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  1. And I’ve just totally forgot about hutch
  2. It’s gotta be the side we finished off with on Tuesday against Luton surely. I’d swap fox with Palmer only because palmers 1st choice and if he’s for he plays. And can’t drop fletcher he’s been immense. I do rate reach but I can’t help but notice we did look a lot more balanced and to go forward when he went off. My formation may be a abit off but I’m sure you get the jist of it. westwood Odubajo. Lees. Börner. Palmer. Murphy. Bannan. Hutch. Harris Luongo Fletcher subs: nando, ilorfa, Nuhiu, dawson, lee Rhodes. Reach
  3. I said in post last week I’d have dropped him for Bates this week. Well I’m eating humble pie. Went to the game tonite, and he was class. Absolutely brilliant signing from Wednesday. The guy loves it..!!
  4. They simply shut us out, they defended well. And unfortunately for us we diddnt have the answer. We looked better before they got a man sent off for me. We always seem to play well when teams try an press us. We can catch them on the counter especially with Harris. But they literally put everyone behind the ball. We had no space to play.
  5. Nothing major, I think if Bates was on the pitch Saturday at 6ft 4 maybe that goal wouldn’t have gone in that’s all. Borners been good. But I just wanna see how Bates does.
  6. Westwood odubajo. Lees. c Bates. Palmer. murphy. Bannan. Hutch. Harris. Fletch. Nando. harris has the pace to switch to a 433 on attack. Back to a solid flat 4 on the defence. I like to see us sit back and play in the counter. Nice and quick. subs: dawson, Börner, Lee, Iorfa, Nuhiu, reach. Luongo.
  7. I diddnt no what to make of it myself either. Doesn’t look very convincing.
  8. I’ve just seen a video clip of Bruce at Lincoln. A fan shouts “are we staying Bruce” and he laughs and sort of nods. Has anyone else seen this..?
  9. Well be the only club to make more cash out of a manager than we make selling on players
  10. I think whatever happens from here out he’s fizzed it up. Stay, we’ll not let this go.. like FF being a mardy get and refusing to travel. Leave and he’s a W!?@.ker anyway. Just more gutted than owt. Feel sorry for DC aswell.
  11. He won’t care. All about the money for me.
  12. Every cloud and all that..!! Like many have said, obviously not the man for the job. We move on..!! Bruce could have been a legend at S6, but by the looks of it he’s jumped ship for what ever reason been cash or broken promises. Who cares, we’ll never no. Where Sheffield Wednesday we’ll do what we want..!! The boys have had a brutal pre season, so should all be in good shape. We’ve got some good signings and pace back in the squad. Season starts in 3 weeks, let’s fill Hillsborough and wee wee the league..!! p.s I finished work at 12 and I’m in the pub Lol
  13. I bet there in chiqitos eating chilli nachos reading owls talk falling off there chairs laughing.!
  14. anybody else think this has gone full circle and that it’s hillarious that DC is actually at Hollywood bleeding bowl while all of us are in meltdown. I’m literally not gonna sleep tonite and Chansiris banging strikes down again and again..!! I blame my dad that’s I’m a Wednesday fan..!!
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