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  1. Will anyone want the rights to the FL? Are Quest TV still interested?
  2. Vaclav Hladky in talks with Aberdeen Possible backup Gk option, if Dawson wants to become a no1 elsewhere?
  3. Usually means over paying on wages Unless the player is cr*p and not wanted elsewhere
  4. On paper, that looks like a tough start Especially if we start slow, by p*ssing around with 4-2-3-------1 again
  5. So last season we had these midfield combinations Bannan (Byers) - Passer Luongo (Hutch) - Tackler Adeniran (FDB) - Ball Carrier Where does Vaulks fit best into that?
  6. Budget wise, I'm guessing Vaulks is replacing both Luongo & Hutch
  7. Matt Penney failed to nail down the L(w)B spot at Ipswich, last season Now they have signed Greg Leigh Leigh is 27, so I'm assuming there would be complaints, if we had signed him
  8. Our & DCs expectations for next season, may have to adjust downward too Lowering the budget and finishing higher in the table, is possible. But it shouldn't be expected imo
  9. Pleased with that I think he's a little under appreciated by some
  10. Yeah. Maybe Portsmouth want Woodrow, because Hirst is off to Ipswich Would Ipswich want both Hirst & Woodrow?
  11. I also suspect he might not get along with Moore & Chansiri ...
  12. Just south of Sprowston It has a cracking owl sanctuary
  13. It was reported a couple of weeks ago, that Ipswich were looking at Woodrow & Hirst So its interesting if Portsmouth are now in for Woodrow
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