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  1. ES6owl

    Fans forum

    Genuinely agree with this
  2. I don’t think there over rated, I just don’t think either of them or the rest of the squad, have had a chance to even play in same starting 11 more than once consecutively and build on performances together. Ino we’ve had injury’s to deal with. But jos changes his squad around that much I think he picks the team out of a hat every week bar dawson.
  3. ES6owl

    If Jos goes... who's in?

    It’s a challenging task to say the least, but on the other hand. A real manager with experience will think he can sort it. He’ll see it as a challenge and want a crack at it. Someone’s gonna reply... well who then.. I don’t no but jos ain’t no manager. Think I’d just be tempted to sack him anyway and give waddle an bully the helm. What could go wrong. Lol
  4. He’s here for the money in my opinion, he’s said himself he was going to retire. One last pay day on behalf of SWFC. Every week he gets paid is a bonus for him, he will inevitably go. Just with more money and in to distance never to be heard of again
  5. ES6owl

    Today's presser.

    Just imagine this, the roar and the high ho Sheffield Wednesday..!! He’s got the players, just bloody play them..!!
  6. ES6owl

    He’s getting close.

    That’s the frustrating thing, all it needs is a little tinker here an there. It’s plain to see by everyone but the man who’s making the decisions.
  7. ES6owl

    He’s getting close.

    Minimum of 4/5 changes for next game, completely different formation. Dawson will be in goal “obviously” fletcher plays a stormer on international duty, getting praise all over. And jos drops him. If I diddnt care so much it would be hilarious.
  8. ES6owl

    Jokanovic Anyone.

    It would be nice just to see if Abdi really is the professor..!!
  9. Regardless of if you’ve had bust ups, fall outs or what ever. The manager is here to manage the team and put out the best team possible. In my opinion if your holding a grudge because you’ve fell out with said players, even tho they will out perform the players who you haven’t had a barny with. Then your a fool. Your job is in its title. Manager. So go and manage the players. And get the best out of the best you have. My way or the high way is not the way to go. If all of the above is true then it’s no brainer for me. Jos’s gotta go. But when you hear things like the chairman’s 10 year old son doesn’t want to sell players. So we actually don’t, then I’m thinking our problems lay a lot deeper than we actually think.
  10. ES6owl

    Adam Reach

    I do think it’s unfair to criticise Reach, he played where ever for Carlos, and has done the same for Jos. And all Reach has done is got in with it, not moaned once. Just banged some screamers in along the way..!!
  11. ES6owl

    From a player.......

    Surly if this was true DC would have something to say about how much he’s paying in wages to these players and Jos not selecting them.? We’ve gone from one manager who played his best team injured or not. To a manager who has the same players now fit, but won’t pick them. You couldn’t make this up..!! I’m a Wednesday fan. Get me out of here..!!
  12. I thought the exact same, you could just see it in his face last night.
  13. ES6owl

    Should we have kept Wallace

    I’d have been tempted to offer him a 1 year deal on reduced terms. Like many have said, he can cross a ball. Great character. He should do well at fleetwood tho, I still laugh at when he nicked that note vs Brighton. Brilliant..!
  14. ES6owl


    Just another bad signing that was not needed atall, got rejected at forest for haveing an inconclusive eye test. I think it was along the lines of been partially blind in 1 eye. You can’t make this stuff can you..!!
  15. ES6owl


    It still grinds my gears that we are incapable of putting someone in the stands. I’m not saying break a leg, but Jesus someone just kick Ayala up in the air..!!