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  1. Swansea Fans Views

    I'm sure on Tuesday our fans, will show the sheep sHaggers that it doesn't matter if it's a long trip on a Tuesday night on TV WAWAW
  2. And this is what football has come too? Players go down over the slightest thing the ref, don't believe players when something serious happens, Speedy recovery JT
  3. WAWAW?

    When is this out do we know?
  4. George Hirst - sorry

    Yes I was hoping nobody would see that
  5. George Hirst - sorry

    Hope so he's a money grabbing throw pot like his father
  6. Sam Winnall Recovery

    Alas I think we have seen the last of winny. He will never wear a wednesday shirt again, I hope he does because he is the our only striker who has been scoring in open play
  7. Winnall

    Maybe because we're the club what he is contraced to?
  8. Transfers

    Yeah it is judged over 3 and next season is Chansiri's 4th full season so starts all over again
  9. Wilders not happy is he?

    The thing I'm asking my self is why on earth you dirty lot come on here? Your a secret owl aren't you, I bet all you scum are. I mean who could fault you tho tbf, bigger club, bigger ground, won more than you lot, better fans, better players, that's why you all come on here isn't it?
  10. Fernando

    Anyone heard anything about when he's coming back from injury?
  11. Loan players required

    Players wanted any age, any recent injury apply within
  12. Raphael Honigstein Comments on our Jos

    He might be voicing his opinion, but how's about we give jos at least a game before we say he is the same as Carlos? Can we not do that?
  13. Bring on the Pigs

    So the only part you read is that bit really? You thick little oink. What's wrong you draw the short curly tail to come on here and stir things up? Go back to your mud pit.