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  1. Cc and josè

    Who called the facking gramer police? No one keep it moving
  2. Cc and josè

    I can't understand why cc sets up not to lose the game and complains about the fans with big dave then I look at man poo highlights from the other night they play a big man up top and play passing football but they know when to play long so why does cc not talk to his pal José about playing that way because that seems to be paying off for them but cc can't see beyond his own stubbornnss? And this isnt another cc bashing post just an observation
  3. CC comments on playing Atdhe Nuhiu

    I don't know why people are so nasty towards big dave for a bloke his size yes he is used as a target mam but he has good feet for a giant I like him always have tbh don't get why others don't
  4. carlos-steel city derby

    No just sit down tea party's then they all take turns spunking I'm CC tea when he's not looking
  5. Why Westwood when he's our only experienced keeper? Bannan no chance or Hooper best 2 all season and past 2 for that matter
  6. Build the team around....

    We might aswell try a young lad there then maybe the son of a legend? Do you no any
  7. Carlos on channel 5

    Ino it sounds daft but maybe DC will listen if everyone who wants him out doesn't go to our next few home games he said he listens to the fans let's try it then let attendances drop and see if he reacts???
  8. 5 shots on target...in November.

    The only way to make DC listen is with your feet when attendances start to fall then he will listen singing Carlos out won't do anything but make DC think I'm right your all wrong like a little school kid
  9. Wake up Wednesday fans

    DC won't sack Carlos he's to stubborn to do it he wants to show he knows what he's doing when we can all see he has no idea the same as Carlos imo so we can all ***** and moan but it just won't happen I'm afraid
  10. Lest we forget

    Sorry didn't realise I stumbled upon the secret millionaires club
  11. Lest we forget

    Well if you were a peado then you should be hung drawn and quartered that's it and I wish I was the owner of a multi million pound company not smart enough.
  12. Lest we forget

    Well exactly why would they put it out there if it wasn't true? Why feel the need to reply to it if not true?
  13. Lest we forget

    It might not be true but who are we to no if they have back tracked? Just because they have tweeted it don't mean they might have told there employees they can't wear them?
  14. Lest we forget

    Tbh it wouldn't surprise me if was true when people can't have st George's flag flying because it offends other cultures this country is a free country were we cam do what we like so if was true about the poppy 's then they should be ashamed for not supporting the men and woman who have fort past and present for our freedom
  15. He more than likely is and I just don't give two hoots