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  1. I diddnt no what to make of it myself either. Doesn’t look very convincing.
  2. I’ve just seen a video clip of Bruce at Lincoln. A fan shouts “are we staying Bruce” and he laughs and sort of nods. Has anyone else seen this..?
  3. Well be the only club to make more cash out of a manager than we make selling on players
  4. I think whatever happens from here out he’s fizzed it up. Stay, we’ll not let this go.. like FF being a mardy get and refusing to travel. Leave and he’s a W!?@.ker anyway. Just more gutted than owt. Feel sorry for DC aswell.
  5. He won’t care. All about the money for me.
  6. Every cloud and all that..!! Like many have said, obviously not the man for the job. We move on..!! Bruce could have been a legend at S6, but by the looks of it he’s jumped ship for what ever reason been cash or broken promises. Who cares, we’ll never no. Where Sheffield Wednesday we’ll do what we want..!! The boys have had a brutal pre season, so should all be in good shape. We’ve got some good signings and pace back in the squad. Season starts in 3 weeks, let’s fill Hillsborough and wee wee the league..!! p.s I finished work at 12 and I’m in the pub Lol
  7. I bet there in chiqitos eating chilli nachos reading owls talk falling off there chairs laughing.!
  8. anybody else think this has gone full circle and that it’s hillarious that DC is actually at Hollywood bleeding bowl while all of us are in meltdown. I’m literally not gonna sleep tonite and Chansiris banging strikes down again and again..!! I blame my dad that’s I’m a Wednesday fan..!!
  9. I think this kinda puts this to bed. https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/what-steve-bruce-said-newcastle-16556641
  10. A good old ear bashing..!! Good on you SB. The more I hear the more at ease I am with Bruce in charge. Roll on next season..!!
  11. For me, Fox doesn’t complement Boyd atall. There where times today when hector was coming way over to do fox’s job. Fox is just not good enough for the division. If you’ve ever played a game of football you no one bad player on field can hamper the team. And for me that’s exactly what fox does. How can boyd get up there when he’s got that liability behind him. And I’m not a big Boyd fan but however today showed fox is just out of his depth.
  12. The villa game is a big one, not only for Bruce himself, but the team. If we beat them I dare say we’ll have the confidence to continue and make it to the playoffs. In Bruce we trust..!!
  13. Every time we underestimate a team we get either spanked or lose 1-0 there’s nothing more I’d like to see than us tonk them 5-0 however on the flip side where playing a team where every single player will probs want out of the club and be in the shop window etc. Let’s just go in with our game plan and stick to it. We need 3 points. It’s gonna be wet, windy and cold out there. 1-0 is good enough for me, we go again at the weekend don’t forget. It’s a crucial few games we’ve got if we want to push on for 6th.
  14. I just don’t no why we can’t keep it simple, bully seemed to just let us do what we do best. Rather than trying to impose a certain style or way of playing on the players. Massively frustrating when you no what we’ve got in the locker and we turn that out today.
  15. I’m not gonna neg you, I just want to no what your drinking
  16. Every club has them, it’s like when you start a new job and theres always the firms prat..!! I don’t actually think they do no who they are tho you can usually find them at party’s doing knee slides and with a tie round there head.
  17. I only clicked on the thread to see how many comments in until this popped up. I always remember when the pigs used to sing the famous kirb crawling bar steward song
  18. I think with all the negativity surrounding the squad at the moment, and with jos now gone and how the teams performed since he’s gone. 2 clean sheets, and 2 solid performances. Then who cares about this from hutch. It’s a joke, so take it just as that. Jos hasn’t done us any favours and we deffo don’t owe him anything. We looked fantastic today comepared to performances of late. And all people can winge about is this. Get a grip and enjoy the win..!! Up the league we go..!!
  19. Over the moon for him, we look a completely different side with him back in the net. Are we going up yet
  20. That’s actually very true, I diddnt think of it like that.
  21. The only thing I don’t understand is how he’s been allowed to do it. Surly somewhere in his contract there should be clause where if he’s basically deemed fit by the club and he refuses to play then we can terminate his contract.
  22. Just wondering what people’s thoughts are now after DC basically shopped him in the other night.? Personally I want to see him go as I feel he’s taken the absolute wee wee out of the club and fans. Is there a way back for him..?
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