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  1. No one is too good for us .......We are Wednesday!!!!!!
  2. Welcome back Tinks You have been missed Hopefully [in a bizarre kind of way] being back on site with your fellow Owls will bring a little light relief. I wish you well on your road to recovery
  3. Think Windass could be a decent signing.We need a couple of more experienced players in, who have an "edge" to their game, that can help the younger lads during games and put a foot in when necessary.This season is going to be a dog fight to stay up and we will need players like Windass who have a bit of nastiness in them.I am sick of seeing us bullied on the pitch.
  4. Without doubt the chairman has made a complete mess of our finances and failed to hire proper "football people" and yes is 100% at fault for the situation we find ourselves in.However, we can overcome -12 points and survive next season, its up to GM to prove his worth and for us to back the team not matter how angry, frustrated or totally pissed off we feel. Given the very real possibility of no crowds, season ticket refunds etc next season amid the ongoing pandemic we may find that we are grateful to have a wealthy chairman who is willing to spend his money to keep our beloved club afloat when there could be little or no income.So lets give him a chance to make up for his failings, after all, I'm sure he wants what we want otherwise why else would he have bought the club given the huge amount a grief most football chairmen receive. I'm really not confident that there is a queue of potential buyers out there for us as even the wealthy will be concerned whilst ever Covid 19 is around. Chins up fellow Owls we will come back from this but we need to all stick together and continue our support for our club and just maybe we might be pleasantly surprised by GM and the boys........give them a chance.
  5. A better effort than the useless beggars in blue& white after xmas
  6. Agree but since when did Wednesday do anything quickly
  7. I think we are all pretty much cut from the same cloth.We love them, we curse them and at times we hate them and then we love them again. We are born Owls we are faithful to the end and no matter what we will always support our beloved Wednesday.Like many I am really down in the dumps about such a thoroughly miserable season, however, when next season kicks off regardless of which division we find ourselves in I will be there cheering on the blue& white wizards either at home or hopefully at Hillsboro believing that it might just be "our season" and they will make us proud again.Whatever they will always be one of the love's of my life!
  8. Unfortunately us being poo from Boxing Day has sent us down.Monk and co should take a long hard look at themselves and then walk.
  9. Second division now fifth division coming up!!!!!!!!
  10. So sorry for your loss fellow owl. Stay strong and take care.
  11. Think that's how I looked at 4.50pm last Saturday
  12. Wednesday fans simply the best.Shame we can't say the same about the team.Absolute respect to our away supporters, very proud of each and everyone of you as the support you give the team is so vocal and 100%dedicated.Well done boys and girls!!!!!
  13. Living in Huddersfield just been told by a friend ITK that Cowley's in advanced talks with the Terriers.
  14. As a reasonable sized football club its about time we went after other clubs managers and not try and be honourable and only look at out of work ones. I wanted to say "massive" club, but at present we don't act like one. Like all Owls I'm bloody frustrated with the lack of leadership from the top. So please Mr Chairman act now and go and get a top quality manager by using some of the compensation we got for Bruce and stop being Mr Nicey Nicey and do. to others what has been done to us. I don't give a throw about other clubs losing their manager to us, all I care about is my club!!!
  15. No hissy fitting my friend.Those of us that were unfortunate to go to the game today endured an abject performance from both players and "management"alike. Yes QPR were dirty, cheating scrubbers, yes the referee was diabolical but the team with more desire and with a manager with more nouse won the day. We lacked leadership both on and off the pitch and any opposition manager watching that display will know exactly how to beat us in future. As much as I love Bully he is not the man to lead us and our Chairman must act now before we lose ground on the top six teams.My opinion only, but I believe with the right man in charge we have a squad more than capable of having a real go this season.
  16. Truly shocking news. Rest in peace Junior.
  17. Bloody lovely driving through Dingleland today with my Owls plate. Yes I know a boast post!
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