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  1. BrotherOwlExile

    What do YOU call Hillsborough?

    Love that, real history. I call it Hillsborough.
  2. BrotherOwlExile

    Fernando Forestieri

    Aye. Fact is yes it can't be about one player it never is. PL top 6 teams have 2 FFS in the side plus another for luck. At any one time one of these is off colour for less or more bizarre reasons. (NO offence FF who has a sound sensible and.. loyal head (heart) on him. FF is super important to us 2018-19 however. .
  3. In Ely to be precise. But have a special arrangement with the owners of the Soham Town Rangers Football Club bar in nearby Soham where they always show the Owls televised games - often in preference to PL games. So rock on over there and you'll find 'Henry' aged 51 drinking a Coke and reasonably quiet until we score then I jump around quite a lot (they are used to it). So see you there in 2018-19 season. Or our Promotion Season as i like to think of it.
  4. It was a dark and stormy night in Ipswich in late 2017. We were losing to the Tractors 2-1 and there were 92 minutes on the clock. An Ips player tried to get the ball down towards the corner flag at the wrong end of the pitch with the goal Wednesday needed to score into and a jubilant Ips fan sitting next to me (a friend of me dad's!!) was all perky and saying things like; good game management, the glint of barely repressed hubristic glee in his eyes. I felt angry. Then 40 seconds later Ipswich were picking the ball out of their net after a thumping (headed?) goal by Nuhiu the big man and I was jumping all over the seats and my dad's friend was knocked sideways in the melee. You know, I've liked Adthe very much ever since then and when he started doing Cruyff turns and scoring matchwinning goals, and then by the end of the season multiple goals, I really liked him so yeah that's good news.
  5. BrotherOwlExile


    I saw him equalise at Ipswich in onjury time and believed.
  6. Me too m'lud. The finest that the foothills of Assam have to offer. It's worth having a clear head to enjoy so many positives today.
  7. BrotherOwlExile


    Athecertainlyisthat (especially with pancake frosting on the pitch).
  8. BrotherOwlExile

    I Could Watch This All Night Long...

    Pancakes and frosting ;D
  9. But is it the beginning of the end. Or the end of the beginning.
  10. BrotherOwlExile

    The most positive Sunday ever?

    Aye that's what I heard.
  11. It's like Stephen Hawking said: 'There is no place for religion in physics.' But then he went on to demonstrate through his life and legacy that there is a lot more to our universe than random numbers.
  12. BrotherOwlExile

    The most positive Sunday ever?

    Rhodes made a decent contribution yesterday. Boyd scored (helped by Rhodes). Sorry guys I was 150 miles away in Cambridgeshire but I heard that on a Tweet can't hear a first hand account I'd game from my brother who was there because he's too angry to speak about it.
  13. Yeah its amazing how that makes me forgive 'em!
  14. BrotherOwlExile

    George Boyd

    I liked Boyd today. Watch he'll get better and better. And better.
  15. BrotherOwlExile

    Well done Jos and all our team today

    What about Adthe's double Cruyff turn thingey? That was a good moment but agreed Joao shudda bin on earlier but maybe a bit crocked? He will destroy Millwall though. Good as I'm going.