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  1. Two Dilemmas

    Stick with the 11 that has produced the run we've just been on (excluding Fulham)...why try reinventing the wheel when the 11 CC has found works Only change would be Hooper if the injury is true. For me it would be Rhodes in his place, Winall on the bench. Whatever the line up is though the most import thing is we get behind the team and trust CC's choice. 12th man needs to be in top form over these next 2 hopefully 3 games
  2. Pudil vs. Fox

    Having just won 5 on the bounce i wouldn't be changing anything if possible about the starting 11...keeping the momentum going right when it matters If we secure a play off spot against Ipswich then maybe rest players carrying a knock against Fulham
  3. Favourite has to be the 1997 kit simply because it was the first one my dad bought me back when i was 5/6 (still have it in the wardrobe in the juniors size hanging in there) If i had to choose one out of all the past and present kits id go with the 1903 - just looks clean and tidy. Big fan of the black shorts and socks combo