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  1. 109Waddle

    Cardiff in for FF

    Cheers. I wasn’t suggesting we did sell either player btw. Just wondering what selling would mean re FFP and P&S. Clear as mud to me.
  2. 109Waddle

    Cardiff in for FF

    Sorry, haven’t read the whole thread so this may have been answered already. If we sold FF or B.B for £10-15m would that cash coming in be enough to satisfy the EFL and allow us to make signings? Or do we need £20+m coming in? I’ll admit I’m confused by the whole FFP and P&S stuff!
  3. 109Waddle

    It pains me to say this but....

    Leeds will bottle it again. Don’t forget they and sufc were near the top of the league at the start of last season and look where they finished. Remember a few people on here creaming over them and wilder this time last season too.
  4. 109Waddle

    Deadline day is looming...

    Not convinced he will. He’s had every opportunity over the last few seasons and each time they come up short.
  5. 109Waddle

    no 1 keeper and captain

    Want Westwood and Bannan Think it will be Dawson and Lees
  6. But how often do your Huddersfield’s happen?? Preston nearly making the playoffs because of a good scouting network???? WTF!! We got to the playoffs two seasons in a row, back your team or support somebody else.
  7. Really?? IMO ashley Williams is the opposite to the type of player we should be signing. Old, would want a big wage and 2 year contract, and is error prone.
  8. How will we know if something has or hasn’t happened?
  9. 109Waddle


    How do you know he’s suddenly become a puppet on a string?
  10. 109Waddle

    Bannan and Forestieri

    That shouldn’t be a surprise though. BB and FF could arguably play at higher a level than us, Jones and Fox are not two of our best players and are never going to trouble Villarreal.
  11. I’ve seen some reasonable performances going forward, gets up and down. Like i say, think he lacks composure and ability to make the right choice at the right time, quite significant attributes of a good footballer I know! Just wonder if Jos could get better out of him
  12. I know this may sound mental but I reckon fox has got something, just lacks composure and decision making. Maybe Jos can get that out of/into him?
  13. If those are the kit prices, aren’t th club pricing out the average fan?? Would be interested to know how much they are forecasting to make on each shirt, how much total shirt sales and then a comparison of the actual figures. Those prices are way too high.
  14. Totally agree with this. Play to win.