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  1. I suggest he needs to have a chat with his Uncle Ben and get back on the boil then. 😉 He looked a real prospect.
  2. Another brilliant young player that the Owls have is Bulgarian forward Preslav Borukov, the six-foot-two striker has great strength to out muscle and bully defenders, but also has phenomenal movement in and around the penalty area. He joined Wednesday from PFC Levski Sofia in 2016 and has been a prolific finisher for the Owls academy ever since. 2018 (Jul) - Now Sheffield Wednesday FC - U23 England 40 9 2016 (Jul) - 2018 (Jun) Sheffield Wednesday FC - U18 England 43 14 Prolific he ain't. Still young but he's been on the bench more often than not this season. The 23's have put more faith in Shaw and O'Brien than Borukov or the other striker they signed last season. He's got the physicality so maybe there's a lot more to come. Hunt, Grant, Dawodu, Shaw and Waldock the one's to watch for me. special mention for O'Brien if he can overcome the injuries. What's happened to Issac Rice? Looked really promising 18 months ago.
  3. A failed effort to post the U18 goals from their game. Here's another try. 😄 https://twitter.com/swfc/status/1236297117888581633
  4. On the Official Leeds Youtube Channel. https://youtu.be/0a6nuVYAtwQ
  5. Shaw was sent back a couple of weeks ago when his month loan finished.
  6. Both the U23 and U18 sides are struggling for results this season. Grant should do OK and it will be interesting to see how Dawodu does this year now he's returning from injury. Hunt has a lot of quality and Preston needs to kick on again. None are ready for the 1st team though.
  7. I've read a few shouts for Borukov on here. Be surprised if his contract get's renewed at the end of the season from what I've seen. Not even heard anything about the other young striker we signed last season for the U23's. Pretty certain all the strikers down to the U23's level are out of contract in the summer. Need to get this EFL thing concluded one way or t'other because we need to sign 2 or 3 at least.
  8. Luke Hall definitely got the goal. Leeds United away next round.
  9. Not having a lot of luck that O'Brien lad. Hope he's OK.
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