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  1. To be fair we haven’t played them many times since that win, tonight will be the night though
  2. if It was a choice of the two staying unbeaten.. however 2pts per game average is the aim so we will win two and draw one!
  3. It is cheating and we was all raging after Wycombe last season did it to us and everybody else but because we do it it’s a staple of the game
  4. I think Wednesday will score another 3 or 4 just hope we concede less!
  5. Got a good feeling today, 1-3 Wednesday, Byers , Ihiekwe and hunt
  6. Meswell shut the club down if it’s going to be like last season every season!
  7. Yep, and would no doubt be playing tomorrow if was still at Rotherham, beggars belief
  8. Loved JJ, scored some great goals, when on form got everybody on their feet, I'd say in the top 20 over the last 20 seasons
  9. Went to the Watford game with my dad, loved it, went to the game v blackburn lost 1-2 remember missing a great chance to draw put it wide 1 on 1, great run and memories of those two games.
  10. I looked at it and the predictive text but it didnt correct me
  11. Away leg will be forgotten after tomorrows anialation
  12. be a totally different outcome, Monday night we will be getting ready for wembley
  13. I prefer the away leg first, let's be honest we was so jammy to make wembley after brighton away, it felt like it was written in the stars we got away with so much, I think we will pepper sunderland on monday
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