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  1. Hertfordshire Owl

    I don’t care if I get hate for this

    I agree with all the above criticism of anybody who puts out this kind, or any kind, of personal abuse on Facebook, Owlstalk, Twitter or any social media platform. Its stupid and reckless and tarnishes the reputation of all fair-minded and intelligent SWFC supporters - and football supporters in general. Its only Football - its just Sport ! These things are supposed to be fun and life-enhancing and not excuses for showing hatred. I don't understand how anyone can truly hate another club or opposing players and managers. Fierce (but friendly) rivalry, fine - we can all feel that, but hatred? Come on - reserve that for ISIS, Al Qaeda, the BNP - those who truly deserve it - not sports fans and other teams' players. Idealistic? Maybe, but there's too much hatred in sport, especially football, and too much in the world generally. Maybe we should all try to dial it down a bit. Starting this Friday. We might all feel better for it.
  2. Hertfordshire Owl

    2x tickets for brentford for sale

    I'm interested and have sent you a message.
  3. Hertfordshire Owl

    Trivial Things You Don't Like

    ...and those who write 'your' instead of 'you're'. No!
  4. Hertfordshire Owl

    Trivial Things You Don't Like

    People who mangle the English language by using 'of' when they mean 'have'. It makes no sense. It has to stop!
  5. Hertfordshire Owl

    Were you there Boxing Day 1979?

    I was a regular at Hillsborough from 1977 to 1980 before moving south and was at this great match. I'm sure it was - and I suspect still is - the biggest ever attendance (about 49,000) for a third tier game in this country.....maybe the world!
  6. Hertfordshire Owl

    Where to watch Owls v Blades on TV in London?

    Thanks! I'll give it a try then.
  7. I rarely get to Hillsborough but do attend away matches in the London area. It would be fun to watch Sunday's match in a pub in central / inner London (I don't have Sky sports) along with hopefully hundreds (ok, half a dozen) of exiled Owls fans. I know many pubs show live matches, but does anyone know a good one which will definitely show this match and which is likely to have some Wednesday fans present? Probably a long shot, I know but I don't want to die wondering......Grateful for any advice.