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  1. ES6owl


    It still grinds my gears that we are incapable of putting someone in the stands. I’m not saying break a leg, but Jesus someone just kick Ayala up in the air..!!
  2. ES6owl

    Whole Team

    lees not him self tonite I must admit, the break never bares well for us imo.
  3. ES6owl


    Never liked him, always thought he was a dirty fool
  4. ES6owl

    Forget promotion

    Most definitely not a super computer..!! Where gonna finish 6th, and beat dem pigs in the play off final. IMAGINE..!!
  5. ES6owl

    Forget promotion

    Is that the same computer that predicted us to be second last year..!!
  6. That’s just the type of reply I’d expect from a woman to be honest ian. I was just merely expressing my opinion on how I feel about Sean flair. Sorry if I’ve offended you. Don’t forget to sit down when you wee.
  7. Can we stop with the arse hole ex Wednesday player/Carlos threads. Who cares. Old news. Jos is the boss and where going up..!!
  8. ES6owl

    Squad Value

    I love crazy ass posts like this, he’s had a few in the castle and done this on the way home..!!
  9. Nando’s gonna be like a coiled spring ready for weeds..!!
  10. We could have had “the thirsty Hirsty bar” but it’s all went boobies up.
  11. ES6owl

    Strength of our academy

    It’s just great to see, all the way though to the under 15/16s lads will get a massive boost from it. And not to mention the £££ it can actually make & save the club at the same time. It’s been happening at clubs like Man U, Southampton, Liverpool just to name a few for years. It’s about time we did the same. Young hungry lads just wanting to make a name for them selfs will always be good for any team. Then there’s the competition for places. The older players who are on more £££ will step up there games as they don’t want to be shown up by the young lads. It’s a win win for the club and players.
  12. We have a good habit of turning up against the odds..!!
  13. ES6owl

    Hector Signs

    Can they both play tmoz at Reading..?
  14. ES6owl

    Sean Clare

    I thought he’d gone to Swansea
  15. ES6owl

    Forestieri off to Leeds

    Hope this isn’t true, but we have been linked with players of similar style to nando. So I suppose there could be some truth in it. Dirty Leeds tho. I’d be seriously offended