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  1. Can’t see him being on 32k, they signed him when they were in the championship so doubt they’d have signed a foreign left back on that sort of money.. unless he had a big premier league pay rise
  2. We aren’t making it anyway, but if we had we could have won them.. we beat villa away, outplayed them at home.. should have beat West Brom twice.. Leeds hammered us both games but if we set up like we did at Norwich against them we’d have a better chance, they lost to Wigan and Brentford so aren’t unbeatable
  3. Looks like we have to wait for more info as it’s not conclusive.. we already know almost for certain that Wednesday have lost more than that. And why is Steve Gibson kicking off if us/Villa/Derby haven’t. None of it can be tied up without more info
  4. I’ll be amazed if when they’re published they show a loss less than £9m, accounting is pretty robust so you can’t just fabricate things in there, would be almost impossible to come up with an extra £10m+ that doesn’t exist. Have they actually said we haven’t gone over the loss limit, or just that we’ve complied with FFP regulations? I thought it was the latter, and interpreted that to mean that we’d co-operated (I.e. soft embargo, worked with the EFL on a sustainable way forward e.g. agreed to slash the wage bill by releasing players) rather than complied with the numbers. It’s just a total grey area because if the intention was to ensure that no club ever loses more than £39m over 3 years then they could be explicit in saying what the penalties for non-compliance would be. They’ve chosen not to do that which suggests it’s down to discretion
  5. No need to be rude is there... nobody knows for sure because it hasn’t been communicated by the club or EFL. We 100% didn’t come in at less than £39m losses for the 3 years to 2017/18. We lost about £30m in 2015/2016 and 2016/17 alone. 2017/2018 we sold no players nor released any of note vs 2016/17, plus we signed Van Aken and Pelupessy for fees, and the football was bad so attendances were down. Revenue down and costs up equals bigger loss than 2016/17... it’s just maths. So I’d guess that the loss for 2017/2018 was a couple of million more than 2016/17, and therefore the 3 year loss was £50+m. It definitely wasn’t under the £9m we’d have needed to lose to comply, therefore we didn’t comply. On top of this, the club’s accounting date is irrelevant as it’s been confirmed that the EFL require draft accounts to be submitted by a set date. So it’s safe to assume that they know what our losses are for that season, and haven’t chosen to punish is. Media reports suggest it’s the same for Derby and Villa. We don’t know why Birmingham is different, but I was suggesting it could be because they have no plan to get their losses down within a suitable timeframe, but don’t know this for sure. Unless the EFL set some clear publicly available guidelines then for all we know it’s discretionary how it’s applied... you have to assume Birmingham are in some way different to us. So no, I’m not making it up.. it’s an informed opinion based on logically deducing publicly available facts.
  6. We clearly aren’t coming in under £39m in losses to the end of 2017/18, it will be more like £50m. But the EFL know this and haven’t punished us. We aren’t the only ones in this position who haven’t been punished either, with Villa and Derby supposedly the same. My guess is that if you can prove you have a plan to bring your losses down then you don’t get punished. We’ve probably said we plan on releasing lots of high earners and that will bring the losses down. Clearly Birmingham didn’t have such a plan as they lost £30m in one year, and probably are committed to paying big wages for longer than we are. Think we’ll be unable to spend big money this summer but be able to sign freebies and loans
  7. He won’t be going unless a prem team offered him first team football which I don’t think they will. We’re going to be back inside the limits of FFP just by releasing Abdi, Jones, Boyd, Matias and others... no reason we can’t offer him the same as he gets now, and doubt another championship club will offer him significantly more. Doesn’t seem like the mercenary type tbh
  8. Can’t believe the number of posts people make on here about players who are 28-32 years old saying they’re way too old and physically past it. Your body peaks physically (strength, stamina) at 25 and stays at that level into your 30s assuming you’re training regularly. It’s only once you get to 35 it starts going downhill, and even then it’s at the margin, which is all it takes at professional sport level. Look at Ronaldo and Messi.. 34 and nearly 32 respectively and still the best two players. Giggs played until 40. In athletics, Mo Farah is 36 and so is the 100m champion Justin Gatlin. Age in itself isn’t a problem for this squad. We’ve had issues with pace and athleticism for 3 years when most of these players were 26-28, so it’s more that they don’t have these characteristics rather than them being over the hill. Add some players with pace to the squad to complement them and it will all be good
