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  1. Don't see the angle using him as a striker. What is his specialism? He's not particularly strong or good at holding it up, he's not remarkable in the air, he's not frighteningly quick, his one on one finishing doesn't stand out. He's one of those players with a decent engine room and has a worldy in him once or twice a season. Is he ever gonna be a regular 15+ goal a season man? I don't see it.
  2. imagine if we don't appeal and go down. Half a million seems quite cheap at that point. Club and Laywers obviously feel we have a strong case.
  3. if a few posts or posters now represent "owlstalk" you could literally say anything couldn't you. This is a forum full of differing opinions, which is literally the whole point of a forum.
  4. Hunt isn't a physical player, probably never will be, it's not his fault. You just don't put two 5ft 4 players running central midfield together. It's too lightweight. It has to be Hunt or Bannan it's as simple as that, playing them both is just silly.
  5. Got a horrible feeling we might end it with 10
  6. Got a horrible feeling we might end it with 10
  7. The question 'what's Hunt doing on the pitch?' had nothing to do with his own ability. Why throw him on as a deep DM in that situation next to Bazza who is basically a carbon copy with more experience. Midfield was far too lightweight second half imo.
  8. I get the point, but we didn't and in the second half we took Lee off and are playing with two 5ft 5's in centre mid against a fairly tall and strong side. Doesn't make sense
  9. is there tho? throw in impending possible points deduction, not sure whether we will be in the pub league next year. Sounds like a reyt opportunity for these 'better' coaches.
  10. I remember he put in a wicked ball when he came on against Man City that Fletcher was about an inch of getting on the end of. Seems confident enough to get on the ball and seems like the kind of lad who will keep his head down and work hard. Good luck to the lad.
  11. yeah that's what I meant, I think 8 options is more than enough
  12. haha I spotted that. They definitely mean ( ÷ 23 ) × 5 unless they're intent on bankrupting the club lol.
  13. yeah options 2-8 from what I understood.
  14. For anyone that missed it, According to the article on website - other options will be going live from Monday the 29th.
  15. I hope when the second option becomes available, there's still access to the first option, would like to at least see all the options.
  16. same here just getting the ifollow option.
  17. Surely the wouldn't actually be emailing 20,000 odd people like that. Would be so much easier to implement something into the user areas of Season Ticket holders with all the different options at the click of a button.
  18. Hope the EFL don't read this. They'll only go and dock us 22 the stubborn gets.
  19. Whilst I agree completely principally, I struggle to see how player wage reductions would actually help in some cases. There's no amount of money that would stop people like Mike Ashley acting like bellends. The distribution of the extra wealth would probably not go to acceptable use in his case.
  20. even more interesting is the player in the dugout drinking a yazoo
  21. https://www.sportinglife.com/football/news/forest-owner-contracts-coronavirus/178172 Not sure whether this has already been posted or how good this source is but according to this they aren't planning to postpone.
  22. that's a bit like me saying If my misses didn't moan as much she would be a catch.
  23. It's absolutely shocking. Has to be there today and asking Monk to come straight up to the boardroom.
  24. As soon as he comes on he makes an impact. Mainly because he actually moves off the ball. Literally lost count of all the throw ins today where our players just stand there thinking their markers are just gonna get bored and bloody move on.
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