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  1. Sure we deliberately didn't score, those chances missed were very bizarre
  2. Sorry but this club isnt swfc, its chansiri fc and anybody buying a season ticket to support chansiri fc well there silly to put it nicely, boycott the club, time to let it go and whatever happens happens, until he leaves nobody should be even considering going to Hillsborough
  3. Atleast we can all just accept we are down now and move on from hoping we can stay up
  4. And then a class touch with sight at goal, keeper slips and he puts it 20 mile wide, hes a donkey
  5. My rotherham mate thinks they've snuffed it with injuries for this game but confident their april fixtures will be enough for them to stay up
  6. time to find new hobbies ladies and gents because this club wont be around for much longer
  7. It is only football after all, more bothered about my next holiday abroad or a nice bbq in my garden! Wednesday can balax
  8. worse to come for this club me thinks other than relegation
  9. Wycombe miss a pen, u just no if it was Wednesday 1 up with 10 men for half hour we would be 1-3 down now
  10. Accept relegation and start looking for a team and manager suitable for league 1, happy times ahead
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