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  1. When Carlos is interviewed on TV

    No, just not a talking utter nonsense like you
  2. Those wanting Carlos out

    Totally agree, although wanted CC out after Huddersfield play off debacle
  3. When Carlos is interviewed on TV

    More blade twaddle
  4. When Carlos is interviewed on TV

    Must be a blade writing this twaddle
  5. Haunted

    Out of order, we [CC and players-not fans] got what we deserved, we were pathetic, don't blame Clarke for our shortcomings, he simply did his job for those that pay him. Pity we can't say the same about our lot who should be ashamed to take their wages this week-to want someone's legs broken is shameful
  6. Could all be forgotten...

    Not with CC in charge, more chance of winning the lottery
  7. New song for Carlos

    Glad someone enjoyed yesterday's farce. Wake up and smell the coffee!!!!
  8. We need our Wilder

    Carlos has had more than enough time to remedy these issues but has failed to address them. Yesterdays disorganised ,insipid, spineless performance tell you everything about his ability to take us forwards. Promotion-dream on
  9. "Pashun"

    Yes, all week much fun at Wilder's expenses regarding his and his team's "pashun",well he certainly has had the last laugh on this occasion. Like all Owls ,I am just so disappointed in our performance, our lack of desire and fight but sadly not totally surprised by it. If we are being honest many of us feared todays debacle was a definite possibility as many of todays failings have been apparent in other games this season but we have got out of jail mainly due to Hooper's performances and goals. We have run our race under Carlos,we look short on inspiration/ideas, both on and off the pitch, i simply don't get the feeling that he is able to do more and like many people in their working lives he needs a new challenge.He is a spent force at Wednesday. Given that he seems an honourable man I hope he does the honourable thing and departs before the atmosphere becomes toxic and we forget that truly enjoyable ride of a first season we had with him. This is not just a reaction to today's game but I would be lying if I said it didn't hurt like hell to lose to the scrubbers.
  10. Football is brilliant

    In your dreams mate more likely relegation with this manager
  11. Wednesday 2 : 4 United - MATCHDAY THREAD

    THIS We are fabulous!!!!!!!!!
  12. 500 not out

    Well done mates true OWL!!!!!!! We are all going to have a great day. BELIEVE
  13. Hutch abdi loovens

    Very harsh on Jones-he's one of ours, he wears blue& white, how can you detest him-Sorry mate but I think your comment is out of order