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  1. We had the chance to get a fee for Hirst, everyone could see he wasn’t going to sign a new contact with us. What’s more painful is we’ve wasted so much money on other players. When in actual fact DC just diddnt want to risk the 10k a week on GH because he’s unproven. So instead wasted money on Abdi, Rhodes, for deffo few more in there aswell. It’s just typical Wednesday for me. Nobody new it would be a waste. Just guessed wrong I guess. I’ve actually depressed myself now. Getting myself a beer..!! And just noticed Antonio playing for West Ham. The last lad with some pace in blue an white..! it’s getting worse..!!
  2. ES6owl

    Time to sacrifice a star or two

    We need to abuse the loan market..!! And quick..!! For the love of god someone with some PACE & a midfield unit who’s not nesh..!!
  3. ES6owl

    Any positives?

    Hopefully a massive kick up the arse..!!
  4. ES6owl

    Booing at half-time on the opening day.

    Nail on the the head for me pal.
  5. ES6owl

    Half Time

    What formation are we playing..? And is lees or van Aken at CB..?
  6. I’d be happy to see him gone, heard to many times he’s a wee wee tail and bad for team spirit etc. Some may say different but it’s been mentioned to many times for me. Sure he’s on £18k a week aswell, not gonna be fit for along time. 3 million, thankyou very much..!! Agent winnall..!!
  7. With the way we finished the season there was no doubt players like J wow & Nando where going to be “linked” with moves away. It’s football, I’ll be gutted if they do leave as I feel Jos is the type we’ve been yearning for. And it would end up been a typical Wednesday move to let them go now. I’m just hoping there all happy and want to give it another go next season..!!
  8. ES6owl

    Fernando Forestieri

    We’ve finished strong, I agree tho looking forward to next season..!!
  9. ES6owl

    Fernando Forestieri

    It’s players like nando that get you out of this league. That cross for Troy deeny to get Watford in to the PL was worth more than 15/20 million. Bannan, nando, j wow and atty are all a hand full. They all seem to bounce off each other. Chuck Kieran lee in there and Pelupessy and I really do think where challenging. Some new additions and still time for players to come good. Some of our academy players have done fantastic. It would be suicide to sell nando now. (In my opinion)
  10. I agree where only a tweek or so away, would love abit of a pace down that wing tho. I’m intrigued to see what jos can do with the squad aswell. So far for me I can’t fault him. When we finished Sunday it was the first time I’ve kinda seen that togetherness we had in play offs. Was good to see..!! Nando, Atty & J wow looked like a well oiled machine..!!
  11. I don’t really see how you can compare the two tho personally. One diddnt give a s&@t about his players health & fitness and the other seems to be putting it above anything else. Not one single player thrived under Carlos. And look at what jos has done with players that Carlos himself said he could not motivate. So for me I think it’s a insult to Jos..!! To compare him to coco.
  12. Winnalls made it clear where he wants to be, and he’s bad for the dressing room. Sell him on and make a profit.
  13. ES6owl

    Big Daves left peg..!!

    Yestarday couldn’t have gone any better..!! Jos must be thinking maybe he’s got a team now aswell. J wows header, Daves second goal. Fessi back with a goal..!! Was nice to see all the fans stay and clap the players off the pitch to. I’ve not seen that for ages. Best performance of the season for me..!! Despite some of the shocking decisions by the officials and dirty tacktics from Preston. We over came it all and killed them off. Very nice to see..!!
  14. ES6owl

    Well, well, well...

    Carlos the career ender..!! Glad he’s gone, a manager/coach should look after players. Not run them in to the ground..!! Why he wasn’t sacked after Huddersfield I’ll never no. Sounds like exactly the manager you wouldn’t want to play under..!!