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  1. squads pathetic, u would think the 6 points given back would have atleast installed some motivation and desire to put the gas on and climb the table, pub grounds for us next year I'm afraid, vankers
  2. Most fans are just following the morons & probably dont know anything about pulis they just want to join the band wagon, keep us up mr P I dont care how or how boring we are just keep us up
  3. Hard to beat, drab football but winning will do me
  4. 4 years old, beat tottenham 1-0 sure it was 1993 or 94, tottenham got a red card
  5. Doesnt matter who's in goal from what iv seen, both capable of losing us a game
  6. I'd rather they just conceed and accept relegation, cant stand us as a club anymore, pathetic
  7. Why would you get giddy about an equaliser at wycombe, we all need to accept we are going down and the sooner this season ends the better as it's a total waste of time
  8. Football these days is extremely boring, cant take it seriously at all, not worth bothering with, sack it off for me
  9. Are we allowed to just accept relegation and stop playing for the rest of the season?
  10. Very good opportunity for the mighty Miller's to smash us
  11. He is, said it last season, he gives the ball away in dangerous areas very often, why commentators big him up is beyond me
  12. Swfc are knackered, lost the love for them, I for sure do not miss paying to sit watching that crap
  13. Weather isnt helping things but still this is garbage, we have to win games, draws losses are not an option, surely they should be going out every game all guns blazing, pathetic, and that effort from reach to try and keep the ball in for the cross my gran could have got to that
  14. Really hope we dont lose this game, big meltdown if we do
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