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  1. What a great week we have had.Our long awaited manager is here and already having an affect.3 new signings with pace to add competition to those areas/players we all know have been weak areas but it seems it is having the desired affect on said players. Positive coverage on radio and television and 3 points to boot. Enjoy the rest of the weekend my fellow Owls. Dare to dream!!!
  2. ScrappyOwl

    If Heineken did fabulous weeks!

    Think I've had too many already!!!!!!
  3. ScrappyOwl

    If Heineken did fabulous weeks!

    Yes got my lagers mixed up, HIC!
  4. Really disappointing news for the club, the players themselves and fans alike, but deep down I suspect most of us are far from surprised. Given this and the Winnall setback we the fans really need to get behind the lads who do pull on the shirt and do our bit and hope that the young ones continue to develop, the senior pro's like Tom Lees regain their confidence and Jos along with DC can find one or two gems from abroad or the lower leagues who can improve the squad on what will be a very tight budget in January. Although it pains me to say it, we the fans, must not make comparisons with anything the scrubbers from S2 may or may not achieve this season as this will simply heap more pressure on players and management alike who right now have enough on three plate. Let's give Jos time to work and develop the young ones, their is much talent within the U18's and U23's and I just have a sneaky feeling that in 12-18 months time we will have a team of homegrown talent to be proud of.
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    Jos a little patience

    Spot on m'Lord
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    Dont understand

    Afraid to say I am one of those to leave early when it's a midweek match as I don't live in Sheffield and need to avoid the traffic as I have to get up at 3.30am for work the next morning. So please be more understanding of those of us that travel a fair distance and don't work a 9 to 5 job but still make the effort to support our team and buy season tickets. WAWAW
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    Ricky Moate Update

    Would like to think the club would invite you and Lisa to be guests
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    Ricky Moate Update

    Great to hear you are doing so well Ricky. You have been through so much, i hope life is kinder to you and your good lady in the future. Good luck my fellow Owl and see you at the home of football really soon!!!
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    Ricky update /story

    Wonderful news, here's hoping our fellow Owl makes a full recovery and is back at Hillsborough watching his beloved team really soon. Having been through so much I hope life is now much kinder to you. All the best mate WAWAW
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    Lovely photos what the day is all about.
  11. Well done the two guys who helped Wishing your father a full and speedy recovery
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    R I P mum and fly high

    Obviously a lady of impeccable taste
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    R I P mum and fly high

    So sorry for your loss Tinks, may your mum rest in peace. Thinking of you. WAWAW
  14. Serves the bar stewards right!!!!
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    Nice Words

    Simple,we're bloody lovely!!!!!!
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    Loovens on Sunday

    Agree 100%
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    Anyone remember this guy

    I made one of Abdi and his legs gave way after ten minutes!!!
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    Big Thank You To SWFC

    Well done SWFC and well done Striggy for organising the day for your mum. I'm sure it is a day you will both always treasure, something I think supporting a club is all about.
  19. Having just listened to Jos on Radio Sheffield it is very clear that his ability to speak english has improved no end and I feel sure that this along with returning players and a little more time with the squad on the training ground has comtributed to an upturn in our performances and ultimately results. I really believe that Jos could prove to be a very shrewd appointment and exciting times may lay ahead for us next season.
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    Nuhiu's Second Goal

    Like many I felt that Atty simply wasn't good enough at this level but on the evidence of the last 3 months I stand corrected. I guess it shows that not only does commitment and perseverance pay off but so does a run of matches and I suspect a little belief from the manager. So well done big man, you proved me wrong, which delights me, as I never doubted your love for the club and well done Jos for man managing in such a way that Dave is like a man possessed and bristling with confidence. Today's 2nd half performance made me a very proud Owl today.
  21. Looks like our Jordan" I will be scoring for fun next season"Rhodes
  22. RIP fellow Owl Fly high
  23. As an ex scrubber doesn't deserve anything better!!!