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  1. I thought I heard 'Intelligent run by Clarke'
  2. That's a step up from Mercer imo. Maybe Andy can convince son Jordan Rhodes to come back to the area too?
  3. We should bring in Brian Klug. He has left Ipswich this week, but has been responsible for their successful youth academy over the last decade or so.
  4. Free hot dog day at Hillsborough 'I hate mustard!'
  5. Basso reportedly had a bust up with their manager at the beginning of the season. Apparently he refused to play, so they signed Dean Gerkin
  6. His attempted elbows will go straight over Billy's head
  7. I've been noticing for a few weeks now, all our strikers aim at the keeper / middle of the goal. I'm counting JJ's goal as another example. I know confidence has been lacking, but I hope we can get past this 'get it on target and no one will moan at me' syndrome.
  8. Obviously we want and need those things, but I think the difference has been - AI is the first manager in a long time to not think of only effort, hard work and fitness. We've spent the first half of the season not knowing who is marking the man at the back post. 'Who's marking him boss?' 'Try harder!' 'At what boss? I don't know what to do?' 'You're not fit enough FFS!' *chicken wings in flight*
  9. Spells out wide for Sunderland & Ipswich prove otherwise.
  10. Likely to be the case. AI doesn't seem like the 'try harder & get fitter' style manager that we usually get.
  11. Still better than our current 'strike' options?
  12. I stopped reading after the description of Purse. Time machine.
  13. Either last January or the January before that, didn't we sell Bougherra, only days away from an investment due date?
  14. I think you'll be pleased with the way your team will be playing....Until your defenders forget what they were told by your previous manager. Then conceding corners will be as good as scoring own goals
  15. I think Brian will do well at Burnley, initially, but still no. We were without doubt going down with Laws. Burnley will likely stay up this season, playing some good football. Then go down once Laws has to put on a defensive training session.
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