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  1. they probs can't read properly, you might be better oinking pal. That's there first language.
  2. Dont sell Rhodes

    I honestly don't think he's fit enough or strong enough at the min. Just looked on YouTube at his highlights and he looks a lot sharper. He's just not match fit. Jos will get him back to his best. "I hope"
  3. Dont sell Rhodes

    I'm hoping he's still going to come good, he had a s@"t time at Middlesbrough under AK. And Carlos hasn't done a single player at SWFC any good what so ever. Would be brilliant if JL got him playing how we all no he can. I think it's worth sticking with him till the end of the season. And giving him next season aswell. Form is temporary, class is forever..!!
  4. Reality Check

    And that is what they call. HITTING THE NAIL ON THE HEAD..!! Bang on pal.
  5. Proud!

    Well drilled, showed grit..!! Looked organised. Worked as one..!! Happy with what ive just seen. It's filled me with confidence that we can move forward AS A TEAM..!! Well done Yos and the boys..!!
  6. FFP

    Absolutely yes, I do hope and pray that is the case. As Bully said. Class is forever, form is temporey..!! I'm hoping we see this not just with JR and with a few other players aswell..!!
  7. FFP

    Its looking that way, very sadly. Can't really believe it. The bloody Wednesday way..!! UTO
  8. FFP

    We all thought it was Christmas when we signed Rhodes. I don't think it was a bad decision at all. A very un lucky one, but on paper why would a club not have wanted Rhodes. DC has said some players they arnt happy with. Or haven't performed the way they had hoped. Rhodes's pedigree and log book are awsome. Any promotion chasing side would have made the same transfer. It's just looking unfortunate for us that it's turned out like it has. But to say it's the worst decision by the club. I do think it's a little un fair. As it showed intent, and drive to get us to the PL. but like I said. He's just not performing imho.
  9. George Hirst

    Does anybody think it could have all been avoided if Carlos would have gave him game time. Put him on the bench etc if he would played and stuck a few on the onion bag he would have got the taste for it. But maybe the not playing or getting a look in just got there backs up. An that's when the trouble started. It's deffo been very badly handled buy all involved. And us as fans and swfc as a club missing out.
  10. Wilder on the Derby

    He's a blunt, what do people expect.? if it was the other way round and we had a first 11, with nando running riot and hooper been super we'd be foaming at the mouth on the other it shows how classes he really is. We went in to the first let odds on. But Carlos did not go about it in that same way. Let's all pull together and make CW eat his words. Last game pigs lost CW was furious. All the opposition was play hoof ball to a big lad up top. We've got the biggest lad in the league. Big lad hoof ball may just beat them. Fingers crossed. UTO
  11. Us as fans!!

    Its all in jest, however have you read the link from the charlton fan..? With all the fans comments.. it's a very worrying appointment imo.
  12. Rhodes

    On paper some of the names we have on the team sheet tho. We've been crying out for players of this stature for years. You couldn't make this shizer up..!!
  13. Rhodes

    I've always been a fan of Rhodes, always got excited when I saw any links with him and Wednesday. I'm absolutely gutted at what I'm seeing, it's like the killer instinct has gone. Has anybody ever seen the film space jam. Where alien monsters steal players talents.... it's the only resonable explanation to what's happend. All joking aside, I've never been more worried about the club i love. I fear where on a nose dive. Hope I'm wrong.
  14. Nixon

    That's the badger..!!
  15. Nixon

    Can't see that been true as there chairman put a stop to us signing one of there players. Was it Hutton, could be wrong. But can't see chansiri doing so if that was the case. Just my opinion