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  1. RIP fellow Owl Fly high
  2. As an ex scrubber doesn't deserve anything better!!!
  3. How you feeling tonight?

    At least the boys did us proud before you go!!!! Only kidding buddy, get well soon
  4. Can't make tonight either but 6-0 would be bloody lovely
  5. Love Owls but definitely don't want to eat one. Come to think of it we are all Owls so this would be cannabolism
  6. RIP Georgia Rae

    This 100%
  7. RIP Georgia Rae

    You are one top bloke mate
  8. RIP Georgia Rae

    My heart goes out to you all, absolutely devastating news. I cannot begin to imagine how those closest to baby Georgia Rae are feeling, suffice to say I will be making a donation. R.I.P little Owl may you fly with the angels.
  9. Yes, absolutely been so disappointed with all Abdi's injury woes, like many tend to think any kind of comeback might be short lived BUT with our current lack of midfield creativity just 2 or 3 games from him may be just enough to help us secure enough points for safety. Right now that will do just fine by me.
  10. Get well soon mate. Did a great job for Ricky, you deserve so much better. WAWAW
  11. Sorry fella hope you loose your £50
  12. Winnall

    Sorry meant to give you positive feed back
  13. Moaners

    Everything that could go wrong today DID,however, I think we simply need to put it to bed and move on. Lets stay with Jos and the lads because it's times like now that the team need us, the supporters, to back them. Hopefully get enough points to see us safe and let Jos start with a clean slate, fresh ideas, changes in personnel and show us what he can bring to the table next season. Come on my fellow Owls, keep calm, keep the faith and believe that things will get better. Before anyone asks, yes, I was there today and yes I always will be there, as a season ticket holder of 40 years I have seen it all before!!
  14. You couldn't make it up. Put them all in a box ,label ,FRAGILE,HANDLE WITH CARE reopen box July 1st for pre season training. What an absolute shambles