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  1. It’s a fitness thing and a tactical thing.. it’s always from 80 mins onwards time and again which suggests we aren’t as fit as other teams. Players like Palmer look like they’re running through treacle near the end of games And it’s tactical because we never go for the jugular. We rarely score more than 2 goals in a game, other clubs do it all the time. We sit back and don’t apply pressure at the other end. It’s like a boxer who’s winning a fight on points after 9 rounds then just standing there with the guard up for the last 3 rounds not offering anything back and hoping to hold on without being knocked out. Best form of defence is attack
  2. It’s impossible to stay this crap for the same length of time we’ve already been crap. I’m going to be optimistic and say that the next time we’re in the Championship we’ll make the premier league within 3 years. So I think 4-5 years from now. Seems impossible but all you need is momentum, a decent manager and some financial backing. The manager after Moore can achieve this.
  3. I had a look at it and I thought it was good.. and good on you having a life plan like that. Would say it’s still difficult to retire at 40 though on the numbers you have in there. Life expectancy nowadays is about 85. You need 7 figures to jack work in completely I reckon unless you’ve got a pension annuity to live off. I’m probably a couple of years younger than you and it does feel like the deck is stacked against us. Asset prices are very high vs historical norms so it’s hard to extrapolate out continuous growth, would expect mean reversion at some point. The generation before have had it much easier with more generous pensions and cheap housing and equity markets to invest in.
  4. Personally I don’t want us to just aim for the play offs in this league. It’s like people think that making the playoffs means you’re up but reality is it’s a lottery and you’ve a 1 in 4 shot. We need to be going for the autos.. we must have the highest budget in the league. It’s inexcusable to not compete for the autos with that. It’s like Man Utd accepting 8th place. Something needs to change at this club.. 14 new players and we’re still doing the same sh*t chucking away points like we have for a few years. A new manager needs to fix this.. we’ve dropped 2 points against Wimbledon, Ipswich and Shrewsbury plus another point against Oxford all from positions where you should be seeing the games out. That would have us top. Lets get Lowe in and play aggressive attacking front foot football.. now is the time to imprint that on the side whilst we’re in this league, and take that in to the Championship. Moore has shown across 26 games that this isn’t the direction of travel so a change is needed.
  5. It’s not insurmountable but it extrapolates out to being 27 points short of the autos come the end of the season. So something has to change.. this manager isn’t going to achieve that I don’t think. He’s had 26 league games now and it’s not going anywhere. In modern football you make the change if there’s no signs of improvement. It’s pretty inevitable he’ll be off after about 50 games if we carry on as we are. There’s no chance you’d give him 3 years or more like maybe some other managers 30+ years ago. I’d rather we made the change as I think we can still get promoted this season and don’t want to see it just peter out.
  6. Hall Hunt Iorfa Hutchinson Gibson Shodipo Adeniran Bannan Johnson Paterson Gregory
  7. He’s picked Wildsmith because he kept a clean sheet last game and BPF has been making errors before going off with NI. He’s trying to pick players on form.. but Wildsmith (and Dawson) proved time and again they’ll let you down even if they’re capable of a couple of decent performances before they do
  8. We’re 7 points behind Plymouth with a game in hand, then 33 games left to play. I’m pretty sure that if we went full blooded for Lowe, offering more money than he gets there, then he’d definitely come here. He knows what the score is at this club.. we should go and get him as we’re going nowhere under Moore
  9. I’d give Jack Hall a go.. just turned 17 and made his debut for England under 18s last week. Apparently we’ve just turned down a 250k bid for him from Brighton so he can’t be bad… I don’t think anyone would offer 250k for Wildsmith or Dawson
  10. I get the impression Forestieri didn’t like Monk much. At least we know his username on here is Jim
  11. Sports direct head office is near Derby too
  12. There’s more than enough quality in this squad to win the league. Who has a better squad than us at this level? The fact that we’re not top is down to a bit of bad luck, Shrewsbury and Ipswich results costing us 4 points. And poor management not setting us up right and being tactically inept
  13. It’s definitely us with a mention for Notts Forest. Sunderland were top flight 5 years ago and have been awful since, but if we’re talking 20 years they’ve not been as bad as us. Can’f understand Newcastle.. they have no history of winning things. Big club, but not bigger than Man Utd, Liverpool or Arsenal. And now the likes of Spurs and West Ham have new stadiums, plus Chelsea and Man City with the rich owners.. what would their baseline be if they got took over. They’d be looking at 4th-8th every year with the odd title challenge. Therefore finishing 12th-15th most seasons isn’t an underperformance of the same magnitude as SWFC. We’re basically a full 2 divisions below where we should be based on the size of the club.
  14. Christ was a joke.. no need to be so touchy. Pathetic actually
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