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  1. Anyone selling any? Or know if there going to make it to general sale?
  2. 2 adult tickets for stoke if anyone got them going?
  3. Need 2 together really chaps I know it's a massive ask but worth a shout
  4. The ones who kick off at the stewards are probably the ones who don't have a job, so they wouldn't know about respect for other's.
  5. Jo's has said if he looses the fans then he will walk, I think it's time for the chants to start so he knows it's time to leave.
  6. Was anything said about this "embargo" because I have seen nothing? If I have missed it sorry I will remove the post.
  7. If you knew what I did for work you would know that I don't need to.
  8. Why would you really wanna keep 2 players, who are more interested in them selfs rather than the club? Gh supposed to be one of use guess not
  9. No idea not been on or looked in ages.
  10. Anyone heard or know when it will be out?
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