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  1. If the EFL punishment is greater than a 12 point deduction, they need to seriously consider what they’re trying to achieve with P&S. if we go down (I don’t think we will btw) the they the EFL again need to defend what the p&s rules are doing. ultimately, the rules will keep the already top clubs at the top and others will struggle to compete. Football has changed and is changing all the time. Money is king and is the only route to competitiveness.
  2. If chansiri was to put us up for sale, can’t imagine what his asking price would be??? Not sure new owners are the answer either. Better the devil you know and all that.
  3. I’m going old skool with this We win 2-1 Nuhiu, FF
  4. Amazing isn’t it??? How many games has Monk had? 10? It could be record time even for Wednesday and Owlstalk to turn on a manager
  5. ...Sunday afternoon stellas, but here goes anyway... what I don’t get is the reaction to yesterday’s defeat. A lot stated at the end of last season that we needed a clear out, we got rid of some deadwood. We were then embargoed. We then lost our manager two weeks before the season started. We appointed monk a few weeks in. We’re now in a decent position and have put some good performances in. We’re doing better than I’d thought we would at the start of the season. I’m not surprised by yesterday’s loss, the team still needs improvements, that’s obvious. I’m gutted that we lost from a winning position, but not surprised. i think monk is doing well and will continue too. Get Bannan, luongo, lees back in, give FF more game time, add a couple in January, playoffs is more than achievable from a season that could have quite easily been a real struggle.
  6. Did you feel the same after the Borough game? Or last week against Leeds?
  7. ^^^ Plus I think we can give anyone a game at the moment. Those teams will be looking at us as a difficult game.
  8. Very intelligent footballer, could give most positions a good go. So glad Jos left when he did!
  9. Good point away from home. simple. Good free kick to be fair. so many more points to play for. Lick our wounds. Go again Tuesday. Chin up.
  10. Definitely a good point that. For a whole host of reasons.
  11. Westwood Odubajo Borner Bates Fox Murphy Bannan Luongo Reach Winnall Nuhiu
  12. Not convinced by their back 4, reckon there’s something to be had there. No denying they have quality up front.
  13. 10:30 for an over 35s team. Back home sharpish for kick off. Bit p*sssd now. Just listening to some pre game day music to right the wrongs https://music.apple.com/gb/album/stand-by-me-remastered/1134953475?i=1134954282
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