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  1. If we sign Turnbull I’ll present match of the day in my boxers.
  2. Don’t remember too many eye catching names in the Cardiff squad that went up under Warnock. Reckon there is a lot to be said for how much a good manager can get out of his squad. I’m happy to trust Bruce to make some shrewd signings given the position we’re in re transfers.
  3. Cattermole would bring a bit of grit that we don’t have in the team at the moment.
  4. I could do with an economically interesting offer...
  5. I think Bruce could get a tune out of Onomah, who is still learning the men’s game. U23s, international experience is a solid foundation, but week in week out championship action is a massive step up. I trust Bruce’s judgement.
  6. Seems unlikely, but wonder if spurs would let Onomah go for free?
  7. Agree. At the start of the season just gone who would have said Leeds had a top 2/3 team.
  8. Yeah, completely disregarded cash+player deal. Don’t seem to see many these days, but worth exploring definitely. Winnall must be desperate for a move too. Cash+player deals were all the rage on Sensible world of soccer. Showing my age now...
  9. How much would/will Morsy cost? Two years on his contract, captain. Unless there’s a release clause, Wigan won’t sell him cheap. £3m?
  10. Surely, surely, even with our track record for transfers, we could get more than £3m. Norwich have just been promoted, must of a bob or two now, and they want him (if Nixon is correct). £6m at the very least. If not, we let bruce try get the best out of him.
  11. FF offers something different to anybody else in the squad. Nick Powell isn’t a like for like replacement. I’d be gutted to see FF leave, especially to the pigs. But if it means we can wheel and deal, maybe it is a necessary sacrifice. Shame tho.
  12. Agree re joao. Play FF in the right position consistently and I think he’s a quality player at championship level. Fitness is the question mark for me.
  13. Surely, to enjoy their wind up, whoever paid for the banner would have been in or near the ground at the time it flew over. When their own team could have potentially been winning the title, their attention is on Wednesday. Says it all.
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