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  1. Woodyowl450

    Jack Hunt injured AGAIN!

    Was sat on the first few rows of X2 so had a great view - they got the air out but don’t think they had to use it. For a while everyone around me thought he had dislocated it - but after a couple of minutes he was able to bend it which can only be good news.
  2. Woodyowl450

    Today's match on TV

    Hmmm - well you could try a really small pair of binoculars.. but I’m not sure if that’s much help to you
  3. looks just like that bloke of shameless
  4. I’d be happy if we just kept it tight and gave ourselves a chance unlike the games at QPR and Bristol which were done and dusted by half time.
  5. Woodyowl450

    A disagreeable incident

    Probably walking to the game and didn’t know where he was actually going? Ill tell thee what, I can try and head back to tomorrow and ask him if you like
  6. Woodyowl450

    A disagreeable incident

    By the look of him. - he’s probably donning one of those mankinis what Borat used to wear.
  7. Woodyowl450

    A disagreeable incident

    Omg, I’m on the train down south now and one of the Fulham fans was telling this exact story very loudly about how he got started on for singing in our car park and pushed to the ground.
  8. 2-1 to the Wednesday
  9. I guess he was probably arguing that Bannan was already booked rather then a straight red. Personally I didn’t think it was either tbh
  10. Woodyowl450

    Van Aken

    Van Akent remember
  11. Big Dave - 1 goal, 1 assist. 6/10 mate. just above average that is
  12. I have a disabled season ticket on the kop. I must add that this is an area the club has been SO amazing with! They have gone over and beyond for me with sorting everthing out for me. They also have helped and sorted any problems I have had with making it as easy as possible for me to attend. My experience has brought a whole new meaning of WAWAW to me.
  13. Woodyowl450

    Deadline Extended

    Again probably true - but a few people (myself included) usually do things at the last minute. So if there’s a cue of say 100 people at 4pm they either stay late or extend the deadline I guess.
  14. Woodyowl450

    Deadline Extended

    Probably some truth but another way to look at is that the phones and ticket office have probably been so busy today (judging by the peeps not being able to get thru) maybe they felt they were going to lose out on a lot of business if they couldn’t get them all done by 5. Kinda just eases the pressure on them I guess.