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  1. With Bannan and Rhodes being featured in the Scotland V Canada game, although, the game wasn't too eventful ending only 1-1. However it is a start for Wednesday's players entering the international times. As well as this was young potential George Hirst making a view in the England's Under 18's match against Saudi Arabia which saw England winning 2-0. And then finally Fraser Preston who was brought on to see the final 20 minutes of the Scotland's Under 19's against Austria with a controversial header which was not counted. Who would you like to see appearing more often in international games or who has been underrated by international managers?
  2. Who's the best of the best, top of the top? As a younger person on this site I think it'd be nice to hear all your differing ages of opinion on this question, obviously Wednesday has come a long way since the start and there's been many players coming and going from Wednesday. It'd be nice to hear the reasoning behind it too, argue to your hearts content! Rip each other apart and let's decide the best ever for Wednesday.
  3. Although he has taken Wednesday to the playoffs and is seemingly a good fit for Wednesday overall is it worth keeping him around, recently he's dropping the ball, especially with Reading.. Do we keep him?
  4. As many people are aware of, recently there was an incident with Scott Marsden, aged only 14, which left him brain stem dead. For the 15th minute of the next game for both of the two Sheffield teams, people are being asked to applaud for a fellow, fallen Sheffielder, especially being so young. Would be lovely to hear the applause from all the Wednesday/United fans coming together for the family and friends. The family need all the help they can get and all the support in a terrible time such as this. Let's bring Sheffield together for a minute in his honour.
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