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  1. Anyone mentioned Connor Hourihane yet? I guess he will probably find a Championship club
  2. Go 1-0 up Bring on 5 centre halves (subs spaced a couple of mins apart) Game dead
  3. A lot of skint lower league clubs, have semi retired GKs on the bench I'd be worried if Shockdale was a first choice though
  4. 4-2-3--------1 = International class football Chuckle brothers at the back (Like England) Wide forwards cutting in & side passing (like England) 1 isolated body in the box (Like England)
  5. Wilks a replacement for Shoddipoo? I hope DM doesn't go back to 4-2-3-------1
  6. This game was played at a slower pace than the cricket
  7. I saw Waddle play in the early 90s team and thought I'd follow SWFC as a glory hunter ... That worked out well
  8. Had a decent start at ITFC, but then turned to utter Tbf Ipswich weren't creating a lot, but I certainly wouldn't pay a fee for Bonne
  9. I agree. I've never been a fan of project CLEAR AAHHHHT Their swift negotiations skills are impressive though
  10. The impressive thing to me, is the swiftness of their moves The first news of Ladapo, was the signing announcement Within a couple of hours of the Dominic Ball rumours surfacing, he was signed I'm expecting weeks of rumours & excuses before we actually sign anyone
  11. I was impressed with Stockley and Stockton last season Stockley Stockton Smith Flint Hector Would be a dream
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if Chaplin left. They bought too many no10s last year and didn't know who to stick with
  13. Transfers are starting to roll now (at other clubs) Having already signed Ladapo, ITFC are now set to sign Dominic Ball, from QPR I don't know alot about him. Apparently 6'2" defensive midfielder, who can also play in the backline
  14. Is that lycra? I'd prefer a return to a 1990s parachute style kit
  15. Fans wanting us to exclusively sign youngsters with research value, shouldn't expect immediate promotion
  16. Yeah In Paul Cooks last interview as their manager, he hinted that he wasn't allowed to play Norwood. Something must have gone down
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