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  1. Jos Has Been First Class

    Can’t understand how people can make such definitive statements for the long term success of youngsters coming through. Surely they deserve a season in the first team squad before being written off??
  2. We might not be shutting up shop. But am surprised not one of Joao or Nuhiu is starting. Jos has got performances out of the 11 he’s fielded in most games so far so am interested to see how tonight goes. Come on Wednesday!
  3. We can’t have it both ways, there were plenty of fans who wanted him out, we can’t now accuse of him deserting.
  4. Jordan Rhodes - Disaster

    Good knowledge, didn’t realise he’d scored that many.
  5. Jordan Rhodes - Disaster

    Has madine ever scored lots of the goals in the championship? League one maybe
  6. Matias

    Against a Neil Warnock championship team, I would start with Rhodes and Nuhiu.
  7. Chris Kirkland

    The job is more attractive now than it has been in a long long time. Imagine there will be a fair few managers, employed and out of work, who would be up for it. Depends on what DC is after in a manager.
  8. Mclaren holds talks

    Got to keep an open mind. Change was needed. Should have expected it really from this forum, but Owlstalk is amazing for overreaction.
  9. Dont write us off yet

    I’m all for positivity, but how a fan base can go from ‘we’re going down under carlos’ to ‘don’t write us off yet’ in the space of a few days and after one win amazes me.
  10. Paul Hurst

    Agree with the sentiment of giving young, British managers a chance and great that he’s Wednesday. Don’t feel he’s ready for the pressure, whoever comes in has to hit the ground running with pretty much instant success that’s why I think we need to appoint someone with proven experience and a good record at this level/higher.
  11. Paulo Fonseca

    Don’t know much about Fonseca, what’s his record like? Am open-minded who the next manager should be, would lean toward someone with championship experience preferably. Brendan Rodgers would be my first choice, never going to happen though.
  12. Club moving into dangerous territory..

    I’m not convinced ticket sales will go down, it’s easy to come on owlstalk and say it is going to happen but a lot of people still want to watch Wednesday regardless. Sure, a few may not go but don’t see it being the sort of protest that forces DC’s hand.
  13. Tony Pulis anyone ?

    How many clubs has Pullis got promoted to the Prem? Stoke. Did he take palace up?
  14. Whole set up just too comfortable?

    Didn’t we start with the same team that beat villa? If he’d have changed it, people on here would have gone mental. He kept the same team, which a lot of managers would have done - including the amazingly, wonderful warnock and wilder - the players are so inconsistent it must frustrate CC.
  15. I don’t get all these posts about the sh*t hitting the fan if we lose tomorrow. The only sh*t that can change anything is DC’s and I can’t see it hitting a fan if we lose tomorrow.