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  1. seeing that as it stands we've got about 12 probable players left, then I would say a hard yes. Some of the players we do sign are likely going to be so far below the standard many on here will be hoping for. Welcome to league one I guess.
  2. The plan does not exist any more that the plan I made last week to go gym everyday and never drink booze again. If there is it's probably ask Att what he thinks and go from there. Whole situation is a f*****ing Sh*tshow.
  3. Sack Moore, Sack Bullen (he's usually to blame for something) Sack Thompson and while we're at it sack Weaver as well OR we can realize that it won't make a blind bit of difference until OUR club is run in a proper fashion, with players that actually want to be here and upper management that arent neck high in their own bullshit and self importance.
  4. Let's hope next time we're playing in the championship we've build a group of players that actually want to be playing for the club. Fed up of these absolute f****ng wasters. Glad to see the back of them
  5. let's face it 95 percent are all as f**king w**k as each other.
  6. Reach looks like he's had his Barnet done by his mums mobile hairdresser
  7. Have they got a big TV up or are they just going to stand there and look at a concrete wall for 90 minutes?
  8. I'm trying to convince myself were down and anything else is a bonus so I can get some bloody sleep but it's not working. UTO
  9. 100 percent. I don't buy it at all, going into the game just trying to hold on for a draw is a recipe for disaster.
  10. Meh not sure it makes any diff, we know all too well that putting 11 men behind the ball doesn't work when your near the bottom of the league. God knows we've tried it enough.
  11. I'm usually wrong about these things but I reckon the millers will struggle to get 3 points from the last 2 games. The problem is when/if the results go our way, we all know it's the Wednesday way to blow it at the last.
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