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  1. Absolutely this, Let DM and his coaches identify the players THEY want and bloody Chansiri and Paxo keep out as they have proved time and again they know jackshit
  2. I'd love to share your positivity but I simply have not seen the required fight and determination from the vast majority of our players to give me any kind of hope for the remaining 13 matches.Should DM conjure up a miracle and save our skins I will happily donate £50 to the childrens hospital
  3. Oh Chansiri why did you not go and get us a bloody manager that knew what they were doing
  4. For those who said no thanks to us appointing an experienced championship manager just look what McCarthy is doing at Cardiff. You need experience to get out of the complete and utter mess we are in and Thompson has proved he isn’t up to it with crap decisions made this week I’m afraid we have League one written all over us . Thanks Chansiri
  5. Never mind the players doing a little madness, think we poor fans are suffering from madness following this complete basket case of a club!!!
  6. Quite simply I really want JR to come good as that is not only good news for us but also for the lad as he comes across as a likeable fella. Go on TP give him a fair crack!!!
  7. Really think that the club should find a role for Reda His passion for us is amazing for a non boyhood fan Love him
  8. More than this useless bunch deserve.Sometimes we are too loyal
  9. Bloody love his attitude. Really think we have a team with "BALLS" now, just what we need to get out of this shitty mess and stay in the division.
  10. Think Windass could be a decent signing.We need a couple of more experienced players in, who have an "edge" to their game, that can help the younger lads during games and put a foot in when necessary.This season is going to be a dog fight to stay up and we will need players like Windass who have a bit of nastiness in them.I am sick of seeing us bullied on the pitch.
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