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  1. Didn’t we get 13 points from 15 before the Stoke game? But no tbh I can’t see it as don’t think we’re very good
  2. Pretty sure it's the opposite of that.. people want consistency in decision making. So FF gets a ban despite no proof of racism yet other clubs employees get away with it when accused of the same. Other clubs get away with FFP breaches then we get charged... Sure seems like we're not getting any luck with these judgements
  3. Well you say that but at the moment we have no 20 goal a season strikers (maybe Fletcher) and wide players who don’t score many, yet we’re the highest scorers in the league away from home. Crazy
  4. Pretty sure it’s Jon Newsome.. and he keeps referring to Leeds as us, and Wednesday as them.. thought he was from Sheffield and was a Wednesday fan
  5. Anyone know if Leeds is on tomorrow? Would assume that would be an international pick
  6. Lol.. so you’ll only vote Labour as long as they’re unelectable. As soon as they change to appeal to the many not the few, you’ll lose interest. This is the problem with the left today
  7. Also on the second list is Benik Afobe, also from Arsenal. Was rubbish here and only made the odd cameo, season after he was top scorer for Wolves I think
  8. Fair point, forgot Hector. And he also played nearly every game
  9. Not sure why our loan history is an issue for so many people.. most of those loans were gash so they didn’t play. Last time we had a decent loan player was Wickham and he played every game
  10. Mate we hung on the whole 90 mins in both away games, was an awful watch. Second game pretty sure they missed a penalty too.. bottom line is, we were extremely lucky to get a point in either of those games. Personally I didn’t think they were performances to be remotely proud of The game under Bruce was even.. not sure why that means we should have won. Hutch missed a good chance but think they missed an equally good one at the other end. Draw was about right
  11. They pretty much did in both games at the stain.. was embarrassing lining up with 7 defenders and hanging on for 0-0 for 90 mins
  12. Can’t believe there are some people who think Pelupessy is better for the team than Bannan Brighton were poor today, and they made loads of changes. We’ve basically just beaten a bottom half prem teams reserves, not to take anything away from a decent performance As for Bannan and Hutchinson not being able to play together, pretty sure those two were centre mid when we went 12 unbeaten when Bruce came in. The tactics are the problem as those two have an inclination to sit too deep.. get them more aggressive on the front foot and there’s no issue
  13. @Emerson Thome did a thread on this the other day and listed all of the games... and the answer was we haven’t beaten a top flight side in the FA cup since Utd in 1993. So given we were a premier league/top flight team in the late 80s and early 90s, and we didn’t beat one in our one season down in 1990-91, the answer is before our promotion in the mid 80s. So you’re probably right
  14. Lots of people saying it’s a mentality thing and about us being bottlers then quoting the play off failures as an example as if to suggest the likes of Bannan, Hutchinson or Lees (or others who have played 5 years for us) are weak mentally But have to remember they still got us there. In 2016-17 we nearly didn’t make the play offs until we won 6 in a row which they managed Think it’s actually much simpler than that and it’s just that we don’t have enough quality or it’s tactical (with the tactics trying to compensate for the lack of quality) Since 2016, Westwood is worse (or Dawson not as good as KW in his prime), Palmer worse than Hunt, going forward in particular. Fox worse than Pudil. Lees relatively steady, Borner as good as Loovens. Harris not as good as FF. Reach not as good as Wallace. Bannan relatively steady, Hutchinson slightly worse, Lee a shadow of himself. Rhodes worse than Hooper. Fletcher better than Nuhui Its not hard to see why we aren’t as good.. and back then we came up a bit short Unfortunately we need proper investment in attacking players in particular.. and in 2020 those players would cost even more than they did when we bought a new team in 2015. You can’t build something easily with frees and loans of the quality we need. So not obvious what the right way forward is.. and that’s why it’s been said that 3 transfer windows would be needed to sort it out
  15. You’re so desperate for him to fail it’s embarrassing. The whole team is bang average apart from Fletcher and Bannan... some strikers are poachers and others have more to there game. Rhodes is the former.. just doesn’t suit our style of play at all. He’s only 29 though and had no serious injuries nor lost any pace as he never had any. He’d score in a team that provides for him but offers nothing in one that doesn’t. No idea why you make the same negative point over and over
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