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  1. Pulled his shoulder putting on a vest in the warmup, another knock back, out for 6 months
  2. Olly1996


    If Dom Howson is owt to go on..
  3. United away moved, as been selected for Sky Sports... No surprise there.
  4. Olly1996


    Not got mine yet but I'd imagine it'll be late in the post due to the bank holiday. It's Reading at fault though for not giving our allocation until last minute.
  5. Olly1996


    No news as of yet, will be on sale next week I'd imagine
  6. Olly1996

    Fernando Forestieri

    Best player on the pitch for both games this season, class above the rest
  7. Olly1996

    Spare Wigan ticket

    Is this still available mate please?
  8. Olly1996

    One Wigan ticket needed

    Would also be happy to meet in Wigan for it on the day
  9. Looking for one Wigan ticket, can pick up anywhere in Sheffield. Thanks.
  10. Olly1996

    Wigan tickets?

    If anyone's got one spare ID for this, please let me know. Thanks.
  11. Olly1996

    Wolves: general advice

    Is the Spoons in the town centre home fans only?
  12. Bit of a stab in dark but if anyone has two spare tickets for the Hull game, please drop me a direct message. Can pick up at QPR or midweek in Sheffield. Cheers
  13. Olly1996

    Millwall pubs

    Pommelers Rest is a spoons down at London Bridge if you want to pay less than £3 for a pint and avoid the London prices
  14. Olly1996

    Nuhiu Tackle

    Found on twitter this morning
  15. After 2-3 away tickets to Brentford. Not got enough points unfortunately and as I'm down there over the new year it'd be a shame to miss it. Happy to take either 18-24 or adult tickets. I'm happy to pick up in Sheffield around Christmas if possible, will drop you an extra bit of cash if you can sort us them out.