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  1. His only deeming trait is his pace, without this he would be a non-league player as his ability with the ball and to make the right decisions on the pitch are shocking
  2. Yes in the Europa League Qualifying Round
  3. Might as well play our other keepers outfield? We could benefit from their long hoofs up field
  4. Van Aken for winning us the 3 points. Thought Reach showered glimmers of his old self as well. All played well, could have been 2 or 3 on another day.
  5. I haven't either, they told me it would be "most likely late October"
  6. Been a brilliant servant and a refreshing character to the club. Clearly an important figure in the dressing room. Created some brilliant memories, Leeds (x2), Preston, Rotherham..to name a few I'm personally disappointed to see him go, bit of a cult figure and surely a club legend (for some at least). All the best big man.
  7. Seen a few other clubs in recent years (Forest, Ipswich, Newcastle e.t.c.) do a pre-match party boat trip down the Thames from Waterloo Pier to Craven Cottage. Looks as if they've priced it in the past around £15-20pp. Does anyone know if there is gunna be owt similiar for Wednesday fans, maybe something London Owls would look at organising? Would the interest be there from our fans?
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