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  1. How much better can that team play? They might put in the occasional performance, but we have won how many games over the last 3 months? Jao looks our best player yet we shipped him out to Blackburn as he couldn't get anywhere near our first team when we were a good team! Too slow and lethargic and that's why jos sets up so defensively as Carlos did before he left.
  2. We just need to guarantee safety as soon as poss then we can forget about this disaster of a season.

    Thank You Dejphon Chansiri

    We need neg back so we know what the majority think. Every post looks like a good post!!
  4. We look so poor going forward and it ain't gonna get any better till we have our real team back. Bannan, Fessi , Hooper , lee etc.... The majority of this team are simply garbage and have no threat or flare about the way they play. Loovens needs a Rocket up his arse! Can't wait till all our injured players are back cos that's the only way things are gonna improve!
  5. I disagree, the team with the best statistics at the end of the season wins the league! So surely we want players who have the best stats. If you take away ronaldo and messis stats then they wouldn't be the players they are!
  6. He's statistically our most productive striker in terms of goals and assists all season. He gives his all every game, jut because he can't run very fast he can obviously still play football!

    Barnsley 1 : 1 Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    I absolutely agree, however a lot of people on here expected Carlos to win every game with this team! Baffling really.


    At least we have a chairman who cares, rather that than the Leeds chairman or ex chairman whatever he is.
  9. Well the season is now over, not a nice feeling for all of us fans, different opinions and frustrations and trying to justify why we lost. We may have not played that well, we had a few players like lee and foristieri who haven't played recently and fitness and form were questionable. Instead of us looking to blame anyone, or saying Carlos out. Let's try and look forward. We are in good shape as a club, far better than recent years. We have lost in the last 2 play offs. Although hard to take it's better than fighting relegation every season and being miserable isn't gonna change what's happened. We are on a positive incline and the club is moving forward. At the end of the day we made the playoffs, we didn't have the luck you sometimes need. Football is fine margains, 11 adult professionals play each other. We aren't robots, price tags don't mean players have to live up to a certain expectation. We can only move forward from here and get better. I, like most on here, will carry on supporting the owls through thick and thin. Right now it's definately a lot thicker than we have been for a long time. Let's enjoy the summer, and return next season and do this all over again. This is why we love and hate football. WENESDAY TILL I DIE. UTO!!!!!


    I have a balcony?


    I will try and reply to that tomorrow as I'm too pissed !


    Thanks everyone. My mojhitos will taste so much better thinking of the expression on Leeds fans faces whilst they rare staying in tonight watching britains got talent thinking of us OWLS out on the town :) # let's win the play offs




    Thanks flo


    Hi everyone, I am new to owlstalk and just want to say today was a brilliant result and only onward and upwards from here. Winning becomes a habit. I love the OWLS like I am sure everyone on here does. Hope everyone has a great bank holiday weekend. # FEAR NO ONE We have the best squad in years and know how to win!!!!!!