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  1. He won't be sacked

    Starting to remind of Newcastle when the fans hated Ashley and Pardew. Pardew got hounded out of Newcastle, went onto reasonable-ish success with Palace and Newcastle went down. I don’t think we’ll go down btw, just feels like a similar situation. Not sure what the answer is. Think Carlos will have DC’s support for a bit longer. I don’t usually like to write season’s off early but feel this one will be a mid table finish with a manager change next year or at the end of the season. Brighton had that bad season when Hypia was in charge for a bit and then bounced back under Chris Hughton, would be nice if we could do the same.
  2. Spineless, Gutless, Embarrassing

    Quite simply, I just did. Ultimately, it's all a matter of opinion and yours is worth as much as mine, no one really gives a flip what you say or what I say, in facts it's just data stored in a database somewhere that a few Wednesday fans will read and the forget about. Football means f*ck all in the grand scheme of things. No need for the insults.
  3. Battered us?

    I have no issue with criticism for us or praise for them, just think some of the praise is OTT.
  4. Carlos IN

    Just reread my post, didn't mean to be so sarcastic, sorry! My point is still the same, just think if we were to replace Carlos it would have to be with a proven manager this time - wonder if we could tempt allardyce out of retirement?
  5. Battered us?

    Some of the compliments for the opposition yesterday are miles over the top. Yes, they did a good job on us and we were poor, but some of the comments on here and from local journos (Biggs) about them and wilder are laughable, you'd think they were Barca or Real!
  6. Spineless, Gutless, Embarrassing

    Notts county away 2004, 0-0, languishing in league 1, awful performance, none of the players gave a monkeys. Wednesday 2 - 6 Man City, 2001, 5-0 down at halftime. Club going nowhere but be down. Wednesday 1 - 3 Plymouth, 2003. They played us off the park from the off, we were pitiful in response. today is bad, but I've seen a lot worse performance.
  7. His time is probably up.

    Pretty sure he'll be our manager to the end of the season. Think we'll bounce back from this.
  8. Spineless, Gutless, Embarrassing

    Seriously??? I've been to my fair share of Wednesday games and have seen far, far worse.
  9. Give your heads a wobble

    Stop it with the Laws and Megson shi t, move on, move way beyond. Football is changing. There will be other successful managers that we haven't heard of yet that manage Wednesday.
  10. Carlos IN

    Paul Cook???? Yes, he is absolutely the man for the job, proven ability to get teams into the premiership, in one of the toughest leagues, with a club the size of ours. Good choice.
  11. Carlos IN

    Would be interested to know if he has lost the fans? Not sure if we will ever know will we.
  12. Seriously? Now is the time you're choosing not to buy a season ticket? Compared to some of the seasons you've watched in your 27 years as a season ticket holder, because of Carlos?? WTF??
  13. Kieron lee

    He's masisive for us, with him and hooper we have the link players our style of play needs. Without them we go abit sideways. Question: do we play Lee on Tuesday? Tricky one for me, if he was fully match fit it's a no brainier. Sounds like he might need managing though. If I was CC I'd play him and hope we can get a lead to bring him off after 60ish. thoughts?
  14. Just me happy with Butterfield?

    Ok with this. So much competition up top someone had to go. We've still got Hooper, Fletcher, Rhodes and FF, that'll do me. Bit frustrated that people unhappy with Winnall going are putting their blame at Carlos' door. Pretty sure DC will have had a say too.
  15. Very quiet

    I'm good at this prediction stuff