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  1. I doubt there are any people out there who didn’t have one currently who look at it and think ‘right now I want a season ticket’. Everyone who wants one has one, and many who have one don’t want it anymore
  2. Leicester are miles bigger than us now.. maybe they were about the same 10 years ago and smaller 20-30 years ago, but things have changed. Being a big club is about more than fan base, although that is a factor. It’s about being competitive (in this day and age that’s being in the top flight on a regular basis, having cup runs etc), it’s about infrastructure (stadium, training ground, commercial draw). We fail badly on pretty much every metric. It pains me to say it as I used to think we were a team that’s somewhere between 7th-12th biggest in the country but now we just
  3. I just had to google it too as knew nothing about it.. assumed from your post he was a big fan of Corbyn or something, but found that he supported a clean break Brexit. He goes even further up in my estimations... what a legend
  4. Turner came in November 2002 and took us down.. we stuck with him despite that being probably 2/3rds of the season left to save us. The year after was dreadful and we still had lots of the same players.. starter ok in League 1 then faded. Think Quinn, Kuqi and Pressman left on loan and they were some of the few half decent ones we had left. Then as you say summer 2004 we released everyone even the ones who were good enough as Quinn, Geary and Bromby all went to sign for Utd in the division above. Then we brought in a whole new team, started the season badly and sacked Turner in September, then
  5. Do you honestly think that will happen though? Facts are, the last time we spent more than a million on a player it was Van Aken in August 2017. That’s 3 and a half years ago and over that time we’ve consistently signed dross, other teams cast offs and cheap options.. only really got lucky with that strategy on Iorfa as the rest have been bad. We’ve also just sat and waited while all the contracts signed between 2015-2017 ran down. Then we’ve seen wages being paid late, fans not getting refunds when requested and nothing put forward to strengthen the squad in January even though we
  6. Also haven’t we received money from the Premier League as an interest free loan to cover the lost gate receipts? I thought all clubs had If we’ve had money through from them and still struggling to pay wages it shows that he’s struggling to pay the ongoing running costs regardless of the pandemic. A fan boycott next season would hit him hard
  7. Lol.. £9m of which will go in to Paxo’s bank account and the other £1m will be spent on ageing has beens with league 1 and 2 experience
  8. I still don’t really get it though if that’s the plan. If we’ve given him the same wages as before that’s clearly too much for league 1. Any buying club will come in and say ‘well he’s 31 and worth about £1m as a championship player.. but you desperately want him off your books as he’s on 20k a week so we’ll take him for a nominal fee or just release him and we’ll cover the wages’ Theres also the risk that he gets injured or can’t move for whatever reason and then we’re stuck with those wages. There has to be more to the plan than just saying sign the contract and we’ll
  9. Forest have definitely had more top half finishes than us at this level but they’ve only made the play offs twice (just looked that up). But I think they’ve only had 1 relegation to League 1. Would say they’re the closest fit to our trajectory I don’t really know how to determine who’s big and who isn’t though. Why not Coventry and Blackburn.. Blackburn have won a league title and also a league cup I think when they beat us in the semi a few years after we got relegated in 2000.. both of those wins are since we last won anything in 1991
  10. There’s a few.. Forest not played top flight since 1999, been relegated twice, one league 1 promotion and 2 top 6 Championship finishes since Blackburn been down 9 years and to league 1 for a season and nowhere near getting back, no play off finishes. Sunderland but only over about 5 years with two relegations and no promotions yet Coventry relegated in 2001, two further relegations until 2017 then two promotions back to this level since. Wimbledon hard to determine what they’ve done as do you use AFC Wimbledon or MK Dons, but they’re nowhere near
  11. If we play 4-2-3-1 every game until the end of the season the points collected will be countable on one hand. We don’t have a striker who can play up on their own, we don’t have any players who can play as wide attackers like the likes of Liverpool and Chelsea do. And we don’t have fullbacks who can get forward and provide width and also get back and do their job defensively. It’s destined to fail here. I know the top level players play these formations where the front 6 are interchangeable but they have good players. 4-4-2 was standard 15-20 years ago and it’s still the bread and
  12. Well we’re a bigger club than Donny and pay more money by some way I’d imagine so that’s probably what he’s thinking. I bet DC is pretty desperate by now and wants to stay up badly because he will lose millions more when we go down. Can just imagine the interview where he will have asked ‘do you think you can keep us up’ and Moore will have pointed to when he took over at West Brom 10 points adrift, got manager of the month for April but went down by 5 points anyway. He’d be saying that if he does the same here then we’d have a chance, which we would have as we were 7 points adrift
  13. I’m a big fan of Westwood but he has to go at the end of the season now. We can’t carry an ageing player in league 1 who will probably only play half the games. Unless he wants to stay on half the wages you’d pay to a league 1 number 1, which I doubt because the budget for that is probably only 2-3k a week. That’s all he’s worth to us now and he’d probably rather stay at home than travel to Sheffield every day for that Its a shame because he shouldn’t have been frozen out for 2 years of his career here. At the times he was left out he had loads to offer us but his time is up now un
  14. Exactly this.. we need to play 4-4-2 and round pegs in round holes. All of our crappy players understand 4-4-2 and they don’t have to get used to different formations. Can play Reach and Harris in their best positions.. can play Rhodes with a strike partner. Even having Bannan in a two won’t be so bad if Shaw is the other one as he can cover more ground than Hutchinson ever could. We still have a crap keeper and left back but that’s because that muppet Monk thought we didn’t need to sign one. The decision to try 3-5-2 and build recruitment around it and not ev
  15. I honestly wonder how he decides what his best team is. I mean he’s been in the job 6 days.. so what does he do on Monday, sit down with the coaches and other players and asks them what their best positions are, who’s in form etc. He can’t have seen enough in training to make many decisions yet. But practically all of the fans are calling for Reach left, Harris right and Rhodes and/or Windass up front just on the back of having watched us all season and seeing what’s sometimes worked We’re a poor side but we don’t get the best out of it either which means relegation is
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