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  1. So by this logic, we should have got rid of both of them years ago, when Westwood was undoubtedly the best keeper in the league at that time. He was even voted as such in the Championship team of the year. Plenty of players adapt their training schedules to manage injuries, happens all the time. What matters is what happens on the pitch at 3pm on a Saturday, and both these two played well in the games so to be quite honest, how frequently they trained just isn't important. The reasons for our demise have little to do with Carlos and everything to do with how the finances and squad turnover have been managed. Practically everything we did from the moment Chansiri arrived until after Wembley couldn't really be faulted, we played well throughout the season, deservedly made the play offs and then came up short against a more experienced and more physical Hull side managed by a serial promotion winner. Where it went wrong is after that. We broke our wage structure by signing Fletcher, then that upset Forestieri. We also gave big pay rises to a lot of the squad including Lees, Hutchinson and Lee. So our costs went up for the same team we had already. We also signed Abdi and Jones which was very clearly not what was needed when we knew we needed a Mo Diame or Tom Huddlestone type of player. We had the chance to sell players around that time including Lees to PL Burnley for about £6m or Forestieri to Newcastle for £10m+. Instead we sold nobody. Whether players get sold is the chairman and his advisors remit not the coaches. A savvy club would have cashed in 2-3 of those players while their stock was high, raised £20m then brought in some quality players to fill gaps in the squad. If anything its all gone wrong because Chansiri's advisors are inadequate and he's too loyal to get rid of them, and he's also made some shocking managerial appointments giving them too much time, plus got unlucky with the Bruce situation. The last 3 years we've been desperate for a refresh but unable to do anything due to FFP and we've left ourselves with no saleable assets. It baffles me why some of our fans think the reasons we're no good anymore isn't because we're unable to sign players of the quality of Westwood and Hutchinson but instead its because we don't have enough loyal triers. Money talks and it predetermines most teams' success. We know this is the case otherwise the same 6 teams wouldn't finish at the top of the Prem most years. There are obviously a few exceptions to this but its not the norm, its just a shame that one of them is in the other third of the city.
  2. We finished 6th and 4th, not sure what some people wanted when we had the 8th biggest budget in the league. Should we have beaten Newcastle to automatic promotion. We did the business then failed in the play off lottery
  3. Was a major problem when they 'ran the dressing room' and we used to win most weeks. Thank god we have Monk running it now who knows what a winning dressing room looks like
  4. Main problem areas are keeper and central midfield as it offers no protection to the defence. We missed Westwood and Hutchinson big time. As for the attacking players, Nuhui and Windass were good squad players who did their roles well, but they aren’t big players for the team and we don’t have many of those left. Bannan can’t do it all himself, Reach doesn’t get a look in under Monk, Murphy is decent but Harris is pretty poor. He started well for the first few games, had a great debut at Reading and that made some think he’s a decent player. But he’s had no goals or assists for about 30 games so he brings nothing to the team. We don’t have the balance right as a collective, and then as individuals performances fell off because of this. Iorfa, Borner, Palmer, Fox etc should be good enough for a mid table side at this level. Get a proper ball winner in midfield and a keeper who communicates and leads the defence and organisation will improve ten fold. Just a shame that Monk shafted us.
  5. Personally I wouldn’t do it but I can see why people are frustrated. And I just don’t see how it can be changed.. all of the things you’ve mentioned are actions that can be altered by legislation. This is different in that it’s just words which makes it difficult to stop. They could make it so that on online platforms you have to be verified. That would probably put a stop to some of the worst kinds of abuse like racism. But expressing an opinion on a footballers ability, there will be plenty happy to do that in their own name. You could also ban swearing but it’s all a bit much for me that. Can’t see them being able to stop someone posting ‘Moses, you’re a rubbish footballer’.. so it’s always going to be part of it when it comes to social media
  6. It’s hardly hate is it.. it’s mostly true even though it’s offensive language. Football fans aren’t known for their vocabulary. As I said, successful players focus on what needs to be done. Look at Fletcher.. don’t see him on social media, he’s too busy in the gym and honing his skills as a footballer to waste time interacting with losers online. There’s nothing good that can come of it, he should just block abuse and/or turn off notifications on replies
  7. I don’t think that’s a good use of someone’s time.. literally the worst thing you can do if someone is trolling is give them attention. I’m sure that kid doesn’t care that’s he’s been ‘called out’. It makes it look like Odubajo is bothered by what’s said when he needs to block it out.. how can anyone perform in any role if they’re obsessing over others opinions. You just can’t.. successful people ignore it and stick to their own principles and plan to achieve results. Would rather have a team who are a bit hard nosed and have a successful attitude than what we have now
  8. His defending for a start.. would help if he could learn to not commit a foul every time he goes in our own penalty box Anyway that’s beside the point. If you’re a figure in the public eye providing a service that people pay good money to watch while earning a huge sum yourself, and then you don’t deliver when it comes to that service, people will be angry with you and inevitably there will be the odd one that’s abusive. Thats how social media is.. there’s no point in pretending there’s some alternative universe where everyone is happy to pay to watch garbage and not say anything about it. It’s just how things are so if he doesn’t like it or can’t handle it he should just avoid using it. Or if it gets to him that much use the block function. Anything but whinge because someone said a few words to you.. it’s weak
  9. That’s what the block button on Twitter is for.. he should stop crying and improve at his job. Sick of these losers
  10. No I’m sorry but Odubajo is moaning. He should just ignore the guy, get in the gym and on the training pitch and improve his game. Sick of the excuses, it’s why we are where we are. They aren’t good enough
  11. To be fair he is a w*nk c*nt. If he stopped playing so crap then people wouldn’t have a go. He’s getting paid thousands a week and turning out rubbish. He needs to grow a pair, ignore the outside negativity as positivity comes from within and turn in some good performances. If he’s not capable of that then he should leave. Sick of these weak players moaning about abuse and things when they don’t play well. What a group of sissys
  12. It’s a silly point because it’s about consistency. Yeah the keeper needed to do better.. but I’m sure Brentford fans will think that he’s done well for them this season and can therefore forgive a mistake, even if it’s a costly one. The difference with our two is that they make a mistake a week, so people are obviously fed up of it. If they made one off errors then it would be allowed to slide but when you concede 2+ every week expect criticism.
  13. You’re far too soft.. people in all walks of life take criticism all the time, both explicit and implicit, especially when they’re working. If something isn’t good enough it’s open to criticism and it’s just weak to use that as an excuse. If Harris doesn’t have enough mental strength to deal with that then we should find another player who does. There’s also a difference between criticism and abuse. Given this lad appears to have been reasonable about it it doesn’t seem likely they were being abusive or racist or whatever. Therefore it’s fair game
  14. Would be amazing if we got compensation for him and didn’t have to pay him off.. hopefully he’d take Bullen as his assistant too
  15. Personally I don't think they have a leg to stand on when it comes to complaining about which season its applied to. We're being sanctioned over spending for the 3 years to the end of the 2017/18 season, its got nothing to do with 2019/20. It's supposed to be a punishment for Sheffield Wednesday, not a reprieve for some other club who haven't been good enough on the pitch. Their argument would only make sense if it was because we broke spending rules in 2019/20 and it was to their detriment as it made it harder to compete. On the basis that we're the only club to be considered here, its harsh to deduct close to the end of the season when there's no time to react to it, so totally fair for it to be next season. The whole thing is b*llocks anyway because we spent the 8th highest amount in the league during the period under consideration and nobody else has been docked points (bar Birmingham). The real issue is the difference in revenues between the clubs and we all know why that is.
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