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  1. Nuhiu

    Athecertainlyisthat (especially with pancake frosting on the pitch).
  2. I Could Watch This All Night Long...

    Pancakes and frosting ;D
  3. But is it the beginning of the end. Or the end of the beginning.
  4. The most positive Sunday ever?

    Aye that's what I heard.
  5. It's like Stephen Hawking said: 'There is no place for religion in physics.' But then he went on to demonstrate through his life and legacy that there is a lot more to our universe than random numbers.
  6. The most positive Sunday ever?

    Rhodes made a decent contribution yesterday. Boyd scored (helped by Rhodes). Sorry guys I was 150 miles away in Cambridgeshire but I heard that on a Tweet can't hear a first hand account I'd game from my brother who was there because he's too angry to speak about it.
  7. Yeah its amazing how that makes me forgive 'em!
  8. George Boyd

    I liked Boyd today. Watch he'll get better and better. And better.
  9. Well done Jos and all our team today

    What about Adthe's double Cruyff turn thingey? That was a good moment but agreed Joao shudda bin on earlier but maybe a bit crocked? He will destroy Millwall though. Good as I'm going.
  10. Well done Jos and all our team today

    All good: happy.
  11. Late run for the play offs?

    I don't think we'd be human, honest and Owls fans if we hadn't just looked at that table, factored in returning talent and the way now up and running Jos has sensationally introduced the younger talent and reinvigorated the now lethal Joao and just thought. Yeah maybe. And there is no better place to be for the playoffs than that last spot rushed into on the last game after a scintillating run of maybe 7 wins out of ten .
  12. George Hirst

    Surely Ms Meire will be able to sort summat I think that's partly why Chansiri brought her in. She's a lawyer. But it will be a trununal I guess but very special circs you feel 2-3m but not much for a player who could be worth 15m in 18 months.
  13. Sam Winnall

    It's hard I have my views and nothing against Sam W but he didn't quite cut it altho Tbh he wasn't given much chance and best now to sell sell sell. Realise capital and spend it on someone supa good. Look no one talking about this much now but as an Owl I have not lost the dream WE NEED TO GET BACK IN THE PREMIER LEAGUE. It has to be the aim. Let's do it. We seem to be talking in terms of mediocrity now but that won't do it. The PL us worth £168m to us we need to be there.
  14. Pelupessy

    His name reminds me of that Duplessey in that ITV Africa safari drama Wild at Heart. You know the one that had Amanda Holden in (don't pretend you didn't notice!) Anyway sounds like a great acquisition.

    Always warmed to big Atdhe. Didn't harm my Nuhiu whelmometer reading when I saw him bury his equaliser on 95 minutes away at Ipswich this season. Delighted to see he did well (I'd seen he scored) last night.