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  1. 109Waddle


    got to keep hold of ff, he’s one of a few to build the team around. Simple as that.
  2. 109Waddle

    Prepare Yourselves

    The likes of bannan, lees, FF, hooper, reach don’t grow on trees and would cost a fortune to replace with similar quality. We must do everything we can to keep them and build a team around them.
  3. 109Waddle

    Basement Bargains?

    Don’t get the obsession with mcburnie. Needs to sort his socks out.
  4. 109Waddle

    Was last night really that bad?!

    Players with the mentality to lead are a must in the summer. We don’t have many/any in the team at the moment. I don’t just mean doing the talking either, players who can lead by example too.
  5. 109Waddle

    Sean Clare future in doubt

    Unfortunately, after the season we’ve had, we’re not an attractive option right now. Agents will be in both these players’ ears telling them they can get them a better deal elsewhere. It’s a shame, but we’ve got to drawn the line somewhere. Gutted about Hirst, less so Clare.
  6. 109Waddle

    #QPR 4 - 2 #SWFC - OMDT

    Feel sorry for the fans who have traveled, not convinced by jos. I know we have limited player options at the moment, but we can’t even do the basics! can see plenty of our ‘better’ players eyeing moves in the summer.
  7. 109Waddle

    #QPR 4 - 2 #SWFC - OMDT

    Awful, just awful.
  8. As per title, thinking of bringing my son to his first Wednesday game on Friday. What time do the players usually arrive at the ground for a 3pm kick off?
  9. 109Waddle


    So so so so so poor.
  10. 109Waddle


    So so so so so poor.
  11. 109Waddle

    Jos Has Been First Class

    Can’t understand how people can make such definitive statements for the long term success of youngsters coming through. Surely they deserve a season in the first team squad before being written off??
  12. We might not be shutting up shop. But am surprised not one of Joao or Nuhiu is starting. Jos has got performances out of the 11 he’s fielded in most games so far so am interested to see how tonight goes. Come on Wednesday!