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  1. https://www.westlondonsport.com/qpr/warburton-hails-class-act-as-qpr-prepare-to-complete-another-signing
  2. Most of our squad last season are 15th in the Championship standard players. We got relegated because of a points deduction because the chairman didn't fill in paperwork on time. We had bad managers and didn't recruit properly... Moore being in charge for the whole season, 2-3 key additions which should have been brought in plus Iorfa being fit would have seen us around 15th IMO. So it doesn't surprise me to see most of our players signing for clubs that are around that kind of level
  3. Most of them will have big mortgages or other monthly commitments which they signed up to when they'd signed a contract and thought they could plan on having tens of thousands of pounds coming in every month. Whilst none of them will have gone broke, I wonder how many have had to ring their banks and tell them they can't make payments this month. Which could affect their credit rating and stuff. If someone did that to me I'd be pretty annoyed and wouldn't exactly pull my finger out to help their failing business when I know I'd be leaving in 6 months anyway.
  4. That’s kind of the opposite of Harris.. he did well in his first two games and think he got a goal and an assist (and we won) so to some he was a class player. Was only near the end of last season that everyone agreed he was garbage, which was obvious after about 10 games Odubajo was actually doing ok just prior to his last injury. But the Forest incident, the injuries and his inconsistency meant he needed to go
  5. There’s only really Iorfa who we’ve signed in the last 3 years who would get in the 2015-17 side. Even Windass who has done well isn’t as good as FF, Fletcher or Hooper when they were fit and interested. The rest of our signings are poor so it’s a case of getting what you pay for
  6. If this is true then why are the majority of promoted teams either doped on parachute payments or have a wealthy benefactor bankrolling them. It’s been done before but think only Sheff Utd and Huddersfield break the mold in the last 10 years. He’s largely right when he says you’re unlikely to get promoted without spending. The only reason for this change in strategy is that he’s skint and doesn’t want to sell up, so he’s going for the self sustaining model to hold on. Will probably just see us be a mediocre league 1-championship yo-yo club from now on
  7. I’ve no idea where the rumours have come from that Forest are signing Palmer but if it’s true that’s ridiculous they’d pay a fee for Palmer and weren’t in for Hunt on a free. Hunt is a better player, that’s why he kept Palmer out the team for the entirety of the 3 years he was here
  8. Wouldn’t want to see him play there for a full season tbh.. we need a left back unless we’re going with that kid from Huddersfield
  9. I doubt he’s that bothered.. he’s just come off a 5 year contract at Chelsea where you’d assume he’d be on about 20k a week. So that’s £5m he’s earned.. ok half will have gone in tax, he’s probably wasted a chunk on garbage but would be surprised if he’s not netted £1.5-2m in the bank. Then he’s not going to get another Championship club, was lucky to get one this year. Can’t see him being fussed about making £5k a week in the lower leagues when he’s got that money behind him. And therein lies the problem If he was bothered he wouldn’t look overweight. Or he’d put some effort in with performances. Sadly he’s not bothered even if it means slipping down the leagues. Whilst I’m sure he doesn’t want that, he doesn’t not want it enough to do anything about it
  10. Let’s hope he’s fit and back in time for Qatar.. can see him pushing Mount and Grealish out of the squad.
  11. The way some on here went on about how bad Westwood was and how these two clowns were the future and needed to be played, I came to the conclusion that they must be related to them. They’re both local lads so it’s quite likely some people on here know them personally. You’d have to be blind though to think they’re better keepers than Westwood even at 36
  12. The players, manager and club all know I think. Remember Dawson doing an interview during lockdown where he was talking to a fan and he said something like ‘oh you got to watch us when we had good players then’. He was only half joking as he knows he’s not good enough. Wildsmith can tell knows he’s not up to it. Moore can’t say anything because they’re under contract and stuck with them but he’s not blind.
  13. Probably impressed and a championship club has since offered him a contract instead. Everyone seemed to say he played well so unlikely we’d not want him
  14. Cynical fouls are part of the game though.. I don’t mind them, it’s tactical. Not a fan of time wasting and fake injuries but would rather the ref add on loads of injury time and tell the players that’s why he’s doing it (or don’t add the time on if the result has swung in the other teams favour). Problem at the moment is they go down for 2 minutes and he only adds 30-40 seconds on for that so time is lost
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