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  1. The foul for the freekick was inside the D, why does the ref let him move it 5 yards back to give him a better chance at getting the ball up and over the wall?????
  2. I kind of agree, but look what Bruce has done with the current squad in a few months. I’m not sure major surgery is needed, freshen up some of the fringe players maybe and give Bruce a preseason with the players. Westwood, Lees, Bannan, Hutchinson, Hooper, Reach, Fletcher, FF is still a solid championship spine to build a team around
  3. Don’t think tonight’s result changes anything, we have to win as many games as possible, simple.
  4. one of my favourite Wednesday goals of the chansiri era
  5. This is my worry. Great form and momentum at the moment. Hoping we get some players back and the intensity remains when we restart. There’s every incentive for the players so fingers crossed!
  6. Can’t be arrsed looking this up but wonder where we were with 9 games to go when we got to the playoffs?
  7. Quality! Shame about his injuries, but class striker imo.
  8. Anyone think hooper will get a chance to prove himself? Would love to see him get fit and back to what he was. Quality striker imo
  9. Don’t know if this is the case, but seems like since Jos left both Fox and Plamer have been asked to concentrate on defending first and not playing the wing back getting forward. Consistent back 4 makes a big difference too
  10. Change of tactics and approach too. So pleasing to see us start with two strikers on the pitch away from home. The subs we made too , Aarons, joao and onomah all forward looking players. Refreshing!
  11. I’ll be refreshing every 30seconds until the reality dawns on me about 10:55pm that we ain’t signing anyone.
  12. Can’t see anything happening this window. It’s all about the summer. The fact that we seem to be owning up to our P&S position should hopefully stand us in good stead for a ‘workable’ summer window with the EFL. Got a similar feeling about Bruce that I had when Sturroch was appointed and Megson too. Thinks it gonna work. Either that or it’s last night’s vinda resurfacing...
  13. I thought defensively we looked good yesterday, which sounds like a strange thing to say given we lost 3-0. I thought the outball just didn’t work. Thorniley didn’t look out of place at all.
  14. Yep, they were (as you’d expect) a class above. We couldn’t get near them and when we did they were on us quicker than we could think. The difference in quality was obvious. I would have made the subs earlier though, we were never going to score with just fletcher up top, reach and Boyd had to defend most of the time rather than support up front.
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