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  1. Not convinced by their back 4, reckon there’s something to be had there. No denying they have quality up front.
  2. 10:30 for an over 35s team. Back home sharpish for kick off. Bit p*sssd now. Just listening to some pre game day music to right the wrongs https://music.apple.com/gb/album/stand-by-me-remastered/1134953475?i=1134954282
  3. Just watched the interviews on YouTube. Garry monk comes across really well. I’m definitely p*ssed and also starting to thing garry monk could be a decent fit for us right now.
  4. Best option of the out of work manager’s for me. Young, experienced in the prem and championship, British, decent record at clubs with varying financial stability. I’ll get support him.
  5. Is the shitstorm Friday of all shitstorm Fridays????
  6. Ryan Lowe? Promotion at Bury under dodgy financial circumstances, doing ok at Plymouth. Knows Wednesday.
  7. Yep, that could well be the case. But the season is up and running and we look to be rapidly falling away from the top 6 rather than setting the foundations for a promotion push.
  8. What I don’t get about DC is , he’s obviously invested many millions of pounds in the club, yet he doesn’t seem to act with the same pace as most other football clubs. It appears from the outside (with no comms from the club to suggest otherwise) that nothing is happening and we’re just drifting along. Why invest millions of pounds and not seem to want to get the best out of your investment?
  9. Ok, so who do we lump now? I’m not sure I’ve got much more lumping left in me.
  10. Not so sure on this one, reckon it will be all for show. Pretty sure we’d challenge any findings and not sure what the EFL are hoping to achieve by doing it.
  11. Would Lincoln be p*ssed off of there is nothing in it and want to stamp out any rumour with some sort of “this is nonsense, DC is going nowhere and we would not welcome any approach”?
  12. Something must have been in it yesterday evening for Sky to report it on SSN as Breaking. Not sure they’d go to that much effort to earn a few extra quid at SkyBet.
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