  9. I count 12 that are kids from when Jos did the raffle for who can sit on the bench each week. Only Penney from those is ready to play a part in the first team. There are 29 senior pros left including the loanees. 5 of those have no role at all (Jones, Abdi, Pudil, Kieran Lee, Van Aken).. can count on one hand how many those have played this season. Another 2 or 3 aren’t good enough for this level.. Fox, Pelupessy, Nuhui, and a further 3 probably getting released/not renewed in Onomah, Boyd and Matias. If the rest were fit for a whole season, the first 11 would be top 6 as is evidenced by 36 points from 21 games since Jos went. Issue is of those 18 who are left, at least 4 or 5 miss large numbers of games through injury. I’d be happy to just add 5 signings to what we already have and release the weaker players. We aren’t in a position to replace the whole squad and results suggest we don’t need to, just need to add some quality. We can rip up the squad and start again if we go up.. FFP makes it impossible to do beforehand. If we get decent offers for anyone then they should all be considered vs how much it would cost to bring in a younger better player
  10. Nuhui is only worth a nominal fee at best and the Joao one is too much, probably worth less than we paid for him. Reach we’d only get that kind of money if a prem team came in for him but I don’t think he’s quite good enough for that. The rest are probably about what they’re worth as championship clubs might pay that sort of money for them
  11. Had a quick look on the Norwich forum earlier and there was a thread on Rhodes. Most of the comments were positive which surprised me because he’s not been playing much. Sounds like he’s not got a look in mainly because Pukki has scored so many. Most of them thought he was worth paying £3-4m for but some had reservations on what role he’d play in a prem team
  12. Westwood plays we probably win tonight.. he’d have probably stopped the first one. Plus I’ve no idea why we didn’t have anyone on the posts for the free kick, but not sure I’d blame that on the keeper. Dawson is a good shot stopper, has some potential but it’s the little things that are the difference between conceding goals and not. Don’t think it’s a coincidence that when he plays we don’t keep any clean sheets. I’d get him out on loan and see how he goes. Could just as easily end up in the lower leagues as he could make it here. It’s hard to break through and play at championship level and above.
  13. How would you feel if we start experimenting now and at the end of the season 6th place is 70 points? I’d be annoyed we didn’t try for the last 4 games. If we don’t win tonight then we can do that for the last 3 games once it’s impossible
  14. There’s still a chance that 71 points would be enough for 6th, so we need to keep going until it’s not possible anymore. Boro 3 points or less from 3 games from Forest away, Reading home and Rotherham away Bristol 4 points or less from 3 games from Derby home, Millwall away, Hull away (assuming they lose to us) Derby 6 points or less from 4 games from QPR home, Bristol away, Swansea away, West Brom home If Derby and Bristol draw with each other, I’d say they were both odds on to get 70 points or less. Boro look favourites but it’s not impossible they lose 2 of those games or don’t win any as their form is suspect. So in summary, 71 points may well be enough so we have to keep trying. A lucky win tonight and turn Bristol over at home would change the complexion again. But it really is last chance to be involved now as anything less than 71 has no chance
  15. Think it probably wouldn’t happen but is more likely than you might think. The guy has been at Chelsea 7 years, not sure he’s been on £130k a week the whole time so let’s conservatively assume he’s averaged half that across the 7 years. That’s £65k x 52 = £3.4m a year, or £24m over 7 years. Now assume half goes in tax, that’s £12m net earnings in his career (and it’s probably more than that given he was at Bolton and Villa 4 years each before that). Most prem players nowadays will have top class financial advice too. Anyone who has earnt 8 figures and followed that advice should have been able to double their money by investing in stocks or property. Pure speculation of course, but it wouldn’t be surprising if he had a net worth in the £20m+ range. So I guess if he had an offer from Wednesday of £20k a week (£500k after tax per year), or an offer from a lower prem team of £70k a week (£1.75m after tax per year), it’s not completely unrealistic to think he might choose us if he always wanted to play for us. Yes the numbers will be much less, but when you put it into context vs how much he’s already worth, the club might mean more to him. Depends completely on the individual of course, but the numbers are all relative so depends how money orientated someone is.
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