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  1. Carlos Yawning

    flipping hilarious you c. unt
  2. Carlos Yawning

    As per my other post. I'm in hospital you idiot.
  3. Carlos Yawning

    Obviously, what I was hinting at was more about how much it seemed to mean to him.
  4. Carlos Yawning

    Didn't anyone else that couldn't get to the game today just see that prolonged close up shot of Carvahal with his head down yawning on sky?! Sums up the lack of passion we have seen today. I literally was on the fence about him, but that made me furious!!!!! I swore quite loud and I think my old man shitted himself haha.
  5. Lucky omen.

    I hope your busy curling one out about now haha
  6. Shirts not available this weekend!!!

    Who needs a new shirt anyway. - they don't make them like they used to. Stripes and all haha.
  7. Lucky omen.

    Currently in hospital, so can't make the game today, but been allowed out to watch the game on tv with my old man at least. Up the owls. Got my lucky vape on the go, we ain't lost since I've been vaping this Haha. anyone else carrying anything lucky on em? Haha
  8. IFollow for tonights match

    Corse you can watch it from the uk, it's easy. Download opera browser, use the built in vpn function, order the game with vpn on and watch it, Simple as that

    Good spot, didn't even read his screen name. Still a piggy either way and hutch would walk in to both of their teams tbh

    Let's face it if Hutch was over the bobbar side of the city he would be a captain as well as a worshipped player.

    This ol classic says it all hahahah
  12. Leaving best player on bench for 90 minutes

    I don't buy that FF won't play on the wing! Ive been a Carlos fan for so long but today, is he taking the absolute wee wee?! I couldnt get to to the game today (stuck in poopydoo hospital) but managed to stream it. When we need to inject pace into the game we bring on Wallace? I don't dislike Wallace but still not the right choice. Boyd was absolutely Garbage today imo. And as for Jones... how the hell he got 90 minutes I do not know. Sorry for the rant but I just bloody love this club. Whatever happens WAWAW
  13. Carlos Tonight

  14. Carlos Tonight

    Two funny comments in a row there. Go for the hat trick lad.
  15. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday