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  1. SwfcG

    Atdhe Nuhiu Red Card

    Surely he’s still a fan favourite... even we can’t be that fickle after one game can we???
  2. SwfcG


    That is a possibility Tbf! Maybe I’m a little naive but genuinely think he likes the club and if an offer was made he wouldn’t turn it down!
  3. SwfcG


    Can’t believe there are still doubters??? He’s more than proven his commitment and desire but when you combine that with the goals he’s scoring how can he not be a fan favourite?!?!?!
  4. SwfcG

    the home end

    I was also in the home end... couldn’t help but go mad when we scored! Thought they’d go on to beat us when they drew level!
  5. I was at the gym so wasn't really concentrating... but yeah good one.
  6. Go Uni in Leeds... there not actually that confident tbh! They think we will bounce back from the defeats!
  7. SwfcG


    I think he did well at linking up play and his pace caused them problems... but yeah was still just about average and everyone else (except Hooper) were below average!
  8. SwfcG

    So no wingers needed

    Not many times truthfully however FF still hasn't got bags of pace and we all know we struggle to counter attack teams and the slow passing build up play doesn't always work for us!
  9. SwfcG

    So no wingers needed

    We sorely lack pace though..... a priority is a pacey winger for me!
  10. SwfcG


    They had that really pacy lad on the wing... can't remember who he is but he was immense... really highlighted to me our need for pace. It's bad when other fans take note of it to haha!
  11. SwfcG


    So true. I don't get why Carlos is so negative.... everyone knows we are desperate for pace!
  12. SwfcG


    Valued at 3 million.... young fast RB from Ajax... absolute steal in the current transfer climate! Would love him at Swfc!
  13. SwfcG


    Hopefully it is just mind games cos he's been immense recently! Think we missed Hutchs bite in midfield
  14. Sorry if this has been asked but when will Hooper and Hutch be available for selection? They won't miss the rest of the Play offs will they?
  15. SwfcG

    No Hooper no party

    Agreed... happy with a draw but wish we'd had more of a go at them.