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  1. It’s creating a closed shop.. I’m sick of watching Norwich, Fulham and West Brom win promotion every season in the Championship and then not add anything at all to the Premier League. Nothing clubs clogging up the system. The PL would never accept getting rid of parachute payments as they are needed to keep the quality of their product high.. the games are competitive even if the big teams usually win.. they wouldn’t be if the bottom 8 clubs couldn’t sign anyone any good through fear of being unable to pay on relegation. I’d reduce parachute payments a bit and use the money to increase the solidarity payments so the gap isn’t quite as wide. FFP is ruining the championship. Owners need to be able to spend what they want to keep it competitive and interesting. The solution is very simple.. every club submit revenue projections to the EFL, and if you want to spend in surplus of this the owner puts the money in to escrow up front to cover all wages and transfer fees. That way, we break the monopoly on promotion of a few yo-yo clubs and no clubs go under because they’re fully funded and don’t run up debts. So obviously the solution I’m surprised they can’t see it. Would also mean we wouldn’t have been relegated as our 21st place finish deserved.
  2. What you’re arguing for there is an end to limited liability for companies so that a shareholders assets can be used to meet the liabilities of companies they own. The economy would basically come to a standstill if that happened as nobody would be able to take any risks through fear of it going wrong and losing everything
  3. Didn’t he score on his debut for us and everyone thought he was going to be class.. shame he was sh*t for the next 80 games after that
  4. I don’t think he did great last season, when he came in we were pretty much down so the outcome wasn’t unexpected at all.. but given Rotherham and Derby lost about 6 games on the bounce each we had ample opportunity to get out if we’d had someone come in and put a run together. And even though we didn’t really put together a run we still had a one off cup final at Derby which we failed in as well. So we did have chances to get out of it and the management team has to take some responsibility for that. As for this season, recruitment looks great on paper, off the pitch things look better than they have for some time. And it’s far too early to judge on the pitch but it’s not been great, a bit inconsistent. We need to improve. Moore needs more time but I’m not sure there’s much evidence he’s a great manager. West Brom he did ok but with a team that was one of the best in the league. Doncaster he didn’t do much either, and was fading before coming here. Then took us down. It could easily be a Chris Turner situation where we get to 15 games and need to make the change as someone would be able to get this group of players top 2 whether it’s Moore or someone else. Just hope Chansiri is switched on enough to make the change if it’s required and doesn’t let this season drift away. My main concern is that if we don’t go up we’ll lose BFP, Iorfa, Bannan and Windass and then find it much harder to get back up.
  5. Everyone knows what was said before though, it was criminal in nature and rightly reported to the police. I'm sure Barnsley youth was just talking football and not saying anything untoward... It's Bannan's responsibility really, he shouldn't be posting pictures of his kids on social media on accounts where he's followed by and interacts with thousands of fans. If I was him I'd keep my kids separate or if I felt the need to upload photos of them I'd do it on a private account where only close friends and family can see. He can't upload all sorts of personal stuff on to an account followed by thousands and then complain that someone commented about football in the wrong place.
  6. I’d say 15.. it can come together and we can go on a winning run. I don’t think you can sack the manager after 10 games if we’re still mid table. For me, he gets 15 games and then the pressure mounts and if we’re not up there after 20 I’d make a change before the seasons gone. Promotion has to be the target this season.
  7. It’s been a sh*tshow for years.. but my point is, if he’s not going anywhere then can only hope he improves things. A few months ago that looked like a pipe dream but we have done the right things off the pitch for the last 2-3 months. Everyone was saying that until we lost a couple of games. The changes we made to the squad this summer were much needed and the number is high because we haven’t made enough changes over the last 3-4 years. Its still too early to say. Last time we had so many new players was 2015-16 and we only won 1 out of the first 6 and still made it to the play off final.
  8. 7 games isn’t enough for me.. 15 games I’d judge more. At that point I’d want to see more progress in terms of both performances and results. Would seriously think about making a change if we’re approaching the halfway mark and only mid table. With the squad we have we should be in contention for automatics.
  9. I’m not saying you don’t care, I mean everyone on here is spending their Saturday night talking about Wednesday rather than doing something else. But in taking the position that you have it means you’re wanting the chairman out ahead of us doing well on the pitch. If the whole fan base was doing that then it might work, but doing it in isolation is just cutting off your nose to spite your face because it’s not going to make him go. Given we’re basically stuck with him, have to hope he does the right things. Since July he hasn’t put a foot wrong. We’ve signed 14 new players.. I don’t think he could have done anymore. It’s down to Moore to get us the results we need… he needs longer but it’s not been a great start.
  10. Shrewsbury have 5 points not 1… we should have won the game. Those other games you mention we didn’t have the better chances like today so it’s not the same at all. Tbh you just seem overly negative because you’ve decided you don’t want to support us while Chansiri is here. You’re blaming him for this when he’s stumped up the cash to build a very good squad for this level. It’s like you want us to fail to vindicate your position. Its just teething problems with too many new players. It’s too early to pass judgement, manager needs more time. And if Moore isn’t getting us near the top of the table by the middle of the season then it’s down to him and we need someone else. Can’t blame the chairman when the manager has been backed. (And yes, Chansiri has made a mess over the last few years but if we reset the clock from this pre season he’s not done much wrong).
