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  1. Surely we won’t go back into the unknown foreign manager market again??? Not convinced Bruce will take the job if offered, he usually wants money to spend and we haven’t got any apparently. I can see Jos being here for longer unfortunately does anyone know how villa went from being skint in the summer to being loaded and able to spend millions again in a matter of days? Why can’t we do that.
  2. 109Waddle

    Moyes Please

    Paul Hurst? Would be a massive risk and not one we could afford to lose. His heart would be in it and we should be able to afford him.
  3. 109Waddle

    January Transfer Window

    Losing all 3 of bannan reach and ff would not be good
  4. 109Waddle

    Do something DC

    With the players we have we should be doing better. It’s that simple. I’m not saying we should definitely be top 6 but we shouldn’t have lost 5 out of the last 6. We’re far too easy to play against. We need a change of manager.
  5. I think Utd were predictable, they went wide a lot and put poor balls into the box which we dealt with. Utd look good on the eye but lacked a killer instinct on Friday night which is why I think they’ll fade again this season. Us? Think we’re gonna be up and down all season. I like the fact that we’re playing youngsters but we’re sorely missing the proven championship quality of ff, hooper, lee, winnal, (Wallace).
  6. The international break has shafted us. We look a shadow of the team we did prior to the break. Not a lot choice for jos but Joao and nuhiu are so predictable, we miss ff.
  7. 109Waddle

    Lees why...

    Win as a team, lose as a team
  8. 109Waddle

    Lees why...

    Everyone can make a mistake, he’s not the first and won’t be the last. Don’t think anyone can be singled out tonight, poor performance all round bar the last 10 minutes
  9. There are no easy games in the Championship. When you think it’s an easier fixture that’s when complacency kicks in.
  10. 109Waddle

    Tom Lees

    Fair enough. Not my view but each to their own.
  11. 109Waddle

    Tom Lees

    TL and the rest of the defence forced top of the table, ex premiership team to sub both multi million pound strikers after restricting them for 85 mins. And now venancio is a better defender???
  12. 109Waddle

    Quit moaning, plenty of positives

    Can’t cope with all this eulogising of Leeds from JFH and the Irish one. Fair enough they were the better team and we’re happy with the point, but for all of Leeds’ chances and possession they ultimately had no cutting edge, ability to make it count. I prefer to reflect on our commitment and desire to put our bodies on the line and stand up to it defensively. Hell of a tough run of fixtures we’re on at the moment and we’re getting some decent results.
  13. 109Waddle

    Hooper - hutch- Lee

    I think people are forgetting how good these players are. When fit, I know it’s a big When, but on form Hooper and Lee are top quality and offer something different to what we have in the team at the moment.
  14. 109Waddle

    Penney contract

    Got to get him signed up, bags of potential and already first choice left back. Love seeing youngsters coming through, being played and managed well. Was it Kirby who came on against Sunderland? He caught the eye too.
  15. 109Waddle

    Forestieri off to Leeds

    £15m minimum?