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  1. So sorry for your loss fellow owl. Stay strong and take care.
  2. Think that's how I looked at 4.50pm last Saturday
  3. Wednesday fans simply the best.Shame we can't say the same about the team.Absolute respect to our away supporters, very proud of each and everyone of you as the support you give the team is so vocal and 100%dedicated.Well done boys and girls!!!!!
  4. Happy birthday fellow Owl -a lovely pressie!
  5. Living in Huddersfield just been told by a friend ITK that Cowley's in advanced talks with the Terriers.
  6. As a reasonable sized football club its about time we went after other clubs managers and not try and be honourable and only look at out of work ones. I wanted to say "massive" club, but at present we don't act like one. Like all Owls I'm bloody frustrated with the lack of leadership from the top. So please Mr Chairman act now and go and get a top quality manager by using some of the compensation we got for Bruce and stop being Mr Nicey Nicey and do. to others what has been done to us. I don't give a throw about other clubs losing their manager to us, all I care about is my club!!!
  7. No hissy fitting my friend.Those of us that were unfortunate to go to the game today endured an abject performance from both players and "management"alike. Yes QPR were dirty, cheating scrubbers, yes the referee was diabolical but the team with more desire and with a manager with more nouse won the day. We lacked leadership both on and off the pitch and any opposition manager watching that display will know exactly how to beat us in future. As much as I love Bully he is not the man to lead us and our Chairman must act now before we lose ground on the top six teams.My opinion only, but I believe with the right man in charge we have a squad more than capable of having a real go this season.
  8. Truly shocking news. Rest in peace Junior.
  9. Bloody lovely driving through Dingleland today with my Owls plate. Yes I know a boast post!
  10. Lost in space.........thought that that was Simonsen's penalty kick!!!!!!!
  11. Seriously are any of us really surprised by the actions of the S2 scrubbers. Just a shame they wasted money which they could have given to charity to mark their promotion.
  12. As much as i dislike the scrubbers from the stain my love for Wednesday is greater so for me a win for us and if that does them a favour so be it.
  13. What a great week we have had.Our long awaited manager is here and already having an affect.3 new signings with pace to add competition to those areas/players we all know have been weak areas but it seems it is having the desired affect on said players. Positive coverage on radio and television and 3 points to boot. Enjoy the rest of the weekend my fellow Owls. Dare to dream!!!
  14. Really disappointing news for the club, the players themselves and fans alike, but deep down I suspect most of us are far from surprised. Given this and the Winnall setback we the fans really need to get behind the lads who do pull on the shirt and do our bit and hope that the young ones continue to develop, the senior pro's like Tom Lees regain their confidence and Jos along with DC can find one or two gems from abroad or the lower leagues who can improve the squad on what will be a very tight budget in January. Although it pains me to say it, we the fans, must not make comparisons with anything the scrubbers from S2 may or may not achieve this season as this will simply heap more pressure on players and management alike who right now have enough on three plate. Let's give Jos time to work and develop the young ones, their is much talent within the U18's and U23's and I just have a sneaky feeling that in 12-18 months time we will have a team of homegrown talent to be proud of.
  15. Afraid to say I am one of those to leave early when it's a midweek match as I don't live in Sheffield and need to avoid the traffic as I have to get up at 3.30am for work the next morning. So please be more understanding of those of us that travel a fair distance and don't work a 9 to 5 job but still make the effort to support our team and buy season tickets. WAWAW
  16. Would like to think the club would invite you and Lisa to be guests
  17. Great to hear you are doing so well Ricky. You have been through so much, i hope life is kinder to you and your good lady in the future. Good luck my fellow Owl and see you at the home of football really soon!!!
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