  11. We scored 1, had another disallowed for no good reason and missed a penalty, and the goal we conceded was a really poor goalkeeping error. On another day that’s 3-0 to us
  12. HMRC would still take precedence over any rules football governing bodies come up with. Otherwise every industry would create their own order of preference with HMRC further down the pecking order. The only thing that may be different is that a % of football club revenues are distributed by the EFL or PL to members. So those bodies could withhold that funding if the clubs owe other football creditors money.. if the club never receive it then HMRC can’t take it off them. But money and assets already within the company then HMRC would have first claim I’d have thought
  13. Did we get Bailey Peacock Farrell for free then as it was reported there was a 300k loan fee
  14. Remember him being on the bench but think Pressman was fit the whole time he was here so don’t remember him playing for first team. That squad is utter garbage.. take out the best half a dozen players and the rest aren’t better than what we have now in League 1. It shows how much the standard of the Prem has gone up as that squad would be looking at a record low points total, and I think we finished 12th that season
  15. Those numbers are all nonsense.. there’s more than a 1 in 20 chance we can lose a game. And the odds of Ipswich winning at Lincoln are way more than 6%… just because they’ve had a bad start doesn’t mean they can’t win, same with Charlton I just don’t see the point when it doesn’t pass a basic common sense test
  16. That’s not the right comparison to make though, depending on which season you look at we were the 3rd or 7th best side in the country at that time. Last season Liverpool finished 3rd and Spurs finished 7th. I think we’d lose comfortably against the likes of Salah or Kane. And that’s because their sides are way more athletic and press the play a lot better.. we’d struggle to get hold of the ball. Obviously they’d beat the current Wednesday side but that’s because we’re a team of third division no hopers.
  17. They’d all have to give up alcohol and eat a strict diet before they could consider playing in today’s top flight. There’s no room for unathletic players there anymore. The speed of the game today means players would get more muscle injuries if they played as regularly as some did in the past. It’s just the way the game has evolved
  18. It must catch up though over a season when everyone is rotating and training at a lower intensity. Leeds faded every season at Championship level with 46 games, even the year they went up. Hence the Leeds are falling apart song The Prem suits them better as 38 games, early cup exits and no Europe
  19. Huddersfield - not much in it, scrappy 0-0 Charlton - not much in it, scrappy 0-0 Doncaster - on top, comfortable 2-0 Fleetwood - well on top first half an hour, should have been more than 1-0 up, saw the game out Rotherham - poor first half, well on top second half Morecambe - battered them and should have been 3-0 up before we went behind Newcastle kids - battered them Plymouth - shocking So it’s not a trend.. first game where we’ve not been on top or equal
  20. Always amazes me how irrational football fans are when it comes to their clubs fortunes. When results go right apparently everything is great but when they go bad nothing at all is right at the club. The biggest thing today was it was a bad day at the office with everyone underperforming at the same time, it’s one game not a pattern or trend. BPF got player of the month and has been playing well for NI as well, makes a mistake and we’re on the back foot after 8 mins. Yeah if it had been Dawson/Wildsmith they’d have got pelters but that’s because they do it every other week for us, whereas BPF has made one error and it happens. We’ve got more than enough good players for this level, I don’t get all the posters trying to blame Chansiri.. just irrational nonsense. If he’d not signed the players then yeah, but he has. And most agree it’s a good and balanced squad and we’ve kept our best players. We’ve played 8 games in all competitions this season and been equal or on top in all of them apart from today. So there’s evidence we’re doing ok overall, if we’d got the 3 points we deserved at Morecambe it wouldn’t have been such an issue. We’ll be fine with this squad, top 6 for sure. The only variable is what the manager gets out of them because I think on paper we should be trying to win the league.. Moore needs to be more attacking though to do that, top teams in any league tend to score goals and put teams away in a lot of games. I’d like to see 2 up front, we’ve got the players for it now and I’d go back to 4-4-2. Gregory/Kamberi/Paterson and Berahino/Windass should be good enough in a front two. The issue is then centre mid, we need Adeniran to play the Carlton Palmer role as I don’t think we have anyone else who can. Bannan and Adeniran should be fine as a 2 at this level. Our wingers would probably fit better too as a lot of them are more wide players than wide forwards which is what’s needed in a 4-3-3.
  21. Madine only had one good season in his whole career, which just happened to be 2011/12. Gregory has been pretty consistent as a goal scorer his whole career. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him get more than Madine’s 18 goals.
  22. Surprised anyone can say 2011/12 squad was better, on the player by player comparisons the only definite I had was Reda over Dunkley Buxton/Hunt, Madine/Gregory, Prutton/Wing are close and there’s a few others like JJ/Shodipo and Morrison/Kamberi where we haven’t seen enough yet to make a call. The rest are head and shoulders better
  23. Bannan 46 games Paterson 43 games Windass 41 games Palmer 39 games Total 169 games Team total 46 x 11 = 506 games 169/506 = 33% of available minutes Ok so it’s simplified and slightly overstating the number in that not all of those are full appearances as some will have been subbed off, but you get the drift. Not sure how you can say it’s not correct.
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