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  1. I posted this a month ago... Never more relevant.
  2. In all seriousness, Clare would be silly not to take an offer from Tottenham. Second best manager in England, playing for a forward thinking and progressive team - in a system that brings youth in. Brilliant chance for him. But its testicles, and he'll sign a new deal.
  3. But if Carlos was still in charge we wouldn't have lost that today. 2-1 up at half time too. Shame because we played well, but absolute clusterfuck at the back.
  4. This guy will be a key figure for us next season.. He has all the hallmarks a modern day midfielder needs. He's tall, athletic, versatile, a willing runner in midfield and a bundle of energy. Him alongside Kieran Lee and Barry Bannan could be a very exciting proposition. In a woeful season, his performance against Derby was a rare highlight. I'm really excited a genuine midfield talent is coming through the ranks at Wednesday. First of all though, he needs a new contract... In regards to his development, I've no doubt he's going to be an asset for us.
  5. Mainly because they aren't as good as many of our fans make out, and dictate the shape of our squad.
  6. Sell Bannan, Lees, Westwood. Get rid of pretty much everybody - Loovens, Abdi, Butterfield, Matias, Nuhiu... And just start again. Rebuild the squad. This one is ruined beyond repair, bloated squad riddled with injury prone players, overinflated wages, lack of passion, lack of talent. Keep believing the hype from two years ago - but our team is not even close to being good enough at present. We're in serious trouble, and anybody who denies it seriously has their head in the sand.
  7. I'm a huge, huge fan of Jordan Rhodes. I think he's a fantastic player, goalscorer and a really nice bloke too. But if we can get him off out on loan, where his wages can be covered then it makes complete financial sense. If we can sell him and recoup most of our transfer fee - even more so. Whoever gets him will get goals, but he just doesn't fit with us, which is a terrible shame considering.
  8. Some of you football fans reading this out there may be aware that Tottenham today have signed a player by the name of Lucas Moura from PSG. Moura, now 25, was once titled the 'next Messi' and was compared in stature (in some situations even better) to Neymar. In the announcement of his arrival today, Spurs manager Mauricio Pochettino titled his signing an 'opportunity' Now any moderators reading this topic by now are probably preparing to move it to the non-swfc section, but bear with me.... By 'opportunity' - Pochettino was referring to Moura as a very good player currently out of favour. A bargain in this current climate at £25m (the same day Mahrez is being touted for £50m+....) This is what Wednesday need to stick to looking to do. We saw some elements of it under Carlos; signing Barry Bannan on a free transfer; Forestieri for £3m; Almen Abdi for £3m etc... and it is a policy we need to stick with in my opinion. The transfer market at the moment is going crazy. Gary Madine is being sold for SIX MILLION POUNDS. That's almost the price we paid for Jordan Rhodes who is twice the player. Whilst a lot of our fans seem a little disappointed with our transfer dealings - I for one am delighted. We arent forcing it, trying to make statement signings and ripping the squad up. There's no question our squad needs a refresh - but to refresh it correctly it needs the right players. Out of favour players; players who's contracts are running down; just returning from injury; loans... There's a lot of opportunity out there - and I shudder to see the day when Wednesday compete with this crazy Championship market. If we are capable of replicating Tottenhams world class set up under Jos then i for one will be delighted. Clever thinking goes a long way in life, and this is most certainly true for football. Build youth, sign the right players and don't aim to be the biggest spenders. Jos is setting the right tone, the right agenda, from the get-go - something which vanished under Carlos.
  9. None of them are defensive midfielders.
  10. Kante is a complete exception. Apart from Makalele when was the last time a player his size was as good as he is at shielding the defence? It just doesn't happen.
  11. I was being slightly tongue-in-cheek, but the point still applies... We have a weak, small squad. We have absolutely no battering rams in midfield, even Hutch (despite being a vociferous tackler) isn't exactly a physical presence. It might sound pre-historic of me, but you have to have some height in your central midfield if you're going to be successful. Pace and height, that is what we're missing. It doesn't seem like it's going to be addressed, again.
  12. Are we ever going to sign anyone over the height of 5'8? Ever?
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