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  1. Alexa

    The end is nigh.
  2. U23s v QPR

    Because premier league clubs have links, the best academy prospects go to bigger clubs and many clubs go to them to ask for loans
  3. Van aken

    Doesn't it make a nice change when players have good technical ability rather than just being battering rams when playing at centre back?
  4. Tom Lees

    Another fine example of everything that's wrong with British football. That's a truly prehistoric perspective towards modern day football, and has no relevance to success at international level now.
  5. Tom Lees

    And that post perfectly sums up everything that's wrong with British ideas of football and British football in general.
  6. Sheffield United at home

    We're going to flipping idiot them off the park.
  7. Tom Lees

    They have
  8. Tom Lees

    Not even close, he's a good player but nowhere near England standard.
  9. Since his arrival in 2015, Carlos Carvalhal has revolutionised the style of play at Sheffield Wednesday. Upon first being appointed, he was branded as an 'unknown' by expert pundits, but has subsequently planted a continental style of play upon The Owls - something which, when at its best, enthrals both neutrals and fans of the club. Following our match against Brentford last night, something struck me. I've often wondered who, and what, Carlos bases our style of play upon - and I think I've cracked it. Total football. Now before you all scoff, let me explain. In recent matches, a lot of our success has come from link-ups and partnerships. For the first time in quite a while, we lined up with the same side in consecutive matches. But what particularly struck me about this was the fact that so many of our line-up have played in a multitude of different positions throughout Carlos' tenure. Adam Reach = left back, left wing Ross Wallace = right wing, left wing and central midfield Barry Bannan = left midfield, right midfield and central midfield Kieran Lee = everywhere Gary Hooper = striker, attacking midfield Even players like Stephen Fletcher have played on the wing (albeit, in an attacking sense rather than a traditional winger). What this provides is great fluidity. Players fill in to various different positions, and play multiple roles. And that is something which is the very definition of the style of play that is entitled total football. The similarities continue. Exponents of total football such as the late Jimmy Hogan utilised an intriguing midfield set up: a runner, a passer and a breaker. Looking at last night's fixture, we lined up in the exact same fashion. Kieran Lee as the runner, Bannan as the passer and David Jones as the breaker. Total football also relied heavily upon full backs who were adept at joining up with the attack and providing new avenues through opposition defences. Adam Reach and Jack Hunt do this superbly. Finally, and in my opinion the key to our current play style, the role of Gary Hooper mimics the late and great Johann Cruyff. Hooper has, in recent matches, been given complete freedom to pop up where he wants. Naturally, being the fantastic goalscorer that he is, that's usually in between the opposition centre backs, but he also enjoys being a link man in midfield - which coincides with Lee's role who often replaces him inside the opposition box. Of course, that isn't to say Carlos sticks rigidly to such an unusual blueprint. We play a flat 4-4-2 out of possession, and players are still given positions to stick to.. BUT... While at times the performances have been lacking, results havent always been perfect and often the system fails, Carlos has revolutionised at The Owls, and created an extraordinary, unique play style that we should cherish while we can. Not many other managers in the Championship are capable of implementing such a dramatic shift in tactics, so successfully. Make the most of it folks, it's not perfect (And never will be) but you're witnessing something that is rarely seen at Hillsborough at the moment.
  10. Forget that first half.... Come out and own the second, come on Wednesday!!
  11. Brentford are a very good side with a very good manager. Need to up it second half, hopefully they'll start to sit back.
  12. Get at them from the start please Wednesday.
  13. Adam Reach

    Completely agree. Full of confidence at the moment though and it shows.