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  1. Let’s just win one game at a time starting with the next one. Especially the next one.
  2. Ditto, looking down from the upper tier at Portman Road on Sat - it was incredible how many chances Fess got - amazing how they went astray just wasnt like him but hey goals will come.
  3. Yes Hector was excellent today and cut out two cast iron Ips potential goal buildups.
  4. Yes can’t wait for being there at Ipswich on Sat. Agree haven’t felt like this since Big Ron ;) Feel like we’re just going to smash it now. Really think we will.
  5. Bruce. Yes I'm in I've been convinced. Hope we get him now.
  6. I really really hope so. Was a fan of Atdhe ever since he headed in that equaliser away at Ipswich but let's see. Someone tweeted that amazing goal he got straight from the very short corner v PNE before. Sublime no one would be happier if he could reproduce that, and the cruyff turns etc. H/ever I understand the despair shown here about this season.
  7. Fair enough. It was a bit embarrassing and I know I’ll be shot down for putting 7 but wtf things will get better now. Two out of three seasons we’ve been in ok situation by post Xmas after dire mini runs in October November.. i do find it hard to attach ‘class’ to ‘them’ last night tho- they were basic when it came to the killer strike - we showed resilience class and balls I thought and Jos was like his first ever game at Lane- showed a real understanding and handling of the big game would fancy him (much much better that’s Carlos) in a playoff final Dawson sensational ansa to critics of course..
  8. Better this morning? Im actually on 7 just feel we may have turned some kind of corner at p lane
  9. What I love about football is. I'm still looking forward to Friday. My brother has a ticket for P Lane. Like I say I'm brother in Owl exile. Aye it is a proper mess though. A bit sad. Just changed so much in 4 games.
  10. Class. The whole thread and responses and vids. Well done M'lud et al I'm ashamed to say it's my first visit of the season to our ground but nice one to pick. It will not be unenjoyable but hopefully very enjoyable. Slight rumbling in the stomach at 820 in the morning when you know this is no ordinary day. Too much coffee? I don't think so.
  11. My whelm is in a good place. Have a nice evening everyone.
  12. Red card followed by a spirited comeback to earn an inproably away draw. Welcome to the new season.
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