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  1. Take your points, for me though, in Fletcher’s absence he would be a better starting option than Winnall, Rhodes, Nuhiu. wickham would be the ideal signing imo
  2. Have we been linked with Murray? I’d take him, scores at championship level and is a handful for lots of defences. Reckon he would fit in well with how we play.
  3. I think Wickham has all the attributes to replace Fletcher. The one question is whether or not he can bring goals too. No denying Fletcher has been in the form of his Wednesday career this season so massive boots to fill. However, CW on loan could be a very shrewd move, here’s hoping he can replicate his form the last time he was at the club! if we get him that is.
  4. Not sure if this has been said already and it’s never going to happen, but that Adam Idah looks like the type of striker we need. Young, premier league loan, pace, strength, can score goals.
  5. Such a pointless thread. Bannan is a class act, but won’t be on form every game, as with other players. Different formations and personnel will be used throughout the season to beat different opposition or when things have gone stale or aren’t working. I don’t get the obsession with having to single out players. We’re a team, a squad, a collective.
  6. Whatever we do I’d like us to get it done early, we always seem to wait until the final day of the window.
  7. He’s worth far far more to us. Accepting 3.5m would be an insult to the player and the fans. He’s been pivotal this season and one of the best players we’ve had in a long time. Madness!
  8. out of interest, what would you deem a good offer for Bannan?
  9. The EFL need to resolve this one way or another soon, or other members of the league will be kicking off about integrity of the competition if we continue to be in the promotion mix with a points deduction hanging over us. I think they’ll dish out the deduction in January, we’ll be shafted and the legal case will drag on.
  10. Reckon we’ll get a points deduction this season plus other sanctions and our legal action will continue. I don’t think the EFL charges will be pending the outcome of our legal challenge. I think they’ll enforce them and await the outcome of the action we take.
  11. I’ve said this before, but I fancy Rhodes to get one tonight
  12. Where did the 21 point deduction come from? Surely, 12 will be the maximum. EFL will be setting a dangerous and ridiculous precedent if they hike the points deduction up too high.
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