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  1. Get well soon DM. No team talk required on Saturday. One clear and simple message should be enough - do it for the gaffa.
  2. The Pulis appt felt wrong from the start. Came across as arrogant (to me), his style of football made my eyes bleed. Clearly couldn’t get a tune out of the squad and left as soon as he could. DM comes across as the complete opposite. Am happy to get behind him and the style of football that he wants to embed at the club. Hope he gets the time and support he needs.
  3. The squad is simply not good enough. Recruitment was pitiful last summer and non existent in January Our attacking threat is abysmal. Player contracts Points deduction God knows how many managers in one season Not parting ways with Monk in the summer The list goes on. Some where near the very bottom would I put DM. I’d expected a bit more from his appt maybe but am not surprised we’re heading to league one. Just hope he gets the time and support to build his own team for next season. Wouldn’t surprise me if DC pulls the trigger when relegat
  4. How can clubs choose to be under a transfer embargo now, when there is no transfer window open, to get it out of the way ahead of the summer window opening. Classic EFL.
  5. Carlos didn’t win anything with us, but that first season we played some excellent entertaining football. He took Gray’s resolute spine and added attacking flair. We were a good championship team. Even in his second season we put some solid runs together to make the playoffs again, more comfortably than the season before. I don’t get the grief he receives, particularly from the same posters who stand up for Monk. WTAF.
  6. Cheers. Guess we’re waiting to see when that one will be rearranged. Again, not an easy fixture, but then none will be.
  7. Our run in does not look good: Watford A Cardiff H QPR A Bristol City H Blackburn H Middlesbrough A Forest H Derby A We need to be winning all of our home games. What fixture am I missing? BBC only lists 8 remaining.
  8. The players giving up months ago. The odd times when we’ve had a chance to grab onto the coat tails of those above us, we’ve thrown it away. The lack of grit and fight on the pitch. The dropping of heads and lack of leaders. The perfect storm overseen by an incompetent stubborn owner. Another relegation.
  9. He’s been in charge for 4 games and working with players who have lost the fight and won’t be here next season. We simply aren’t going to see much improvement in these last 10 games. Appointing Pulis was the killer blow. I’ll reserve judgment on Moore until next season.
  10. For me, JP works hard, closes down and puts a foot when he can, but he’s just not effective enough in that role and for that reason I’m out.
  11. This is it for me. Across all of the managers we’ve had in recent seasons we’ve probably had the full range of styles. The fight has gone, for one reason or another, you could see that in the second half. There’s no point rollicking ‘em, they’ve heard it all before and the reaction is only short lived. Summer overhaul needed, just hope DM can get the players he wants/needs in. Not sure where we will be shopping though.
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