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  1. Woodyowl450

    Steve Bruce announced next week

    If that happened I think Neil could even have the week off
  2. Massively long shot but if anyone is travelling down to Nottingham with a spare; would love to buy one. I live in northants so pretty close to where I live. Cheers
  3. Woodyowl450

    Streams for today

    cheers mate; its bloody PlayStation making life harder for everyone. There's no apps for any VPN on the Store. What's funny is its very easy to set up a dns but on the VPN side its nigh on impossible unless I do what I tried before and just install a VPN on the router but because I have the new virgin box that's harder than normal too. I guess I have the worse possible combination and im loathed to buy a new router. I guess what im trying to say is it wont be long before you see my mug shot on tele
  4. Woodyowl450

    Streams for today

    what's the best way to set a VPN up on ps4? that's what im all set up on
  5. Woodyowl450

    Streams for today

    do you use a VPN everytime you fire up Iptv?
  6. top attitude but every time Jos says 'I will' or 'We will' I always think there might be a language barrier going on as the dutch word for want is willen. Maybe that's coincidence but I've noticed it a couple of times when he said we will win a game.
  7. Woodyowl450

    Fernando's Ripped Shirt

    imagine if she was drinking a bit of the old potato juice
  8. Woodyowl450


    Was very impressed today; had a great game after he came on - looks like we have a reyt player in him. Not afraid to get stuck in either. ready for a start now surely?
  9. Woodyowl450

    Here's how #SWFC lineup today..

    sorry mate - just channelling my inner Michael Owen
  10. Woodyowl450

    Here's how #SWFC lineup today..

    ash baker in centre mid?
  11. Woodyowl450

    Here's how #SWFC lineup today..

    he's suspended mate
  12. Woodyowl450

    Match pass on iFollow

    I was getting that for ages' just kept trying all locations till it loaded. express VPN worked a treat for me as rrccomended above
  13. Woodyowl450

    Match pass on iFollow

    Absolute legend mate - managed to break through with a connection to Mexico only cost me 12 dollars plus 5 for the game still I was panicing there for a minute.
  14. Woodyowl450

    Match pass on iFollow

    good shout mate - what VPN do you use?
  15. Woodyowl450

    Match pass on iFollow

    yeah I'm in Spain right now, tried America and Canada then Singapore