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  1. I’d offer ff a new deal on much reduced terms, pay based on starts or something. He’d turn it down. Don’t expect to see him in a Wednesday shirt again. Unfortunately, as with a lot of the squad, their best days are behind them.
  2. This. We must fix the short term risk of relegation and then focus on the bigger picture. Something has to change to give us a boost, we carry on as we are and we will get relegated imo.
  3. What I don’t get is how the players can be so so bad?? Surely, they’re embarrassed by the run of form and want to do something about it. Monk is in charge of picking the team and motivating the players, he changes the 11 every game and, imo, consistently makes errors in his selection. He has to take responsibility.
  4. How can Monk not be at fault? Yes , there are obviously issues with the players and DC, but Monk is the manager! He HAS to take responsibility for this run. Whatever he is doing is making no difference whatsoever, he has to go.
  5. Why is he still in charge?????! FFS. League one next season. The players have given up. None of them have anything to play for, they’re all looking for a way out in the summer whether they’ve a contract or not. Bad times.
  6. Reckon we’ll huff and puff against their third team for about 20 minutes. Then they’ll go up a few gears and dismiss us with ease, could be carnage, reckon it’ll be 4 or 5.
  7. Anyone know when the EFL have to make a decision re a points deduction for this season, surely there has to be some cut off and then deduction applied to next season?
  8. I think a few of us could be disappointed this summer, a few of the players people want rid of will still be here. It’s just not realistic to get rid of this season’s 16 man first team squad and replace it and be competitive next season.
  9. What a shame we’re heading into this game in the state we are. 1 of the 2 times I’ve left a game early is when we were smashed by 5 or 6 by City in early 2000s. It was over by half time. Suspect that could repeat itself...
  10. I’m not convinced by Monk, I think he’s out of the ideas and has lost the dressing room, I would change manager. Appoint allardyce, never thought I’d say that ever but he has credentials for keeping teams up, organising and getting the best out of players. DC got the Bruce appointment right so he is capable, Bruce shafted us though. Bring in youth and energy from the lower leagues and prem loans in the summer. It’s not realistic to expect a complete overhaul and I’m not sure it needs it. A new forward line and power in midfield is needed imo
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