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  1. I’d say the wages are the bigger issue because if you think about it, a 4 year deal on £20k a week would be £4m in wages and £7m total outlay. if he’s a flop, which tbh happens frequently when players sign from Scotland, we’d never be able to sell him back across the border if he’s on that. At least with the fee we might recoup half, but the wages are a big risk on the other hand he might be the next Robertson or McGinn and therefore a bargain.. hard to say but it’s a big outlay for someone who’s only played 30 games at that level
  2. Agree they should both go, Van Aken looked terrible every time I saw him and has been injured all the time. Thorniley i’d send on loan.. he needs games and wouldn’t be first choice here. We need players that will either help us get promoted this season or have the potential to develop into premier league players. Not sure he fits in either of those categories but a loan move would allow him to develop and see what happens. Fox can also go too. That would leave: LB Bidwell Penney CB Hector (possibly) Lees Borner Iorfa RB Odubajo Palmer looks decent if we got Hector in. Still think we need him as Borner is an unknown quantity. Would have preferred Lazaar to Bidwell tbh but again he was injured too much so not sure what went off there
  3. I think cost is the factor that swings it. We’ve been very unlucky with the older players we have signed over the last few seasons.. Abdi was a write off for whatever reason. Jones was ok-ish at the start but not really what was needed, contract was too long and not worth the fee or wages. Boyd personally I think did ok, but wasn’t worth the reported wages. If he’d have been on say 15k, he was a solid addition to the squad.. but if it’s 30k plus then he didn’t bring enough. If any of these older players are asking for big money and long contracts then it’s a no. If they’re fit and not asking for huge wages then it can work. we desperately need to add some pace and physicality to the team as it’s our major weakness. But think we should focus on players attributes and how much they cost rather than worrying about ages too much
  4. We just need good players.. age is irrelevant. I bet you loved it when we signed Jeremy Helen, young, quick, had resale value potential. But ultimately crap at football. I agree we can’t be signing players in their mid 30s on £30-40k a week who will only play a handful of games (think Catermole fits this). That would make no sense. But if the quality players, the likes of Diame, Gary Cahill or others were fit, available and would fit within the wage structure then it makes perfect sense to sign them on frees despite their ages. we just need to get out of the division and worry about building a top team after that. There aren’t that many players in this league under 23 who are playing every week. The bulk of the better players are late 20s, early 30s. It’s just how it is as players move down from the premier league at that stage of their career. The better younger ones move up and cost a fortune in transfer fees generally. Bruce will sort this out, he’s used experienced players before and had success
  5. Yeah I reckon so.. I’m 31 and hitting PBs still. Granted I’m not a professional athlete, but if you look at athletics, at the last world championships half the 100m finalists were over 30. Most of the top long distance runners are in their 30s too. I don’t think that it’s noticeable. Players usually play until mid 30s or even longer now. It’s gradual.. I think 30 is the point the decline starts but it’s only marginal in your early 30s
  6. How old are you? Guessing a fair bit younger than 30 because if you were older than that you’d know that your athleticism isn’t yet on the decline at 30. we do need fresh legs though with pace and power.. but it’s more because Bannan/Lee aren’t overly physical players. It’s been a problem for the last 4 years so it’s not an age thing as we were saying the same when they were 25
  7. If the strong rumours are to be believed the squad will look like this: Keepers Westwood Dawson Wildsmith Defenders Bidwell Penney Odubajo Palmer Lees Borner Thorniley Iorfa + Hector/Findlay (maybe) Midfield Downing Forestieri Reach Lee Onomah Bannan Hutchinson Forwards Fletcher Nuhui Joao Outs Fox Van Aken Pelupessy Winnall Rhodes Think on top of what’s suggested we probably still need a pacy wide player, a holding midfielder and a decent striker. And that’s assuming we don’t sell Joao or Nuhui, who I could see leaving. Maybe we’ll fill those other gaps with loans and the 6 ins referred to permanent transfers
  8. To be fair to both Chansiri and Forestieri, at the time of that incident he was 26 years old (so had his best years ahead) and was our best player coming off the back of the 2015/16 season. He genuinely looked like he'd be able to make the step up to the prem at that point. He also was probably right to feel aggrieved that we'd brought in some players (Fletcher, Jones, Abdi) that were on more money than him and they added less to the team (and in some cases nothing!). So we either had to sell him or give him the pay rise, and we chose pay rise. In hindsight we'd have been better off selling him for the £10m+ we were offered but at the time that would have been a difficult thing to do as we were building for promotion. If we were to sell him now we'd get only a fraction of that, so the best hope now is that he can recapture his 2015/16 form. Showed vs Norwich that he still has it in the locker
  9. You’ve posted a lot in this thread and I think it’s fair to say that in a player you want them to be young, athletic and not miss too many games through injury above all other attributes. Problem is, at this level it’s difficult to get players that fit that mould that also are intelligent footballers. If a player did have all of those things, they’d quite quickly end up leaving for the prem. Wednesday have a lot of good, intelligent footballers, but most of them are the approaching 30 or the wrong side of it, have their injury issues and when they do play, struggle for pace and athleticism. That’s the missing thing that meant we just weren’t quite good enough to go up. So we should add that to the squad.. but it doesn’t mean that everyone we have to sign is young and athletic. A few would make a difference as it changes the dynamics of the team. Above all we need consistency as this league is a much of a muchness, and consistency is what gets you promoted. We’d have to shake it all up on promotion anyway. We might as well sell the likes of Joao if we can get good money for him as whilst he has pace and shows good stuff at times, it’s not consistent and probably never will be after 4 years here. The money in his case would be worth more to the club than him staying. Conversely there are other players such as Fletcher who are consistent but lack pace and have no resale value due to age/wages. We might as well keep those types of player
  10. I guess in theory it would be possible to do this every year by injecting cash into the football club, buying back the stadium from the holding company, then selling it to another new holding company and repeating the process. Not sure how much tax would be incurred in doing that. The other point is that presumably we now have to pay a rental charge yearly which will come out of the accounts. Not sure whether this will come out of the profit (loss) figure before the £39m over 3 years test is applied for FFP, if it doesn't then it will affect the amount we can lose every year going forward. You're clearly an accountant, I've studied it before but don't work in it, so not sure on the finer details. But I always gathered that double entry is key, so if stadium sales count for FFP you'd think that payments out in relation to renting stadiums should also count.
  11. are you sure that’s how it works? I think for tax purposes there’d be a capital gains tax on the sale price minus purchase price, but not sure what they would use for purchase price given it’s been owned for so long, might be some indexing for inflation. I don’t think the balance sheet valuation of the asset has anything to do with it though. Then there’s a stamp duty on purchasing it for the new company... sounds expensive to do. as for the P&L, in accounting terms I think it goes down as a extraordinary one off item, it’s money received for an asset that has nothing to do with the primary business of the company (I.e. running a football club). I’ve got no idea on the P&S rules though, seems very odd to me that you can do this to get around it.. but unless they publish it transparently then we’re all in the dark on what is and isn’t allowed
  12. Would take him on loan.. didn’t realise he was 29 though which means a big fee should be a no go
  13. Didn’t they sell to a third party though? This situation is selling to a new company owned by the same people as those that own the football club. If we ever sold to a third party I agree we’d have problems
  14. Think you’re the first person I’ve negged lol.. will stop anyway as really can’t be arsed doing it and only here to contribute decent points if I can
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