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  1. On the button. No surprises we are struggling with set pieces either. People make it seem like everyone is stood still at corners, when clearly their movement is streets ahead of us tbh.
  2. maybe he's just up against people who are better at their's.
  3. Probably all went to the same school of good ideas...
  4. Yes. There was one similar that went to VAR in the Man United v Wolves game last week not given and Clattenberg said as much regarding rules and natural positions.
  5. lucky boy on that one. No way that was under control
  6. Makes you think maybe we could be doing something like that instead of advertising an ego.
  7. I hope Rooney got the customary Wednesay welcome. A DTaxi, a four pack of energy drink and a free sports bra
  8. another blunder from Chansiri. Fireworks where meant to be yesterday
  9. DC is coming across like a raving lunatic. Every time he speaks you can almost hear the collective eyes of every listener roll to the back of their heads
  10. How on earth do you "try to text someone" you either text them or you don't.
  11. Behave. Of all the people that could be blamed for that goal.
  12. Think your gonna need to narrow it down abit mate.
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