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  1. Yeah was in my car nearly pished my self laughing on my drive home. Even funnier when rob called him immature and needs to grow up. I felt like a naughty kid in the school again for laughing
  2. Jos post-match interview

    Exactly what I was thinking mate. Goal number one = secure championship status. Pick the best available every league game from now as a matter of urgency, and any luck in a few weeks time, those that need a ‘rest’ can have as many as they bloody want.
  3. Couldn’t agree more. Apparently Carlos was bangin on about football matches being like the police academy films - there’s too many of em... He might have a point but it’s foooking irrelevant. There’s too many fat ugly lasses in my village believe me but that again has nothing to do with football
  4. parking tickets

    Really?! Reckon it could actually do that?? Deffo gunna buy one in that case!!! Friggin just love a clean car
  5. Swansea Fans Views

    Wouldn’t put it past Carlos to fall at the last hurdle - be relegated on the last day of the season. They won’t be doing it that regularly then will they
  6. Swansea Fans Views

    Absolutely loved the comment ‘Small club, crap support’ An average attendence in the premier league of about 20,000.
  7. 75 Years Ago Today

    I’m lead to believe there was a special box for that kind of thing
  8. 75 Years Ago Today

    Nah barsteward probably still doing it now imagine that on an ofsted report these days
  9. 75 Years Ago Today

    Blue knickers reminds me when you didn’t have kit in p.e and the peado teacher told you to do it in your vest and pants
  10. Morgan Fox

    I completely agree with this in its sentiment. what we need is technical ability and passion together. Passion and grit on its own will not be enough at the level we should be playing at this season. Now really is his chance if he has what it takes but at the moment all that effort he is putting in is being wasted due to his lack of quality imo.
  11. Operation knee/hip/daybreak take your pick
  12. Are the season ticket holders killing our club?

    I have to afford my ticket. Life’s hard on the south
  13. Are the season ticket holders killing our club?

    Haha maybe I’ll email the club and say sorry for the cheaper option but nahh I’ll pay full price, Also im gunna go to my bosses office in the morning and enlighten him to the fact that I’m getting paid too much. Yeah I think ill go ahead and negotiate a paycut FFS
  14. He did not - he did not look apppyyyyyy.
  15. In that case I guess I’ll take march 2018