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  1. It clearly must work in some games.. Swansea finished just outside the play offs last season so obviously won a fair %. When they played at Hillsborough it was easy for us with all the faffing they were doing
  2. Agree with most of what you're saying, the performance over a few games is possibly more important than the results we get from them. So under Jos last season we were far from convincing despite getting a few results and being in an artificially high 6th (in relation to how we were playing). But I'm not sure what more we could do last 4 games, performances have been good for me. Deserved wins vs Reading and Barnsley, performance was decent against Millwall but there was a lack of quality. Thought last night was the worst performance so far but was still a win we deserved on balance
  3. No chance.. 1. he'd be too embarrassed to come back here after what he did unless we offered him a big wedge (which would be quite possible). 2. He'd be on gardening leave from Newcastle and we'd have to pay them compensation. 3. He shafted Chansiri and there's no way he'd appoint him after that. 4. If he did come, the probability of things clicking for him wouldn't be good as there's too much baggage. Time to move on... yeah the guy had promotions from this league on his CV but that's not the be all and end all. He also had a poor record in the Prem
  4. And against Millwall we were robbed, should have had at least a point from that. When we made the play offs and last season under Bruce, we often drew or lost games against the weaker sides. In the CC era, remember us losing to the likes of Charlton, MK Dons, Burton and Rotherham and last year under Bruce we laboured to draws with Reading, Millwall and Rotherham. With the added pace this season it looks like we're opening these weaker sides up more. Need to see how we get on against the better teams but can't see why we can't do well against them too given we generally have and we've got mostly the same players (Westwood, Lees, Hutch, Bannan, Lee, Reach, Fletcher, FF) Only positive things can be taken from these first 4 games
  5. Can't see why anyone should boo him, it's not going to help him perform is it, will just make him more nervous and not enjoy playing for us. He's clearly one of our weaker players and should be back up at best... compare him vs Lazaar (when he played, which was too infrequently) and there's a big difference in quality. When he's playing though the crowd should get behind him
  6. Given we've started mostly the same 11 when available in the 4 games so far, I'd say thats a good indication of what he thinks the best side is right now. It's only really the wingers where it's not clear who he'd pick if everyone is available and the central 3 is Lee, Bannan and Hutchinson, as then one of Reach or Murphy would be on the bench (as looks like Harris has his spot nailed down). Still quite a few quality players at this level who aren't in that 11. Iorfa, Luongo, FF, Rhodes to name a few. Good to have options
  7. Let’s see where we are after 10-12 games... great start though in aggregate. Can only beat what’s in front of you. Think we’re probably a bit short of the top sides but this squad proves time and again it’s a 5th-8th kind of side Bullen probably gets a go if he wants it from now on
  8. Would also say that his ineptitude is backed up by the fact that the manager before him had the same group of players in the playoffs two seasons in a row. The manager after him came in and immediately got the team having top 6 form for the whole of the rest of the season with only 4 more defeats in 20 odd games and the number of goals conceded falling immediately off a cliff. If that doesn't show people about how bad he was then I don't know what does
  9. All of them had terrible players to manage.. don't think it's a coincidence that Shreeves, Yorath and Turner all failed back to back. Probably had more to do with the players than them as managers. Reason Jos sticks out for me is that he just seemed to do messed up things like not playing a striker, playing under 12s who clearly weren't ready and leaving two of our best players at home. The others at least played the best available team who just weren't good enough
  10. Different situation in that there was a 6 year gap after Big Ron had finished the job winning a promotion and a cup. Bruce has been gone a month after leaving under a cloud and quit on us without getting us close to our objective. Can’t believe some want him back already after that, it’s embarrassing
  11. He just didn’t fit right for Wednesday.. maybe he can do a job in Germany but was miles out of his depth over here. Seemed to have no idea who any of the players were, and basically binned off any player who could be regarded as a leader in the dressing room. Would imagine that’s because the senior players thought he was a clueless idiot and he didn’t like it I’m not convinced by Bullen as manager either it’s just that he’s tenfold better than Jos when it comes to the championship or Sheffield Wednesday
  12. Don’t think either of those selection choices is a mistake tbh.. the Iorfa one was probably to help match them up for height. The Westwood one is more because he’s the best keeper in the league so should always play when fit.. although he’s played two games so far this season and made two big mistakes.. carry on like that and Dawson would rightly get his chance
  13. I’m a better manager than Jos and I’ve never been involved in football at any level.. he was that bad. As a basic you pick your best team and he couldn’t even manage that
  14. That was when we were deep into the 10 game winless streak near the end. Go back to summer 2018 or August/Sept 2018 and you’ll see what he’s talking about. Plenty were saying it’s refreshing he’s leaving out senior players, playing youngsters etc.. changing it tactically. All the signs were there that it wouldn’t work long term but because we scraped a few results the fickle folk were right behind him
  15. First point.. do you go to games? His best performances have always been on the left side of a forward 3 or deeper out wide. Can’t remember too many games where he played alongside Hooper, Fletcher or Rhodes and was as effective Today Rhodes came on for 20 mins.. it’s not long enough to judge him on. Would need half a dozen games playing like that before you could say its not working
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