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  1. Hi mate, I've been parking at the Park and Ride on Middlewood road for years As long as you leave about 30 minutes I've never not got a place (even for blades games) Also you can do park only on the pay screens, costs about 3quid ish
  2. Yes, exactly; I go in there twice a day to use the tin opener.
  3. unfortunately no and no, despite being the only one in the triangle who could read and write, I'm still living with my parents eating baked beans cold out of a can.
  4. Genuinely feels like when I found out my ex was cheating on me with a guy that looked like he was out of Geordie Shore.
  5. who's this idiot on sky that actually thought that was a penalty
  6. It's the Flares/fireworks I friggin hate which ever teams following does it. Especially with all the kids about - really stupid in my opinion.
  7. I don't think that we can really say our defence is developing yet personally. We've played against Ipswich, Reading and Millwall and kept clean sheets, true. However those teams are where they are in the league for a reason and they're hardly ripping teams apart are they? We wont know till we face a team with real fire power. What's more alarming is that we've scored one goal in 270 minutes of football against lower league opposition.
  8. If that happened I think Neil could even have the week off
  9. Massively long shot but if anyone is travelling down to Nottingham with a spare; would love to buy one. I live in northants so pretty close to where I live. Cheers
  10. cheers mate; its bloody PlayStation making life harder for everyone. There's no apps for any VPN on the Store. What's funny is its very easy to set up a dns but on the VPN side its nigh on impossible unless I do what I tried before and just install a VPN on the router but because I have the new virgin box that's harder than normal too. I guess I have the worse possible combination and im loathed to buy a new router. I guess what im trying to say is it wont be long before you see my mug shot on tele
  11. what's the best way to set a VPN up on ps4? that's what im all set up on
  12. do you use a VPN everytime you fire up Iptv?
  13. top attitude but every time Jos says 'I will' or 'We will' I always think there might be a language barrier going on as the dutch word for want is willen. Maybe that's coincidence but I've noticed it a couple of times when he said we will win a game.
  14. imagine if she was drinking a bit of the old potato juice
  15. Was very impressed today; had a great game after he came on - looks like we have a reyt player in him. Not afraid to get stuck in either. ready for a start now surely?
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