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  1. I think Preston was a bit of a write off given the two mistakes in that game.. couldn’t get much of a feel for it. Swansea and Stoke will both finish top 8 I think so good points. Looking at the fixtures it’s more of the same required next few games.. could do with picking up points and maybe sneak a win somewhere. But then most of the games between mid December and mid January are against the weak teams. Huddersfield, Barnsley, Coventry (twice), Forest, Derby, Blackburn, Wycombe. 8 games out of 9 against that lot with only Boro from the top half.
  2. I actually think all of our issues are in midfield because we just don’t create chances. It’s alright slagging off Rhodes but you watch him and he never gets the ball so hard to blame him when he has 8 opposition players around him. Of the current midfield id retain Luongo as DM.. and I think Reach has it in him to play the left hand side role and get some crosses in. Coming to the conclusion that Bannan is part of the problem though because he does slow everything down and he’s not athletic enough to get up and down the pitch. He’s a quality footballer but he just doesn’t fit in a
  3. Lol I just spent about 15 mins reading through all their finishes for the last 40 years and somehow missed that one. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_West_Bromwich_Albion_F.C._seasons Ok so was their second highest finish.. but I still think it’s a good return results wise. I can imagine that for a club like them their fans probably have a different attitude to what we’d have. They probably don’t fear relegation because they never seem to have much of a problem going back up with the 5 promotions in 20 years. And the style would grind you down over year
  4. Just checked and since 2000 they’ve had only 5 seasons where they’ve finished outside of 17th PL to 6th Champ. That’s a remarkable level of consistency really.. 5 promotions and 4 relegations in 20 years. Probably quite exciting supporting them. The 5 seasons outside of that they finished between 11th and 14th in the PL 3 times, and 10th twice, the second of which was under Pulis. So he guided them to their joint highest finish since 1981, yet people think he did a bad job there. Its only Boro where I’d say he probably underachieved a bit, particularly first sea
  5. Look at West Brom though.. they’re level is basically somewhere between 17th premier league and 6th in the championship. Other than under Pulis when he got them top 10, how many seasons have they finished outside of that recently. He basically got them to outperform for a year or so then they dropped back to their level and he quit/got pushed before they got relegated
  6. Just goes to show how much of a mess Monk has made of the squad building.. we now have at least 4 centre halfs who you’d put down to start most weeks in Lees, Borner, Iorfa and Flint, plus the crocked Dunkley and Van Aken as well. So 6... and one out and out striker who hasn’t scored regularly for 5 years. It’s no wonder we’re only good at one end of the pitch
  7. I doubt he thought about it much beyond seeing the money and another championship job. Surely pre joining you ask about bringing in your staff and what the playing budget is, yet it didn’t put him off that he couldn’t bring anyone in for nearly a year. Says it all really about who had the power in that negotiation.. imagine Bruce or Pulis accepting those terms
  8. There’s a lot of people on here who’s criteria for a good player is they have to be below a certain age, say 27, and they need to have some pace. They also need to be fit most of the time given this club has a bad history of injuring them all. Most of the players brought in are younger and fitter than the old ones, with the exception of Dunkley. So that kept a lot of these folk happy. But unfortunately the key thing is are they any good at football and this lot aren’t whereas the older ones who could play were vilified for finishing 6th and 4th but losing in the play of
  9. Yes.. and that includes the stadium sale which he’s committed to paying for but hasn’t actually paid yet. The £350m is either a mistranslation or it refers to some other figure like total outlay on everything and ignoring the revenue which is about half the spending, probably more now we’ve cut back
  10. No chance he can have spent £350m on it.. even the accounts aren’t that bad
  11. I don’t know what we’re supposed to do about it because we could sign Harry Kane to play striker but he’d do nothing with 8 opposition players closer to him than his nearest team mate. Midfield is far too deep.. we have no players getting in to the box to support and likes of Bannan are too far away to play in effective balls to the striker. We would have to sort the tactics out but then we’d lose the solidity
  12. I always assumed the fee was more like £4-5m plus add ons which you’d assume might include a sell on clause and promotion bonus rather than the £7m people were saying it was
  13. Good.. hope a prem team comes in with £25m for him and we get a big slice of it. He wouldn’t have reached that level here
  14. Think he might have been injured when Bruce was here.. he had an operation at some point. Surprised that Odubajo had the highest PPG.. would have guessed at it being someone who barely played in the second half of the season
  15. It’s hard to argue that he was getting much of a sporting advantage from taking performance enhancing drugs though. By that stage he was drug addled from all the recreational stuff and he needed to take it just to be ‘normal’ He’s a quality player but as always with the older players you can level at them that the standard of the opposition wasn’t great. I don’t think Messi would have much difficulty dribbling past Peter Reid, Terry Butcher and Peter Shilton either
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