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  1. Bored

    Are we? I didn't know that either
  2. Is it just me who's bored of Wednesday at the moment? I didn't go to the game yesterday, I didn't even bother checking the result till I remembered we'd played in the evening. Then when I did see the result I wasn't shocked at all, nor disappointed There's just an air of 'meh' at the moment, and im sure I'm not alone A few weeks ago I was angry at the club, wanted Carlos sacked and was gutted about the derby result Now I'm not that bothered. I might sound a bit flouncey here but i dont have any plans on spending cash at Hillsborough again. Not while the product is so average and the interest isn't there. I dont care about the George Hirst scenario, nor about the shirt or anything else to do with Wednesday at the moment And to top it all off its perfectly clear the owner has no interest in the fans, and is only doing stuff to suit his agenda and what he wants Which is fair enough, he's spent enough money on us to warrant that. But to me, the average fan, it has created a complete sense of disengagement from the club - something I've never felt in my time supporting Wednesday We need a shake up I think, something to get people like me interested and engaged again The first season under Carlos was great fun, as was the second season (at least towards the end anyway). This season is just dire though. We wont finish top 6, it will be a season wasted, and honestly, I truly sympathise with those who have season tickets this year Maybe next year
  3. England are looking to shape up in a 3-4-3 by the looks of it in the immediate future By that reckoning, we are looking at more of an advanced forward in an attacking position, then a wingback in the midfield four So, for reference... The list of potential players ahead of Reach: Rashford Lingard Lallana Oxlade-Chamberlain Raheem Sterling Theo Walcott James Milner This list is just off the top of my head Then there's other players who aren't quite there yet but probably will be, for example Demarai Gray. So far then, that attacking left position in the front 3 is gone Let's look at the '4' in midfield then and who could get a look in there. Ryan Bertrand Luke Shaw Leighton Baines Kieran Gibbs Danny Rose Ryan Cresswell The list goes on, and then when you chuck in outsiders such as Charlie Daniels and Ben Mee it gets worse So for clarity, we have 7 established international 'attacking' left sided players and 6 midfield left players. These are established England international's who play weekly in the Premier League. And that's not even considering the players in both the Premier League and Championship who are both a better standard and playing at a higher level than Reach at the moment but can't get near the England side now will they for the immediate future I've not even touched upon the youth sides for England who have had tremendous success at their respective levels recently and by 2019 could be good bets to be in the England squad To sum up then - there's absolutely zero (and I mean ZERO) chance Reach makes the England squad ever in his entire career And im a pretty big fan of him and think he's a good player I've read some stupid stuff on here over the past few months but that tops the lot. And then you actually had the temerity to try to argue for it. Fair play, but bloody daft mate
  4. This cannot be serious, surely
  5. I'd actually argue that West Ham are one of the few sides in the Premier League that would actually give Moyes a decent go after seeing how long they stuck with the shambles that was Bilic.
  6. Everything he says is an excuse. It's a sign of a defeated man who doesn't know how to get out of this situation and so resorts to blaming everybody but himself It's almost pitiful at this point. I've tried to stick up for Carlos but as I've said in my posts today I've turned now after Saturday's game.
  7. “Clueless

    There is no place in football for looking into the past Who cares if he 'achieved' something last year? What does that now count for? In my opinion, nothing. I wish Carlos could turn it round but watching that pathetic performance at the weekend has left me in no doubt he doesn't have it in him to do it To succeed in both the business world and football, you need to evolve and adapt. Staleness promotes a lack of progression and at the moment Carlos seems incapable of inspiring the team to success His tactics are outdated, his personality has gone stale and there's nothing positive about his leadership of the team at the moment It's time for him to go. Last year means nothing now sadly (and what a terrific roger up of a fantastic opportunity too from Carlos) and at the moment we're poo We've reached Carlos' peak, it's time to try something new
  8. Personally I'm flipping sick of the excuses There isn't more than a handful of squads in this division that are worth more, or have better personnel, than ours The league is hard? What utter testicles, stop making excuses and get on with it. Every competitive league is hard, he wasn't using these excuses last year and the league is considerably weaker this season than it has been for years It's a load of poo and exactly why he needs to go While proclaiming we 'need to be positive' he is trying to plant the seed that 'the league is hard' almost indicating were hard done to and perhaps even over achieving Pull your finger out and be a man for flips sake Carlos and grow a pair No more negative poo about it being a hard league We're a good team with good attacking players and should be in the top six this year challenging for the top two Show some passion, show some desire to win and stop being such an insufferably negative arsehole If ever there was evidence he needs to go it's the things I've quoted. No doubt he's feeding this crap to Chansiri too who seems to be lapping it up
  9. Frederico Venancio

    When was the last time you watched it? Can you name the Portuguese teams in the Europa League? How about the Portuguese cup finalists last year? Not to question you, but its just plain wrong to suggest Portuguese football is bad. The top teams are dominant, but the rest of the standard is still surprisingly good.
  10. Frederico Venancio

    Exactly. All you have to do is look at Wolves and how their Portuguese transformation has turned them into (arguably) the most exciting side in the league. I'd seriously question anybody that is employed by SWFC saying Portugal's top flight was crap. Would suggest to me they don't watch it.
  11. Frederico Venancio

    Portuguese football is very underrated. There are some terrific teams in that top division.
  12. Genuine question...

    I think a good way to look at it is the situation in Spain. Real Madrid and Barcelona are undisputed top dogs. They dominate the league and win most trophies both domestically and in European competitions. However, the scale of their dominance varies. Under Guardiola, and more recently, Luis Enrique, Barcelona have been absolutely fantastically amazing for some time. However, at the moment, they are in crisis and arguably need an identity shift. Real Madrid conversely, have been fantastic under Zidane. Yet about three years ago, they were a mess under Benitez. In both circumstances - the overall squads aren't actually that different to what they were. However... Both sides needed a change in thinking to reinvigorate them (And that is what Barcelona need at the moment). I'm not suggesting Carlos needs to go with this post (I think he should but it doesnt seem likely).. But we do need an identity change. This tippy tappy 5'7 beautiful football poo isn't working, and we need some athletes in the side and a more direct, counter attacking philosophy. Carlos can do this both through recruitment and coaching. We were fantastic in his first year here, and some clever investment and a squad refresh could be all we need.
  13. Heard tonight that Chansiri has got a short list together of managers to pursue when Carlos goes. Three names on the list: Garry Monk Aitor Karanka Paul Hurst Will be Karanka in my opinion.