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  1. I think we’re probably discussing terms, or trying too, before actually offering a deal. I imagine his agent is stalling things at the minute.
  2. Still not seen enough for all the hype. Yes, he’s started the season really strongly but he still lacks the composure and decision making for me. Should have scored yesterday or set Windass up but did neither. Gave the ball away cheaply for a Pompey goal last week. His finishes were excellent last week but both were laces through the ball. Yesterday’s chance needed him to relax and pick his spot but he again just went for power over placement. He’s definitely got good attributes for this level and if he can maintain this standard for 10-12 games in a row then great. His agent must be talking to other parties now, reckon it will depend on how his first half of the season goes and his future will be sorted in Jan, one way or another.
  3. So, one week in and DM already cannot call on 3 players that were in the match day squad for the first game. What are the attacking options now - Paterson? Sow? Unbelievable.
  4. I’m backing the bizzle on this one, it’s just too familiar a story for it not to be true! Typical Wednesday.
  5. Imagine being Smith, Windass or Gregory and DM tells you he’s giving FDB a run out up top??! Then imagine the reaction on here if DM tried it and it failed?!!?
  6. Moore has to take his fair share of criticism for the defending, it’s not good enough. However, the players on the pitch have to take their fair share too. DM must be thinking WTAF are my players doing for those 20-30mins after half time. No talking, no positional sense, FDB needlessly gives the ball away, etc. The manager is ultimately accountable but jeez the players are out there playing the game.
  7. Good point. We’ve conceded 11 in the last four games, we can’t carry on shipping goals.
  8. Evident last season and yesterday, there doesn’t appear to be anyone in the back 3 (or 5 when the wingbacks are defending) who is talking and organising. Everybody has a responsibility to be doing this, it’s a prerequisite of being in the 11. Moore and his coaching staff need to get it sorted, it should be by now, and the players have to take responsibility once they cross the white line, it’s down to all of them.
  9. Just hoping: We don’t f*nny around with it at the back. We move it quicker. We don’t switch off when defending set pieces. We don’t concede in the last 10 minutes.
  10. I’d expect losing 3 friendlies on the spin and conceding 7 in the process will focus minds this week.
  11. Yeah, I agree. Depending on his wages, I’d be offering an extension to protect ourselves a bit.
  12. It’s tough on Hunt, because how many full games is he going to get. It must be frustrating, he’s expected to prove his worth but rarely gets the chance to do so over a run of games. I’m not suggesting he starts over Bannan, Vaulks, Byers, Adeniran we’re about to sign another midfielder too, and therein lies the problem.
  13. From what I read at the time, think they were resigned to losing him after their relegation. He’d maybe indicated that he wasn’t going to sign a new deal so they didn’t bother ?
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