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  1. Hard to form any concrete views on the back of 2 matches. But the difference pre-covid break and post-covid break, seems like night and day. And you'd have to agree that the main change has been the off-loading of players who we'd previously been informed were, or had suspected of being, toxic influences on the team dynamic. Maybe Monk was right, and the poisonous environment caused by a few, has been the overriding issue these past 12 months or so. I've had the impression that a high percentage of the players was "stealing a living" by way of feigning injury or causing behind-the-scenes disruption.
  2. I remember being surprised to see Cantona in Josephine's the night he departed his Wednesday trials for Leeds. Tried to shake his hand in a bit of a starstruck manner. Bloke never gave me a second look.. Trev's excuse for not signing him as I remember, was he hadn't had chance to see Cantona train on a grass surface due to the snowy weather we'd been having, meaning Cantona had only trained on artificial surfaces.. dunno what my point is here, but a memory of the time..
  3. People should be entitled to a refund, yes. I'd imagine most will gratefully accept one to make up in some small way to replace lost income. It's admirable that some 35% would forego a refund, however if I were in their shoes I'd be waiting for the players to forego a hefty percentage of their obscene salaries too, as season ticket income will contribute to said salaries..
  4. Christ's sake don't encourage em to do that. They'd be 250-0 declared by the end..
  5. Ah interesting, and thanks for clarifying. I do vaguely remember playing a few sides and seeing their fans grouped to the right of us on the extreme right hand edge of the kop for some reason.. Not many, but enough to grab some attention..
  6. Away fans were to the right of the kop in my very earliest days around 1970, if memory serves me correctly (?)
  7. BW Suites hotel on the Indonesian island of Belitung, halfway between Borneo and Sumatra. Recognised his Sheffield accent at the breakfast buffet. After finishing our reminiscing that evening, the other half didn't speak to me until breakfast the next day..
  8. In the early 80s, I watched us win 1-0 at Shrewsbury Town in the old Division 2 (Bannister, last minute winner?) . To the best of my recollection it was our only league win there in about 17 attempts..
  9. That, by coincidence, was my first ever SWFC game as a 3 year old, with my dad and brilliant , late, uncle Jem.All I remember about the game was them managing to lose me at half time on the kop and being found at the back of the north stand, apparently after a public announcement..
  10. Peter Grummitt was the first keeper I saw for Wednesday. Torn between Pressman and Westwood - chose Westwood. I liked Hodgey and Bolder too but Hodge was never the same reliable keeper after Ogrizovic scored against him into the kop net for Coventry...
  11. As one such supporter who gets home to UK once per football season I have to agree. I could go to 2, even 3 games during a trip home depending on scheduling, but I can only afford 1 at the very most. In fact this year I can't even go to the one match that's scheduled in Sheffield, for my time back home.
  12. Hector seemed to dwarf everyone around him..very encouraged by his domineering performance and presence...
  13. Home v Bristol City, 3-2 to us (somehow) .. I remember Abraham bossing our defence yes. Agree 100% with you..
  14. I remember it like it was yesterday, standing as always about half-way up the uncovered kop just to the right of the goal.. have to say Canoville was outstanding after coming on as a half-time sub. Talk about it being just like watching a different game thereafter...
  15. Most of that side of Wilko's were hard as nails, running for hours across Stanage, with Tony Toms kicking 'em into shape and scaring 'em into not rolling around on the pitch waiting for a magic sponge from him.. Lyons was King though as has rightly been acknowledged already..
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