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  1. Bizarre game this. Why on earth are forest the side looking for a winner?
  2. Surprised at the lack of urgency from your players. Need a kick up the arse half time.
  3. Having just seen your highlights that miss from windass was huge. At least your creating chances though. Derby aren't offering much and rotherham seem to have 0 luck at the moment.
  4. Derby were terrible today. They look like a team that won't get another point.
  5. ******** juke man. What a bloke. You n rotherham are letting these off the hook.
  6. Why won't they just go away for feck sake
  7. Really good draw for us and nearly nicked it at the end. It's still way too close. I still think we are 50/50 but at least we have a chance. Your not out of it yet, huddersfield, coventry and derby are hardly putting runs together. A couple of wins and everything can change.
  8. Karanka. One of/if not the worst managers i have ever seen. Cowardly, stuck one up front & tried not too lose rather than win a game. He should of been gone at christmas, now we have a mountain too climb.
  9. To be honest mate we are dreadful. Difference tonight is bowyer just went 2 up top & said cross the ******** thing. Worked alot harder aswell. Our fixtures are awful but it's a start.
  10. Please don't share my photo on the internet... In all seriousness, looks like bowyer is taking over. Can't be any worse than karanka. I think rotherham will get out of it so our only hope is coventry or someone have a mare. We seem to be experts in surviving but we've got to do something quick if were getting out of it.
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