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  1. Nothing from the last two games gives me any confidence we will take anything from either of these games. Away at Rotherham mid week and a team yet to win in the championship, it has all the hallmarks of a depressing further two games without return.
  2. Agree with this. Carlos and Bruce were good appointments. Jos and Monk were and are dreadful. Nothing has changed regardless of Monk having his own coaching team, getting rid of the bad eggs and getting a few of his own players in. DC and Monk are to blame for our current horrific performances.
  3. Manager is key but we also need an owner with half a clue if we really want to be back up there. Fear we’re going the way of Blackburn under the venkies
  4. I genuinely thought we’d be alright this season. Couldn’t have been more wrong. League one is beckoning...
  5. Has to go. It’s only a matter of time. Pull the trigger now DC.
  6. Appreciate we have key men injured (like every other f**kin season) but why don’t we set up to get the best out of the players at our disposal??? Instead monk persists with the same formation regardless and we struggle.
  7. Desperately need lees and iorfa alongside flint. Odubajo should not be in the back 3, ever.
  8. Defensively we looked ragged last night, hopefully a different story with Lees, Iorfa and Luongo available. Brentford looked really fluid and in tune with each other, especially 1st half, but we maybe let them play too much. 2nd half we broke their play up. Frustrating that we didn’t really test their keeper all evening. Onto the next one.
  9. Monk won’t play Rhodes again unless absolutely forced to so that leaves 4. Our injury record isn’t great so we should hopefully just be about ok with cover from the u23s.
  10. JM and/or LG would be okay imo. We’re shopping in a different market these days unfortunately. -7 in the championship is just not that attractive a proposition.
  11. We have to remember how influential Bannan could be for a club with other quality players around him. He could make a big impact on a promotion push so again we should push hard for a decent fee.
  12. Brentford have cash so we should be starting high. If they want him they should pay for him.
  13. £15m maybe pushing it admittedly but we can’t let him leave (if we decide to sell) for peanuts just because he’s in his last year. He’s worth more to us in the team than letting him go for a couple of mill.
  14. Brentford have cash. Would hate to see him leave but 15m+ and it makes sense unfortunately.
  15. It will be a massive shizshow if they don’t honour them.
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