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  1. Website was showing they'd sold out for some reason.. sorted now thanks
  2. Drop me a message if you've got any spares, thanks
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/live:bbc_radio_sheffield Direct from bbc website, only works in UK
  4. Capacity of 6831 in Chelsea away end for FA Cup
  5. Olly1996

    The ITKers

    Wouldn't be able to hack that he'd have to stand up
  6. Olly1996

    JOS OUT!

    Jos was down the tunnel before the whistle left the Refs mouth, if only he was that enthusiastic to leave the club
  7. Olly1996

    Looking for a spare for today

    Thanks anyway mate, sorry I didn't reply I've only just seen this. Got it sorted on the night.
  8. Olly1996

    Looking for a spare for today

    In Walkabout now if anyone has a spare
  9. Olly1996

    Looking for a spare for today

    Will be willing to pay more than face value
  10. Olly1996

    Line up

    Heard it might be the old 5-5-0 formation he used at Millwall away last season
  11. Know it's very unlikely but one last attempt, was hoping the reserve list would pay off but looking doubtful now. Will meet in town before the game if anyone has a spare. Drop me a message. Thanks.
  12. Cheers for heads up mate, I'll give them a ring
  13. The Rawson Spring then head into town afterwards