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  1. Thing is, I can’t see anybody coming in for him this January anyway. So where stuck with him until the summer atleast. Surly it’s best for both parties for him to start singing to monks tune. And start putting some effort in.
  2. It’s a shame tho, what a waste of a talent if he does move else wear and starts tearing it up again.
  3. With the momentum and confidence running high, from back to back wins against a premiership club and the championship leaders. Can nando come back from injury and do what we all no he’s capable of doing.? If he was a new January signing along with Wickham (hopefully) surely we’d all be jumping for joy. id love nothing more for him to show us the player that he really is, with some grit and desire I think he’d be great under monk.
  4. It’s always nice to put teams to bed like this, something we’ve not done enough of this season. Let’s use this momentum and move forward. Be nice to give Blackburn a hiding and shut all the boo boys up..!!
  5. That ball through to Murphy tho..!!
  6. I tried to by a bovril on 23 minutes against hull and I was told there where none left. The game before I tried to buy chicken and chips. Bare in mind it was 43 mins I went down and the lass behind the counter had only just put the chips in. I was told they would be 10 mins. Before they where ready. People are willing to spend there money. But it seems the staff just arnt up to the job getting it done fast and correct.
  7. I’ve also seen BB whilst on the ball point to where he wants fox to run or where the balls going. And fox just looks at him. I did also notice that the overlap was on a few times and fox did nothing. I don’t understand him sometimes. Ino he’s had stick. But it’s never though lack of trying. And then he does simple things wrong like that. I don’t get it
  8. For me he chomping at the bit, monks over looking him. FF not been 100% for a while. Maybe now he feels he’s back to 100% cause he wants to play. We’ve all got mardy playing football before. He’s only human.
  9. That’s actually a good point..!!
  10. I’m watching from home today, and sky are still focusing on Leeds. Nothing about us atall. Quite funny really.
  11. Iorfa for me is turning in to a beast, all he has to do is open his stride up and he’s there blocking everything. Absolutely quality. And for the price..!! I no Bruce did poo on us but I thank him for Iorfa.
  12. And I’ve just totally forgot about hutch
  13. It’s gotta be the side we finished off with on Tuesday against Luton surely. I’d swap fox with Palmer only because palmers 1st choice and if he’s for he plays. And can’t drop fletcher he’s been immense. I do rate reach but I can’t help but notice we did look a lot more balanced and to go forward when he went off. My formation may be a abit off but I’m sure you get the jist of it. westwood Odubajo. Lees. Börner. Palmer. Murphy. Bannan. Hutch. Harris Luongo Fletcher subs: nando, ilorfa, Nuhiu, dawson, lee Rhodes. Reach
  14. I said in post last week I’d have dropped him for Bates this week. Well I’m eating humble pie. Went to the game tonite, and he was class. Absolutely brilliant signing from Wednesday. The guy loves it..!!
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