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  1. Good health for all Owls and a team to be proud of
  2. Given that the Swansea fans went into meltdown when Carlos was appointed, it's hardly surprising that he would come out with this utter drivel. Anyway he's history now, so let's concentrate on all things Wednesday.
  3. I am sad that Carlos has gone today, not that I think he shouldn't have, because I felt he should have gone after waving the white flag against Huddersfield, but because it means my beloved Owls are struggling. I think if we are being honest most of us liked Carlos the man but sadly began to lose respect for him during the course of this season due to his stubbornness and rambling interviews, some of which were embarrassing. Yes I wish him well for the future and wished the Chairman had made the decision sooner so he would not be leaving at Christmas which is awful timing on a human level, but as an Owl of many decades ,all I want is what is best for my club ,which in my humble opinion this decision undoubtedly is.
  4. I'm with you on this one Tinks. Will happily donate £50 if we get promoted whether auto or via play-offs. But I will be keeping my clothes on if we do it!!!!
  5. Not beating up Carlos mate, simply stating that in my opinion, Winnall was not given a fair crack of the whip by Carlos. In my opinion Carlos has his favourites and Sam was not one of them and the fact that he is probably happy and enjoying his football at Derby seems to be a problem for some, which I think is unfair on the lad.I don't believe most Owls wanted Winnall to be loaned out as he always gave his all on the few occasions he was given the shirt
  6. Do you think Carlos's decision to play Big Dave ahead of Winnall against Huddersfield in the semi was a good one or is Winnall entitled to be a bit hacked off?
  7. Hardly surprising that he is enjoying himself given how poorly Carlos treated him
  8. Yes we do but we need to get rid of Carlos too otherwise FF will have little if any impact
  9. He knows he buys poo as he never plays them!!!!!!!!!!
  10. OMG my fellow Owls can't believe some are falling out over the shirts-i think each to their own applies here. Yes, I would prefer stripes ,but those who choose to purchase one will no doubt wear it with pride just as I will continue to wear an older striped version with pride. WAWAW after all.
  11. Me too, I am prepared to look bobbar and smell of bobbar
  12. If we get promoted -you're having a giraffe mate!!!!!!!
  13. Never mind the players being mental, I think I must be, spending my hard earned dosh every week watching them!!!!!!!!!
  14. I know I want a change in manager but to turn CC into pet food seems a little harsh!!!!!
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