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  1. I worry about these "quality" centre-halves we've signed in Venancio and van Aken, simply because CC deems it necessary to give signings from abroad owt between 6 months and forever to "acclimatise to the Championship".. so my fear is we might not see 'em til March or even next flippin season..
  2. On this day in 1972

    Very good chance it was, Utah ..!!
  3. On this day in 1972

    Brilliant this.. "jumping up and down on his line like a scalded hen.. " Love hearing the old names flashing across the airwaves.. I'd have watched this just after Sunday dinner as a mardy 5-year old with the great WMJ himself.. Great memories and cheers for sharing..
  4. David Jones today

    Why the hell didn't you get this 8-footers name? SSounds like the solution to all our centre back problems..
  5. How will Dom Howson cope ?

    ..or complete and 'Udder fraud..
  6. Injuries.. really?

    I like to think it's not guys lounging around (Hutch excepted) just happy to collect a ridiculously big wage for doing sod-all...
  7. I thought his Blackpool side were among the most watchable & entertaining in the Premier League that season and they were only relegated on the final day at Old Trafford. They even looked like escaping at one point in that match if memory serves me correctly..
  8. Whats have the promoted teams in common?

    In spite of a relative lull in form last season, Westwood is still the best keeper outside the premier league imo
  9. Miguel Llera

    Absolute Legend..
  10. Is anyone being put OFF football..

    It may (or may not, knowing his love of being controversial in his views) surprise Owlstalkers (Owls talkers, not Owl stalkers) to know that the legendary WolfmanJack proclaimed many times to me, his nephew, that he would stop going to watch his beloved Wednesday if they ever got back to the Premier League because of the "inhumane" and "disgusting" amounts of money swilling around the Premier League, and "TV Schedule Rule" at the expense of football's most overlooked and forgotten breed - The common, faithful, working-class supporter. I agreed with him on this, though I doubt for a single moment that he would ever have had it in him to not darken Hillsbrough's door again upon his Wednesday idols reaching the promised land (again) ...
  11. I thought he was a cracking player with an appalling attitude. I remember his hat-trick for QPR against us at home circa early 1980s...
  12. Signing pro from our youth team - Trevor Matthewson and Dave Grant have to be 2 of the worst I've seen in an Owls shirt. Although he was only a left-back, I remember Grant once nearly putting a shot over the roof of The Lepp from a free kick..
  13. Never been guilty of watching Villa regularly but I thought he was commanding when we beat them 1-0 last season and I remember him continuing with a nasty head wound when others would have been substituted. Also, footage of him in the live Championship games we get in Indonesia showed him to be solid. I work with a Villa fan who has always rated him too.
  14. Best CBs I saw last season were Dunk (Brighton) and Elphick (Villa). Last time we played Villa at their's he was only on the bench. Pretty sure Dunk won't leave Brighton but what chance Elphick if he's out of favour?
  15. Tete

    As with all these rumours it'll go Tetes up as usual ..