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  1. i think the huge cameras on its roof rack give away what it is doing
  2. Im going tomorrow, dates are 12th,13th,14th
  3. why did i even click on this thread... shoot me now
  4. Sounds to me like he's just covering his ass, incase it did happen, he like the rest of us know nothing, since CC and DC have come in, the way we do transfer deals has become very secret with only a few people in the know, and he will find news out around the same time as most other journo's these days which is probably a few hours before a club statement
  5. Both wigan and wolves did the double relegation from the prem then from the champ, its a culture shock to some of these prem players they have to adapt quick and have the righr mindset from day 1
  6. Chansiri stated after wembley that our best players would not be sold, so the bit about a bid being accepted is BS in my opinion and also westwood isnt a mercenary like antonio jumping from ship to ship to see if things are better over there, westwood recognizes that we gave him his second bite of the cherry and have had faith in him and he is repaying it, plus didnt he turn everton or liverpool down last season so i dont think for a minute he'd goto boro
  7. apparently no team has ever come back from a 2 - 0 loss in the 1st leg of a championship play off..... lets carry on that tradition and get at them from second 1 until the ref blows for the end
  8. Lopez signed a new contract the day before we got him on loan with a release clause of £11m, so unless his parent club are happy for him have another year out on loan i cant see him staying
  9. good job fessi is from argentina...anyway watford fans have called him that for years so i think he's used to it..... type forestieri into facebook and let it translate for you..i think it means strange or stranger so i reckon he's used to people getting the meaning of his name wrong
  10. its been put on reserve by sky.... if us and them are vying for a play off place sky want to televise it so it will be moved to accommodate them
  11. Oi you knicked my post off TWS facebook group
  12. On the topic of why parents and kids support different teams, my mother and older brother are both pig fans and im an owl, reason is upto the age of 3 we lived in lambert street flats behind west bar cop shop so were closer the the lane and they got drawn there, at the age of 3 to 19 i lived on deerlands ave on the cross and almost everyone was an owl so i gravitated toward the mighty owls and oh how ive loved taking the wee wee the last few years
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