good reason - he had been useless in every aspect), but to advocate pulling him when he has finally found a run of form is outright insanity.
  14. Sean Clare to be our Deli Ali?

    On loan in League Two with Port Vale, but can't break into the side.
  15. Sean Clare to be our Deli Ali?

    I assume Stobbs is done. If you're not getting into a side in League 2, you're not getting anywhere near a Championship / PL side.