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  1. I agree we can’t write ourselves off just yet, but I don’t see many reasons to suggest we will make it to safety by the end of the season.
  2. In 5 out of 10 games, Shaw stays on the pitch, such is the inconsistent interpretation of the rules. If the ref doesn’t book him, we’d all be saying “great tackle, great commitment”.
  3. Good tackle in my opinion, ref has got both bookings wrong. I would have played Shaw too, he’s better than Pelupessey. When we get relegated it will neither be down to this game or Shaw.
  4. I think we agree on most points re the club needing to focus on signing and re-signing younger players. Im only stating my support for Hutchinson because you keep stating he’s below average at this level which I fundamentally disagree with.
  5. I get all your points re long term recruitment, they make sense. However, it’s clear the club isn’t being run with a long term strategy in place for us to go about our business that way. I hope Shaw signs, I’d like to see Hunt come back into the team. We look to have some promising youngsters and we’ve totally messed up to be in the situation we’re in where they could leave without us benefiting of a decent transfer fee. Hutchinson has made a big difference and one that we needed. The next few months are all about survival in the short term and he could well play a bit part in that
  6. Some good points raised there. Harsh on Hutchinson and not really relevant to the rest of your post.
  7. I’m not so sure. Shaw is more dynamic and forward thinking than JP. The runs shaw makes and the balls he plays I don’t think JP would ever try - the outside of the boot to reach springs to mind. JP’s game is to win the ball back and pass it to Bannan. Shaw brings much more to the team imo.
  8. Agree with this. We need to do just enough to survive, NT is doing well so far. We’re going win and lose again this season, best not to get too up when we win and too down when we lose. We all know the club is not being run as it should, let’s hope the players have enough in them to get us through to the summer.
  9. We beat Derby at home. That’s what I’m holding onto, that the players can regroup and scrape any sort of win on Tuesday night
  10. Holding onto my last splurge of optimism... we haven’t done well at Millwall in the last couple of seasons so wasn’t expecting much today. A draw would have been a bonus. Our home games, particularly against the bottom sides will define our season. Tuesday night is massive.
  11. Agree with this. Some will say Rhodes has had plenty of chances, but how many of those chances were playing in a system that isn’t going to get the best from him.
  12. I think we’re stuck. DC’s stuck. The pandemic, our position in the league, DC’s reputation, Paxo. We’re not a very attractive investment in the current climate. DC strikes me as far too proud to admit his failed and will plough on regardless as we slip down the leagues.
  13. Got to feel sorry for the local journos. Desperately trying to create some swfc news on a day when there will be no swfc transfer activity. I appreciate their efforts in trying to keep us informed of all that is going on, but on this occasion they would be better off admitting defeat!
  14. Can’t see any signings happening today.
  15. Shaw won’t be staying. We were never realistically in for Pickering with Blackburn in there too. Can’t see any new signings happening unfortunately.
  16. I think while chansiri is at the club or continues to run it in such a shambolic way the crowds won’t return.
  17. Why does DC feel the need to talk to the press about this. It’s so amateurish. Not like there are any other pressing matters for him to give an update on.
  18. This season feels like the season where we ended up in court in London. The difference then we had Wilkinson who cared about the club and helped us find a way out of serious trouble. This time we’ve got a clueless owner too proud to see what’s coming. Seriously fear that we won’t survive this relegation.
  19. You couldn’t make it up could you. DC dismisses the idea of Cook, a manager who has recent proven experience of keeping a club in the championship. Instead, he opts for Coleman, a manager who has recent experience of struggling to keep a side in the championship.
  20. If/when we go down to league one, we won’t come back up with this squad. Not because they’re all individually not good enough, but because they’ve been part of a losing team for nearly two seasons. As per the last two times we were in league one we will need to build a squad of good, strong, effective league one players who can get us up.
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