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  1. Probably because we are on paper.. Forestieri, Fletcher and Rhodes are all big names at this level. It’s just that unless you’ve watched us you wouldn’t realise that Rhodes is done and FF is inconsistent
  2. Monk has resigned Pelupessy. That tells you how much the squad is going to evolve. Everything that comes out of his mouth is hot air
  3. I want him gone but Windass when he’s played looked ok, he’s got 2 goals already in not that many minutes. Wickham looks way off the pace but we know he has the quality we’ve seen it before.. could see the logic in bringing him in with Fletcher out. Da Cruz and Pelupessy are garbage though
  4. He’s making decisions that nobody agrees with though which suggests it’s his judgement that’s the problem How can anyone think it’s a good idea to keep Pelupessy and release Hutchinson? I’ve no issue with us moving on from this squad and refreshing but if we’re going to offer one of them a contract it has to be the one which is capable of playing Championship football. It’s a joke
  5. It’s just 4.5 minutes of Monk whinging. He’s so negative.. needs to go ASAP. It’s the same for everybody so not sure what his point is
  6. I’m not sure where this has come from because I’ve seen it said a lot and it doesn’t make sense to me. Players usually start at their new club on 1st July and you can sign a pre contract agreement before then, think it’s a month if it’s the same country and 6 months before if it’s abroad. So if players are on the move they could have signed for next season somewhere else already beginning 1st July. So I can’t see how those players can just play on until 31st July at their old club when in July they’d already be getting paid by the new club. The Charlton players refusing to play after 30th June is a prime example because they’re out of contract and don’t have to play. If they were still under contract then it would be breach of contract to refuse to do so
  7. Should be down substantially on prior years shouldn’t it.. we’ve been averaging £20m losses a year and then this season we released lots of high earners last summer and didn’t replace them with equal earners so the wage bill should be down. Then £5m for Joao and £4m for Bruce.. I was expecting the losses to be between £5-10m for 19/20
  8. I’ll bring my boots then if that’s the only criteria needed to play for this club. What a farce we’ve become.. why are we releasing Hutchinson if we’re prepared to resign cr*p players like this No ambition, poor leadership, a clueless manager. Most expensive tickets in the league (not that that matters at the moment) and absolutely no strategy to gain promotion. Total joke. We might as well play a full team of kids rather than persisting with players who will never have it in them as promotion clearly isn’t on the radar anyway. 4th bottom is the target
  9. Fletcher spent nearly his whole career in the prem before coming here.. could imagine him doing a squad role as he has the quality. Fox has a great attitude but no pace nor attacking threat so definitely won’t be playing there
  10. Westwood Palmer Iorfa Borner Fox Murphy Hutchinson Bannan Forestieri Windass Fletcher We all know the clown won’t pick Westwood or Hutchinson so sub in Wildsmith and Luongo probably. As long as the likes of Dawson, Lees, Pelupessy, Da Cruz and others aren’t around the team then it’s an improvement on before
  11. I read it all as that if you’re notified by the contact tracers that you’ve been in contact with someone who has it you’re expected to self isolate for 14 days. Given they’re going to be in full contact training from next week then surely one positive test means the whole squad has to self isolate for 14 days? Its obviously not going to run very smoothly and the games will all be postponed
  12. It’s the going rate for a top end academy player with England honours and a scoring record like that. The fact that we’re in the championship is kind of irrelevant to that tbh.. it would be the same if he’d come through at say Exeter or somewhere. The only difference is he’d have definitely had to move from a League 1 or 2 club due to finances. As I’ve just set out, we had 7 strikers on the books who we were already paying a total of about 160k a week between them. In that context another 10k isn’t that much. And we could probably have made it 5k plus adds on, who knows. But it’s no surprise that they turned down a paltry offer when this kind of money is on the table elsewhere. This is about ambition.. I’d like to see us become something and for that the right decisions have to be made in these kind of situations
  13. Thing is, this whole saga has f*cked his career up too because he basically lost a season doing nothing here then had another season in unfamiliar surroundings playing at a poor level, and now he’s at a team playing in the champions league places where he’d have to be something extra special to get a look in at first team level ahead of Vardy and others. It would have made more sense for him to play championship/league 1 football at 18-20 then get his breakthrough in the prem at 22 say, a bit like Harry Kane did. He’s going to be a bit behind that now and presumably he’ll be out on loan next season and he’ll have to hit the ground running with a 20 goal season in the lower leagues if he’s going to have a chance of making it at the top level. Cameron Dawson is gash and shouldn’t be playing Championship football tbh. You also can’t really compare across different positions as everyone knows that strikers or attacking players tend to earn more than the rest of the team. Until we began to cut costs, at the time when this was all going on we had 4 strikers allegedly on more than 30k in FF, Fletcher, Hooper and Rhodes. We also have Winnall on a reported 17k a week and then you’d assume that Joao and Nuhui were on around 10k+ maybe too. So personally I don’t think it’s that unfeasible for us to have offered more to Hirst. Because the resale value would potentially have been there. And he could even have made the breakthrough if managed correctly particularly as he probably would have got a run in 2017-18 with all the injuries. 10k a week is a lot of money for someone with no experience but it’s the context of it. We could have maybe structured it so that he got more for making first team appearances and a lower base fee or us having the option on contract length. Plus the incentive of first team involvement which he wouldn’t get at Leicester. He might not have stayed anyway but we could have done more. I honestly don’t see a point in the academy if the best players are never going to play before they leave and what we’re left with are bang average/poor players like Dawson and Palmer who would never have any chance of playing Premier League football anyway. Of course we can afford to pay the money given the budget.. id rather have 8 hungry young players at Hirst’s level on the off chance that one of them makes it big and is a £30m player than I would a Rhodes and an Abdi who’ve given us nothing for the same money. We can moan about 10k being too much but it’s probably the going rate, or at least it was pre Coronavirus
  14. Agree completely.. Loovens and Pudil maybe stayed a year too long but gave us a good 2-3 years first. Lee will end up having given us 5 top years and then should have gone last season in hindsight as he’s not over the injuries. Wallace was good value throughout but went at the right time as was dropping off. Westwood and Hutchinson are leaders who could still do it at this level but are ostracised by a useless manager. Hooper was quality but too injured near the end. Matias was ok but injured too much too. Even Boyd and Jones put some effort in but were too past it. I don’t get why people want to blame our better players for the demise when it’s the replacements that just aren’t good enough. The reason standards have dropped is because Dawson, Palmer, Pelupessy, Fox, Nuhui, Harris, Da Cruz, Odubajo, Lees etc just aren’t good enough for a top end championship team anymore. Who cares if they’re fit or if they try if they’re going to lose games most weeks
  15. It’s almost like having all of your players available for selection and not telling 5 of them mid season they aren’t in your plans makes a difference to results. Who’d have thought
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