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  1. Indoor Owl

    Barry Bannan

    I can only assume that anyone that doesn't rate Bannan, never has, and never will; has never actually watched a Sheffield Wednesday match in the last three years. You're certainly welcome to your opinion, as you noted, but expecting the rest of us to take it seriously when it's devoid of merit, or not to comment on it being complete nonsense is another matter entirely. You're welcome to your opinion, we're welcome to ours.
  2. The injuries are still piling up three months into Jos' tenure. And to suggest he's the manager of the year is absolutely absurd
  3. Indoor Owl

    Kiss my ass Nuhiu haters

    Any source on this? I've never hesitated to give mention to him as Big Dave, and have used it interchangeably with Atdhe or Nuhiu; and I can certainly assure you I use it as a term of endearment!
  4. Indoor Owl

    Kiss my ass Nuhiu haters

    Couldn't have said it better myself. Especially during these trying times, when so many are eager to see him go despite him routinely looking like the only player that gives a damn out there.
  5. Joao looking pretty good out there, that was a brilliant through ball. No finish from Reach though. Should have scored there.
  6. I already laid it out: You seem to under the impression that Clare is like Stobbs and not playing on loan: He's played 21 games on loan in League One this season before recalled back to us, and in all but a handful for the full 90 minutes. He's a 21 year old professional footballer, playing 90 minutes a week in League One. If he doesn't have the fitness, no one does.
  7. Indoor Owl

    Time for Moneyball?

    I'd argue that we're already doing it. In fact, we're experiencing what can happen as a text book example of when it backfires: We attempt to pick up aging or injury prone ex PL players because they're undervalued on transfers, or we can scoop them up on free transfer. We can't afford the skilled players we wanted, so we took the skill players we could find and afford, with baggage. Unfortunately for us, we're on the wrong side of circumstances and the risks of picking up injury prone or aging players are catching up with us this season.
  8. Indoor Owl

    Next season

    We have a creative play maker in Bannan. What we don't have is a strong, defensive presence in midfield. Also agree in defence: the full backs desperately need to be improved. I'm comfortable with Van Aken and Lees going forward.
  9. Since when? He's played 21 games in League One this year, mostly the full 90; and he's twenty one years old, not some geriatric. If a twenty one year old academy player that has been playing regularly all year can't handle 90 minutes a week, nobody can. The idea that he doesn't or wouldn't have the fitness to play is absurd
  10. The Simpsons covers this: "First of all, I want to thank God for all my success, even though I never worshipped or believed in him in any way"
  11. I was going to say: Go ahead and stop doing that. Same thing if you're responsible for our dismal free kick record. You cut out that praying stuff and let's see what happens on the pitch!
  12. We're in the need we're in because of some bad luck with injuries. We lost our perennial leading scorer in September, Hutch, Lee and Boyd. October / November we lost Westwood, Lees, Fletcher; early December we lost Bannan and Hooper. CC wasn't going to have success under those circumstances, Bullen wouldn't have any success, and neither would Jos. Perfect storm of injuries that is still continuing even into March. Outside of some baffling lineups and policy when it comes to substitutions in recent weeks and months; Owlstalk members could have been running the team and we'd still be in the same boat. Even if we didn't have all the other injuries, it's not a fair shake for any manager when you're down your two top scorers (FF and Hooper), your best player (Bannan), your best defender (Lees), and your starting keeper. Guardiola and Alex Ferguson couldn't do much better given the hand we've been dealt and have to play (other than those flipping line ups).
  13. Considering the injuries still keep piling up, months into Jos' tenure, I'm not sure how that argument holds any water. Yes, Carlos is a believer in a school of thought that emphasizes working with the ball in all aspects, like Mou and a bunch of others. No, it doesn't mean the players don't do any fitness work at all. If there was any truth to that latest piece of fiction the CC haters have fixated on, we might have seen an improvement. We haven't. Injuries still occurring despite fabled "double training sessions" under Jos.
  14. We could, but it would probably get stale pretty fast: It would just be the same handful of posters who pop up and spread metaphorical poo on the walls with unsubstantiated tabloid bait posts, interspersed with occasional posts that say "debate the post, not the poster" whenever an unsuspecting or unwitting person wanders into that section and posts "what is all this flipping nonsense?" because they don't know any better!
  15. Indoor Owl

    Jos the joker...go now

    Exactly this: We look far more disorganised at the back now. And we're conceding on terrible defending