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  1. WAWAW1867


    Was regards of looks, not play style
  2. WAWAW1867


    Looks like a BTEC Hutch
  3. WAWAW1867


    No way would our Baz leave for Hull
  4. WAWAW1867

    Why Carlos has to stay.

    Was referring to this season. Understand it's early days but it's hard to be hopeful when there are so many concerning issues that should've been sorted way before we kicked off at Preston.
  5. WAWAW1867

    Why Carlos has to stay.

    On paper our squad should be near the very top of this league but when it comes to a matchday I don't have much hope of us getting a result and that's not because of the players.. Carlos has done a good job but he seems to have taken us as far as he can really.
  6. Get rid of him, love Nando but it's boring, he clearly doesn't want to be here anymore. Hope the club stand firm and get a good price...
  7. WAWAW1867

    Team v QPR (forget Chessie)

    Will never happen but I'd go; Westwood Hunt Lees Hutch Reach FF Bannan Lee Wallace Rhodes Winnall Could easily swap Boyd for Wallace or Hooper for Winnall but i never understand why Winnall doesn't start because he always does a job for me. Sounded like Wallace was better than the majority when he came on hence why I'd throw him back in.
  8. The thing with Pardew is that his teams are world beaters for about 6 months and then it very much goes downhill .
  9. How worrying is this performance, never mind the result.
  10. WAWAW1867

    Kits Announced On Twitter

    Fletch & Boyd?
  11. WAWAW1867


    He probably still would be in Burnley
  12. WAWAW1867


    Don't think Bannan would want to go anyway imo
  13. WAWAW1867

    Jose Semedo

    I miss him already, what a man.
  14. WAWAW1867

    Front 2

    Westwood Hutch--Loovens-- Lees Hunt --Bannan--Lee--Reach Hooper Winnall--Rhodes Maybe play Hooper as a two and have Fessi as the 10 for Rhodes? Ambitious but I'd love this.
  15. Glad he's staying but we have to go up this year.