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  1. It's absolutely shocking. Has to be there today and asking Monk to come straight up to the boardroom.
  2. As soon as he comes on he makes an impact. Mainly because he actually moves off the ball. Literally lost count of all the throw ins today where our players just stand there thinking their markers are just gonna get bored and bloody move on.
  3. I'd buy Rhodes for 49p put him straight on gardening leave.. well.. maybe gardening stay actually cus my garden is a right mess. As bad as it is, I do actually feel sorry for the bloke that it hasn't worked out. Really don't think it's a lack of effort in this case but hey.
  4. is there actually many managers that could hold this lot for an extended length of time tho tbh. Maybe he's lost the dressing room or maybe this group of players have had it too comfortable for too long and cba to put the effort it.
  5. that's friggin criminal at any level of football
  6. already used all our subs in a very unpredictable manner.
  7. We're gonna have to be at the races, definitely see this as a potential banana skin for us this one.
  8. All that I can say/think is thank god for Reach that Roy Keane isn't our manager. Not sure he would last long to be honest.
  9. I read the whole article yesterday and here is the link to exactly what he said... https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/season-not-over-sheffield-wednesday-midfielder-calls-calm-after-blackburn-rovers-thrashing-1369454 "But I would like to think they (the fans) weren't booing or having negative thoughts over commitment and desire because I thought we all showed that and worked hard over the 90 minutes. We never gave up. It just wasn't our day. "Performances, of course, will be better than that but I just hope they don't get too down. Like I said, the world has not ended. We are still in a good position. There are still things we can improve on and we will do. "We are fully confident in that dressing room that come the end of the season we will be where we want to be." "A loss is a loss and we will get on with it. "Every time we have had a loss, we have shown character in the next game, "We will dust ourselves down. Just because we lost against Blackburn doesn't mean the season is over. The world has not ended just yet" kinda annoyed me reading tbh, the bit about not getting too down just sounds patronising, corse the worlds not ending, but people are always gonna be Majorly peeshed when it costs so much to go and then they don't even put a friggin shift in.
  10. literally one those days yeah - one of those days where we dont bother turning up at home. which is getting far too bloody usual. Win or lose isnt really the main issue for me today, losing is part of the game ain't it but stepping out into Hillsborough not even half assed and not even putting an ounce of a shift in is absolutely ridiculous.
  11. Does anyone know of any way to watch the game on the PC/Tv today? Or is it Ifollow commentary only?
  12. I'm not convinced I'm not dreaming this. 3 nil not even half time and Rhodes hat trick. who would have thought it?
  13. I actually thought he made a massive difference, as soon as he came on there was more movement,intensity, quicker passing and more quality. Has to start for me. On a side note, an attacking midfielder in modern football with an attitude? what are the chances. Surely a good coach/gaffa should be able to get alongside him and help to channel that into something positive.
  14. Don't know sweet fa about accounting, but read a bit about possibility of a fine alongside a points deduction. If we get any type of fine that surely makes would make it even more blatantly obvious ( if thats possible) that PS/FFP is not about stopping clubs go bust.
  15. I'm coming up the M1 from Midlands today, is it doable? The club are quite quiet about it all but I heard it's pretty bad near medowhall?
  16. Posted this on Instagram, sorry if it's already been done couldn't see it, think it has been deleted now of insta as well. Absolute legend
  17. Just typed it out mate, your right star is a pain in't arse
  18. Can't seem to edit so will post here Conor Grant - N/A Paul Jones -135K Ash Baker - 180k Kieran Lee - 225k Cameron Dawson - 315k Jordan Thorniley - 315k Kieran Westwood - 450k Adthe Nuhiu - 450k Kadeem Harris - 675k Liam Palmer - 675k Sam Winnall - 675k Morgan Fox - 675k Moses Odubajo - 900k Julian Borner - 1.13m Joey Pelupessy - 1.35m Dominic Iorfa - 1.35m Steven Fletcher - 1.8m Sam Hutchinson - 1.8m David Bates - 1.8m Fernando Forestieri - 2.25m Barry Bannan - 2.7m Tom Lees - 3.15m Jordan Rhodes - 3.60m Adam Reach - 4.05m Massimo Luongo - 4.5m Jacob Murphy - 5.4m Total Value of 41 million apparently
  19. Forgive me If this has been posted, had a look but couldn't find it. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/latest-owls-news/the-controversial-market-value-of-every-sheffield-wednesday-player-in-garry-monks-ps41m-squad-549939 Kieran Lee Value - 225k Jordan Thorniley - 315k Is just me or is that absolutely bonkers
  20. God I love happy endings.. where does she sit?
  21. Hi mate, I've been parking at the Park and Ride on Middlewood road for years As long as you leave about 30 minutes I've never not got a place (even for blades games) Also you can do park only on the pay screens, costs about 3quid ish
  22. Yes, exactly; I go in there twice a day to use the tin opener.
  23. unfortunately no and no, despite being the only one in the triangle who could read and write, I'm still living with my parents eating baked beans cold out of a can.
  24. Genuinely feels like when I found out my ex was cheating on me with a guy that looked like he was out of Geordie Shore.
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