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  1. I doubt we’ll be signing him on anywhere near the same wages. If he can come in as cover for the ever injured Luongo then it’s a no brainier for me. He can also play centre back should we be short, he has the right attitude and is a step up in quality on JP. Shaw looks fantastic but there will be times when his form dips and we need options. Those accusing him of stealing a wage have no proof. Of all the c*ap we have to put up with how the club is run, bringing SH is the least of my worries.
  2. If he’s appointed he’ll get my backing. Like any new manager, got to give them a chance.
  3. We need to save ourselves, can’t rely on other teams to slip up. Good job we’ve got clarity on the manager situation, out of contract players and new recruits.
  4. What are peoples thoughts on the date DC will make an appointment? For what it’s worth I reckon it will be Thursday 28th Jan.
  5. Would be a yes from me, not going to happen though. Wonder what the odds are for it not being one of the favourites so far?
  6. That’s that then. Let’s hope whoever DC appoints can work under him effectively and get the best out of the squad.
  7. For me, getting PC in makes so much sense, just don’t think DC will go for it, so frustrating!!!!!
  8. I don’t think DC is going to appoint anyone who isn’t prepared to work with the squad given to him or anyone who wants his own players.
  9. I don’t know the answer to this but it would be interesting to do the same analysis of the championship.
  10. Makes sense. Unfortunately the most likely scenario I fear. Am guessing Cook has applied more formally to try to get DC to make a decision.
  11. Have you heard anything more specific than there’s been hold up somewhere?
  12. Yep, I’m thinking the same. The Paul cook link from Friday has materialised into nothing. Same as when the Cowly’s were linked prior to monk getting the gig. It’s going to be an unheard of, unproven yes man from abroad.
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