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  1. Why did we agree to sign up to it? I doubt we would have. The leagues rules don’t have to be unanimous. If we stayed within the rules, we’d be allowed to lose only £6m a year more than we were losing under Manderic, when we had no attacking quality as we couldn’t afford it. Bottom line is, it’s a case of stay within the rules to the letter and at best be mid table unless you get really lucky, or break them and hope you get promoted before there are ramifications. Most clubs with financial means choose the latter. The rules aren’t fit for purpose
  2. Your points 1, 2 and 3 are all bang on and the reason we finished 21st with only 47 points from 46 games. It’s not good enough and all Chansiri’s fault But in terms of FFP, it really isn’t applied equally. The play off seasons and the one afterwards are the ones where we are judged to have breached it. But to put it in to context, we had the 8th highest wage bill.. and we had attendances within the top 6 in the league, plus the highest ticket prices in the league. So that really is the thing.. 7 clubs spent more than us. Did those 7 get deducted points? No only us. Why di
  3. It’s Pelupessy or Shaw, no other options We don’t have any attacking subs to bring on.. all of them weaken the team Dunkley is gash.. should have played Urgohide Im sure we didn’t play for 0-0 vs Forest, it just happened Likewise with Bristol we dominated and should have been 3 or 4 up before they got the equaliser All about the players. Just not enough options for a manager to choose from
  4. Should just pay Bannan, Iorfa and Windass. The rest can all leave for free anyway as they’re either out of contract or useless
  5. I agree he’s incompetent but that’s not my point. If we go back a step before that.. why were we trying to sell our ground in the first place. To circumvent FFP rules which were restricting our trade. If those rules don’t exist, as they shouldn’t.. we still own our ground. If those rules don’t exist, we’re still a championship club. The EFL have shafted us. Chansiri is just a fool making a mess of every situation but the situation itself is totally unfair. If QPR, Leicester, Wolves, Leeds, Villa, Derby, Reading, Newcastle, Bournemouth, Forest all get deducted 6 points t
  6. Why do we deserve the punishment. No other club has been docked points for spending too much, not a single one. Only us. And there are at least a dozen others. The whole thing should be scrapped
  7. I’m angry with the EFL. This relegation is on them as their rules aren’t fit for purpose. You can’t have half the teams with access to tens of millions in parachute payments and the rest not allowed to spend anything because they’ve already spent too much. You should be allowed to spend whatever you want as long as the owner puts the value in to an escrow account. Don't get me wrong I’m also angry with Chansiri for leading us to a 21st place finish. It’s not good enough. And he’s allowed the team to get steadily worse for years now. You can be annoyed with both, it’s not an either
  8. It’s rare for a manager to call the players out in the media because there’s not much positives that can come from it. If he’d done it 5 games ago you risk them downing tools when it’s still on mathematically. Doing it today is pretty pointless because it’s done and a lot of them will be getting their P45s this week. Maybe if we’d been confirmed as relegated long before the end of the season and had nothing to play for, and we were down by more than 6 points so it wasn’t the EFL that relegated us, then they’d have got more flack in the media from the management
  9. Yeah it is.. and usually it’s a relegation total which is why it’s felt like a relegation season. But in this particular season there were 3 teams who finished below us. We’ve only been relegated because the EFL has ridiculous rules which allow half the teams to spend premier league money and the other half aren’t allowed to spend their owners cash. If we hadn’t gone this season we’d have gone next season given the way results have got worse over 18 months. But the point is we’ve been the fourth worst team this season so should have stopped up
  10. Moore couldn’t get a tune out of them. Pulis, who’s got the rep as the go to manager for avoiding relegation couldn’t get a tune out of them. Monk who’s useless couldn’t get a tune out of them. Thompson who’s mates with some of them couldn’t get a tune out of them. Im starting to spot a pattern here. At least under Moore we’ve tried playing football and have showed glimpses. We’ve scored more goals under him than any of the others. Unfortunately we’ve conceded too many though as our players can’t play out from the back. At some point you get a manager and back him. Moor
  11. I don’t really get him tbh because it’s been a complete failure. If he isn’t going to go, why not resign as chairman, set a budget of whatever he can afford to lose next season, then hire a board to run it in a proper way. Surely from his perspective it would be better to not have the stress of it and he might actually get some results then too. He needs to get us two promotions if his plan is still to get his money back so he can’t continue with what we’ve been doing
  12. If you’d said to me at the start of today that we were going to score 3 goals, I’d have snapped your hand off. Naturally I’d assume that would win the game. The defence today was the reason we lost. If we had a back 3 of Hutchinson Lees Iorfa today we win the game 3-1. Dunkley and Borner cost us with their bad defending. And I don’t care that they scored 1 at the other end, because anybody can play head tennis.. their job is to defend. Derby should have had another if it wasn’t for Westwood too
  13. Paterson has played midfield in a lot of the games.. I don’t get why Rhodes hasn’t played more. And Harris.. Christ he’s pathetic, absolutely no point in him taking anyone on as he just shanks it in to the stand from a good position every time
  14. There is no refund though? He’s just rolling them over to next season
  15. What would you have done differently then? I’d have started Rhodes in every game but other than that his hands are tied because everyone on the bench is useless
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