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  1. Are Derby selling us booze b4 and at ht?

    Don't no but I want there job as why would you waste a fiver to chuck it all over each other
  2. Are Derby selling us booze b4 and at ht?

    I dint no I struggled to think why but seen it quite a few times now on YouTube at nearly every ground we go to
  3. Sheffield Wednesday fans top the league

    Tryed saying it as those folk in Norfolk
  4. Are Derby selling us booze b4 and at ht?

    I hear it's cos we're not drinking it we just pore it over stewards and each other
  5. Sick and skint never go out on a work night STOP YELLING please
  6. The New Kit

    Do you know this for certain as my brothers mates best friends dad's uncles sisters cusan's aunt works there and said it's was big Sams left leg
  7. Sheffield Wednesday fans top the league

    About 2000 isn't it? We make up half there attendance I only like to go to see the trator
  8. Sheffield Wednesday fans top the league

    I think we might sell out at reading but the Ipswich game we definitely won't might mean us lowly fans will get a look in for away tickets
  9. So explain to me how they have spent over 30 million in one transfer window and previous transfer windows they have not been exactly quite?
  10. No they have just flouted the rules and done what they want
  11. Phil parkinson

    How is it another cc bashing question? He's right? My question would be why is someone not scouting our next team? We play derby Saturday they played Sunday against forest we played Saturday why was cc or one of our coaching staff not there to see if derby have any weaknesses?
  12. New LED Flood lights

    That sometimes happens mi lord more not than often tho
  13. If you don't flipping bounce your a blade Now derby sing it but some how it don't work can you figure out what that part is
  14. Phil parkinson

    Well obviously yes when cc keeps going with the same person at left back who should be left back in the dressing room