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  1. ES6owl

    Better Bullen till Bruce

    I just don’t no why we can’t keep it simple, bully seemed to just let us do what we do best. Rather than trying to impose a certain style or way of playing on the players. Massively frustrating when you no what we’ve got in the locker and we turn that out today.
  2. ES6owl

    A new signing

    I’m not gonna neg you, I just want to no what your drinking
  3. Every club has them, it’s like when you start a new job and theres always the firms prat..!! I don’t actually think they do no who they are tho you can usually find them at party’s doing knee slides and with a tie round there head.
  4. I only clicked on the thread to see how many comments in until this popped up. I always remember when the pigs used to sing the famous kirb crawling bar steward song
  5. ES6owl

    Hutch's salute....

    I think with all the negativity surrounding the squad at the moment, and with jos now gone and how the teams performed since he’s gone. 2 clean sheets, and 2 solid performances. Then who cares about this from hutch. It’s a joke, so take it just as that. Jos hasn’t done us any favours and we deffo don’t owe him anything. We looked fantastic today comepared to performances of late. And all people can winge about is this. Get a grip and enjoy the win..!! Up the league we go..!!
  6. Over the moon for him, we look a completely different side with him back in the net. Are we going up yet
  7. ES6owl

    Almen Abdi

    That’s actually very true, I diddnt think of it like that.
  8. ES6owl

    Almen Abdi

    The only thing I don’t understand is how he’s been allowed to do it. Surly somewhere in his contract there should be clause where if he’s basically deemed fit by the club and he refuses to play then we can terminate his contract.
  9. Just wondering what people’s thoughts are now after DC basically shopped him in the other night.? Personally I want to see him go as I feel he’s taken the absolute wee wee out of the club and fans. Is there a way back for him..?
  10. ES6owl

    Would anyone else be suprised

    It did cross my mind at why he may have spent a week or so back home before the fans forum. Surely it’s a possibility that he’s been trying to get more investment via his family etc. If you where going to sell the club you’d have stripped it of all valuable assets and most definitely not hireing a new boss at 2million. I’ll take my hat off to the bloke tho if he’s giving the ball one last kick.
  11. Westwood in the sticks..!!
  12. Yeah well that’s just baffling to say the least, that’s the side of SWFC at the moment that’s got everyone scratching there heads. I also read that we wanted 6m for KW rather than the 3m offered. Could possibly be the work of Katrein..!!
  13. You can argue about financial planning all you want, but for me at some point to get out of this league you need to take a risk. He showed he had the balls to take it in all fairness. Unfortunately for us it diddnt work out. And now where paying the price. I agree he’s had bad advise from the people who are paid to give him the right advise. But in my opinion he’s done exactly what we wanted from a chairman. Like I said it’s just unfortunate that it’s not worked out this time round. Do we go again....? I hope so.