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  1. That commentary was horrific. Amateur.
  2. Shows how much I know! Wildsmith starts.
  3. I’m not sure that’s right, most squads have a first choice keeper and BPF is ours. I think most clubs would revert to their first choice in this situation and keepers understand that.
  4. I’ve seen a few posters say we have one of the best squads in the league, I don’t what they are basing that on? We’ve got a squad of failed championship players, mixed with freebies and loans. As a club, we’ve just been relegated from the championship after a points deduction and a few seasons of going backwards with the likes of monk, Pulis, jos. We all knew this. The teams at the top- Plymouth, Sunderland, etc have better squads and stability imo 9th is about right for me. It’s going to be a bumpy road, and imo, a change in manager achieves nothing.
  5. Last year of his contract? Could do with sorting something, even if just to ensure we have options come the summer.
  6. Really enjoy what Moore is doing and has been allowed to do. There are similarities to what carvahal did in his first season, albeit in a different league and with a ridiculous spend on players. Would love Moore to get a crack at the championship with his approach to players and the game. Helluva long way to go though, we all know how quickly football can drag you down and spit you out. The aim has to be premier league, could set the club up for many a year as long as we didn’t go crazy on transfers.
  7. Players with vision and footballing intelligence. To make a pass that cuts the opposition in two without them expecting it gets me all excited! Those passes that create goals from nothing. Amazing.
  8. Finally, we’ve sold a player. Wish Green all the best, wasn’t up to it on what I saw. More positive signs that we’re starting to act a bit more like a football club should.
  9. The biggest test of how far we’ve come will be when we lose 2-3 on the spin, how do the players react. That’s the test.
  10. Agree. Clear difference between Kamberi’s movement when he came on on Saturday.
  11. Our injury record is shocking, so far we’ve got Windass, Shodipo and Paterson all out injured, they’re all forwards, and the season is less than a week old. If it’s a free and Moore wants him (does seem a bit paxo this one), get him in.
  12. Away at Charlton is always a tricky fixture. Lots of tricky fixtures to come and plenty of ups and downs. It’s never straightforward with Wednesday. Hold onto your hats.
  13. Not convinced by Green (yet) but Paterson will bring something to the squad this season for sure. The good thing is we now seem to have options!
  14. I think we’ve done well to get so many in without paying any transfer fees and, on paper, it looks a good list players. However, we won’t know for sure how good the recruitment has been until Dec/Jan imo.
  15. Think the poster was saying Paul Smith would wear his Wednesday shirt under his tracksuit if he move to Utd?
  16. Beggars can’t be choosers. For me, playing round pegs in round holes this season is vital. Kamberi, Cosgrove (if he signs) may not be 20 goal a season strikers, but they will help the shape and balance in the team. We can’t afford to be playing attacking midfielders up top as more often than not they don’t know how to do it effectively, look at last season. Stretching defences, running in behind, holding the ball up, winning headers and taking on shots, amongst other things are the attributes we don’t often see from the midfielders we’ve tried playing up front.
  17. I want to agree with this, but, for me, there are too many unknowns as to how some of our signings will pan out. Given they are frees and loans, it would be realistic to think not all will come good. Fingers crossed they do but we’ll have to wait and see. I’m cautiously optimistic that we’ll compete at the top of the league I guess.
  18. Kamberi - nice to have a recognised striker on the books at last. Hope we get another one in too. Can’t take many more games of playing attacking midfielders up top.
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