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  1. Carlos

  2. Nothing will change Saturday

    Don't be so hard-on yourself
  3. Pinpoint the game that did it for you..

    When I started to get the impression that he thought that we were somehow responsible for all this.
  4. Overpaid Pre Madonnas?

    I do hope if we do somehow go up this season that we don't become Post Madonnas. Haha
  5. Well done!

    Well done literally everybody. Well done Carlos on three hard-earned points, not that points really matter; after all it's the taking part that counts.. ffs
  6. What a load of sheight!! When he he said the game wasn't very good to watch because it was 'very tactical' it pissed me off a treat. When I watch Barcelona on the box, they're usually tactical, but quite exciting at the same time. So what the feck is he on about. A team can set up tactically to be exciting and creative Carlos.. you on the other hand are a bore.. go away and take you're negativity with you.
  7. Does any one else find this ironic when over half our team today didn't even play 90 minutes on Friday? Stop moaning Carlos, be positive and put a shift in ffs.
  8. Familiar Sight...

    Zero frigging shots on target ffs. Hoping for for a few in the second half but this is becoming all too normal now. even if we somehow win this, we've gotta change, this just isn't working Carlos.
  9. Carlos Yawning

    flipping hilarious you c. unt
  10. Carlos Yawning

    As per my other post. I'm in hospital you idiot.
  11. Carlos Yawning

    Obviously, what I was hinting at was more about how much it seemed to mean to him.
  12. Carlos Yawning

    Didn't anyone else that couldn't get to the game today just see that prolonged close up shot of Carvahal with his head down yawning on sky?! Sums up the lack of passion we have seen today. I literally was on the fence about him, but that made me furious!!!!! I swore quite loud and I think my old man shitted himself haha.
  13. Lucky omen.

    I hope your busy curling one out about now haha
  14. Shirts not available this weekend!!!

    Who needs a new shirt anyway. - they don't make them like they used to. Stripes and all haha.