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  1. Sorry meant to give you positive feed back
  2. Everything that could go wrong today DID,however, I think we simply need to put it to bed and move on. Lets stay with Jos and the lads because it's times like now that the team need us, the supporters, to back them. Hopefully get enough points to see us safe and let Jos start with a clean slate, fresh ideas, changes in personnel and show us what he can bring to the table next season. Come on my fellow Owls, keep calm, keep the faith and believe that things will get better. Before anyone asks, yes, I was there today and yes I always will be there, as a season ticket holder of 40 years I have seen it all before!!
  3. You couldn't make it up. Put them all in a box ,label ,FRAGILE,HANDLE WITH CARE reopen box July 1st for pre season training. What an absolute shambles
  4. What a night that was. Atkinson's Barmy Army,bloody marvellous, happy, happy days. Threads like this, is why I love Owlstalk!!!!!!
  5. Cracking good thread, find myself smiling at all the photos. Happy days, what following our beloved Owls is all about!!!!!
  6. Well done lads ,a good point, another youngster blooded and another game closer to perhaps having one or two players back. Jos is definitely getting the best out of what is available to him at the moment.
  7. A very brave man and an inspiration. R.I.P. Ian
  8. Liking what I am hearing and seeing from Jos. Comes across as a calm and thoughtful man and as a likeable individual who players will respond to and want to play for. I think he has the man management skills and experience to get the best out of all our squad, older pro's and youngsters alike. Feeling very positive about our longer term future, we are now in experienced hands.
  9. First impressions of our new man is that he knows the job, appears to have real tactical knowhow and will make the tough decisions required to take us to the promised land. I really feel that given a pre season and squad reshaping in the summer Jos is going to have us up in the top two next season-we are going to be super fit ,super organised and man managed in a professional way.I am genuinely excited by his appointment, the Chairman may just have struck gold.
  10. To all my fellow Owls, before you go to bed have a little smile and look up to the sky and thank your lucky stars that you were born an Owl
  11. Not sure he will fit in as he appears to have a six pack and not a spare tyre!!!!!
  12. I agree but a damn sight better than Carlos's double dutch!!!!!
  13. My thinking is that if he continues to hold meetings with supporters and changes nothing then he is simply leaving himself wide open to much criticism so therefore why bother to hold meetings in the first place. You may well be right, and things don't change ,all I am saying, is that I am willing to give him a second chance and hope that he is starting to learn from previous mistakes and realise that running a football club is unlike running a normal business as you don't normally have many thousands of other people scrutinising your every move and being" in love" and caring passionately with something you own!!!
  14. Think we need to give the chairman a chance. Given recent events maybe he is now beginning to see that there are many areas that are not quite right at the club and I ,for one, am willing to give him the chance to rectify some of these issues, so lets reserve judgement Maybe I"m gullible, but I'm willing to believe that he wants to do the right thing by the fans and the club, which I don't underestimate is a really difficult juggling act. I simply feel that he is an honourable man and will try to do his best to find solutions
  15. Welcome Jos to our wonderful football club.A club of tradition, a club of history and a club that enjoys a very large and loyal fan base.A fan base deprived of much success over the last 20 years ,who ,quite frankly, deserve better, something I think you will soon realise now you are officially one of us. I wish you every success and hope you can become a legend in our" future history". To all my fellow Owls, let's be patient, as we are all acutely aware that there is much to be sorted out,let's give Jos and the boys our full backing and hope that the footballing god's decide that it's our turn for some happy memorable times ahead. UTO WAWAW
  16. Like most folk I know absolutely nothing about Jos, but if nothing else I suspect that his spoken english will be good like most Dutch people which can only be better for the players because god knows I struggled to understand what Carlos was talking about most of the time let alone the players in the heat of battle. Furthermore, having spent all his management career in Germany I suspect he will bring the german philosophy of hard work, discipline and organisation with him.which given our current predicament can only be a good thing. If he is to be our new coach/manager,then he gets my backing 100% from the off, because I will do whatever it takes to get my beloved club back on the up and moving forwards.
  17. Good news, now lets give the youngsters a chance on Saturday,see what they can do and therefore not pick up any more "injuries " to senior players. Please do it Bully!!!!!
  18. Like all Owls I am disappointed at the recent decline on the pitch, but ,I do feel the chairman is trying to move the club forwards,He has undoubtedly made mistakes but given his lack of footballing experience and knowledge it was more than likely to happen. It strikes me that he has tried to generate income by increasing ticket prices, putting his name on everything for sponsorship revenue,tried to produce the kit in house to make more money but unfortunately all seem to have backfired, but had they worked and the team produced the goods on the pitch we would probably be singing his praises. Let's give him a second chance, I feel sure he wants success as much as we do. So come on you Owls let's back him, the new CEO and the new coach/manager and backroom staff, we are better than this and I hate to see us falling out amongst ourselves.Let's stick together ,cheer on the boys and do everything we can to help turn around our fortunes.
  19. Good lad ,definitely cheered me up. Only hope our young supporters will see us in the premier league sooner rather than later. UTO
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