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  1. I agree. Great thinking. You can't beat paying 3rd Division footballers £27k, £15k, £10k+ a week.
  2. Me too. Unfortunately the reality seems to be different. Understandably the 1st team coach has to focus on the first team but the treatment of our youngsters is shocking. We know our training facilities are substandard but our U18's and half of our U23's have been banished from there for the best part of 18 months now. They NEVER (with the odd exception) train with the 1st team squad and are expected to train on astroturf (Thorncliffe) every day. They're lucky if they get 10 hours training a week at the moment and were sat at home for two weeks at Christmas. Great prep for an FA Youth Cup tie next week. I haven't been told this by a disgruntled parent either. It's slightly different for the Hunts, Galvins but I can hazard a guess where they'd rather be after being recalled from their respective loans and it's here. The culture has to change. There are some nice prospects down there but they'll go the same way as others if it continues to be run like it is. Cadamarteri isn't ready for a run out with the first team. His finishing is as good as it gets but he's still a baby. Might help if him and a few of the others were allowed to rub shoulders and train with our own senior pros first. Now wouldn't that be plan?
  3. Or run the academy in the right way. Toxic.
  4. The way he was being treated at the club, I bet he isn’t. Be like a breath of fresh air for the bloke. Good guy and I hope it works out for him.
  5. Think it’s a Naan starter personally. Wouldn’t be too surprised if Saido Biryani is sent on his way though.
  6. Agreed. Next they’ll be saying the 23’s had a xmas party as well
  7. Maybe they will, maybe they won’t. Nevertheless, it happened. Plenty of senior figures at the club also believe it was the root cause of the outbreak. I can’t believe Joe Crann didn’t know either.
  8. Think you owe the bloke an apology. Cos it did happen. Too many people want to shoot the messenger on here.
  9. Complete joke. Young side for them as well.
  10. Maybe Moore is a fan of Ted Lasso and he's the one been spending most time with the Sports Psychologist.
  11. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2021/november/18s-and-23s-update-as-young-owls-post-mixed-results/
  12. There's definitely no evidence of him being allowed to bring a large team in. There's too many familiar faces in and around the club who are behind the scenes. Should have been cleared out ages ago. We keep changing managers but these people are still going about their business. Andy Holdsworth is about the only coach I'd keep on down there.
  13. Windass might make the bench if he’s had no reaction from yesterday. We need a catalyst and he’s the only one potentially capable of that at the moment.
  14. Wildsmith Hunt Brennan Brown Agbontohoma Byers Luongo FDB Sow Adedoyin Shodipo
  15. Whatever. I was talking outfield players.Admittedly Thompson did early on but hasn’t been near for weeks. Agbontohoma no more than 2 or 3 times. The rest, no. The point is, how are they going to improve if they train in isolation and never integrate with the 1st team. The team down the road approach it differently and the results/player development speaks for itself.
  16. Hence why I stated 'None of these lads who are playing, apart from Adedoyin, have even trained with the first team this season.
  17. They'll never improve at this club unless there's a change. None of these lads who are playing, apart from Adedoyin, have even trained with the first team this season. For certain, no more than a couple of times. The U23's should be coached by someone who has close links with the 1st team manager/coach and the players should be training regularly with the 1st team. This happens at most clubs. Personally I doubt we have anyone fit for purpose at the club on the coaching side. It sure looks like a complete and utter Sh!t show. The buck stops with the chairman.
  18. Luongo is very close. A week or two tops. Windass no idea.
  19. We've got a Papa Johns trophy game tomorrow so surely any fringe players will play in that. Would imagine it will be a young side with maybe a couple of trialists.
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