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  1. Peter Grummitt was the first keeper I saw for Wednesday. Torn between Pressman and Westwood - chose Westwood. I liked Hodgey and Bolder too but Hodge was never the same reliable keeper after Ogrizovic scored against him into the kop net for Coventry...
  2. As one such supporter who gets home to UK once per football season I have to agree. I could go to 2, even 3 games during a trip home depending on scheduling, but I can only afford 1 at the very most. In fact this year I can't even go to the one match that's scheduled in Sheffield, for my time back home.
  3. Hector seemed to dwarf everyone around him..very encouraged by his domineering performance and presence...
  4. Home v Bristol City, 3-2 to us (somehow) .. I remember Abraham bossing our defence yes. Agree 100% with you..
  5. I remember it like it was yesterday, standing as always about half-way up the uncovered kop just to the right of the goal.. have to say Canoville was outstanding after coming on as a half-time sub. Talk about it being just like watching a different game thereafter...
  6. Most of that side of Wilko's were hard as nails, running for hours across Stanage, with Tony Toms kicking 'em into shape and scaring 'em into not rolling around on the pitch waiting for a magic sponge from him.. Lyons was King though as has rightly been acknowledged already..
  7. Promotion season 1980s..4-2 at home to Newcastle, Keegan et-al..42,000+ attendance.. also 4-4 Home to Chelsea in cup.. already planning a trip to Sunderland in next round when Paul Canoville came on for them as a sub....
  8. Reason I tweaked your rules was because I left the country for work half way through our 1990/91 season and still live and work abroad to this day ..so never actually saw us live in the "Premier League" and was reliant on tv highlights and broadcasts .. sincere apologies for any offence ..
  9. Not necessarily from our PL years some of these.. but from my first season ticket in 81/82 season to our last in the PL.... Bobby Bolder Martin Hodge Kevin Pressman Mel Sterland Roland Nilsson Mick Lyons (capt) Mark Smith Paul Warhurst Des Walker Nigel Worthington Phil King Brian Marwood Mark Chamberlain Gary Shelton John Sheridan Graham Hyde Gary Megson Chris Waddle Niclas Alexandersson David Hirst Gary Bannister Beni Carbone Paolo Di Canio Imre Varadi Simon Stainrod
  10. Late-season 1969 with my late Uncle Jem (aka WolfManJack in these parts).. Don't remember the game itself but I'm reliably informed we lost 0-5 home to Arsenal and I got lost at the back of the (then) relatively-new North Stand... My first away game I do remember was a 0-4 loss at Wrexham in the old 2nd division early 1980s.
  11. Not to mention that most formal of lines "throwing the rattle out of the pram"...
  12. Very good point this. I always remember when Howard Wilkinson took over, the first thing he did was send fitness levels sky-high and although there were those who knocked the style of play, it brought a helluva lot of success and the bedrock was indeed extreme levels of fitness..
  13. Part of me would welcome him with open arms, but another (possibly bigger) part of me wants everyone to get off Jos' back and give him a chance to get to work with a fully-fit squad mainly of his own choosing and then perhaps start judging the bloke around November time.
  14. Valid concern , but I think that a scholarship system would pave the way to a student visa type permit being available
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